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Monday, February 18, 2019

Social Security And The Global Economy

In the latest edition of his column, “Social Security And You,” Tom Margenau explains how Social Security fits into the global economy:

Q: I’ll bet you got a lot of hate mail from readers after you printed the column in which you explained that a Canadian citizen could get American Social Security benefits — even if she moves back to Canada. Is it any wonder our Social Security system is in such trouble if we’re sending all of our hard-earned money overseas?

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One response to “Social Security And The Global Economy”

  1. Espgreg says:

    “…we would not be sending our hard-earned money overseas. We would be sending her hard-earned money overseas.”

    In this case, NO money is being sent overseas. The woman is now located in British Columbia, which is not overseas in relation to the U.S.!

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