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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

To watch the second presidential debate was to see an event beyond parody — or so we thought until Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon took the stage with fellow Saturday Night Live cast members, for a cold open, town-hall style. We think no American should miss this superb entertainment, which soothes the pain of a maddening election season.

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3 responses to “SNL: Baldwin And McKinnon Nail It, Again”

  1. Pamby50 says:

    I even had my husband watching last night. Worth it.

  2. aboonaj says:

    NOTHING can even remotely COMPARE in sheer hilarity with this!

  3. SNL has done a masterful job portraying the foolishness of a highly polarized system that has gone completely haywire, as was anticipated decades ago.
    And now, thin-skinned and highly excitable and groping Donald has issued a Tweet that SNL should be cancelled because he doesn’t like its portrayal of him. But, Trump has no problem with the humor directed at Hillary, which is just what you would expect from a narcissist(the new “N” word that applies only to Donald).
    The parody of Richard Milhouse Nixon by David Frye was never as creative and humorous as SNL’s parodies—my particular favorites are of Donald, naturally.

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