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Friday, October 28, 2016
  • Dominick Vila

    The name of this sport is football. It was named that way by the British folks who invented it for obvious reasons, 98% of the game is played with the feet.
    There are both tall and short players in football, and their stature is often used to determine the best positions they can fill. A tall defender has a better chance to deflect a shot at goal. Similarly, a tall forward has a better chance for a header than a short one. Ultimately, however, what really matters is the skills they show with their feet, their experience, their ability to identify weaknesses, their stamina, and their determination to win.

    • SeekingOut

      I was wondering exactly what point Danziger is trying to make here. Instead of just spouting the narrow-mindedness that many Americans are wont to display, he should encourage others to be open to new things, other countries’ sports, food, practices, etc. I must say that when I meet such an American I find him/her quite admirable.

  • Sam Fuels

    Most Americans are starting to recognize that Hussein Obama is a menace to mankind.

    • BillP

      What most Americans really recognize is that there are many right wing trolls who have nothing of value to add to any conversation