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Sunday, January 20, 2019

If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be.

The West Virginia official who posted racist comments on Facebook in reference to first lady Michelle Obama following Donald Trump’s election — “It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a (sic) Ape in heels” — will soon be back at her job as director of the Clay County Development Corp. Pamela Ramsey Taylor, whose agency provides services to low-income and elderly residents, was apparently never fired, merely suspended.

Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling did resign after she applauded Taylor’s remarks: “Just made my day Pam,” she commented. While both women gave less-than-convincing apologies, they insisted their comments were not racist.

If that isn’t racist, then racism simply doesn’t exist. Bigoted whites have been smearing black people as “gorillas” or “monkeys” or “apes” for centuries, an obvious attempt to demean us as less than human. Pretending otherwise is to deny the nose on your face.

Donald Trump’s America, it seems, is a land of explicit bigotry, of a political incorrectness that looks a lot like racial prejudice, of a white supremacy bursting out of its confines in the civic attic. Trump’s America is also a land of whiplash-inducing contradictions, of a cognitive dissonance that should cause brain-bleeds.

Trump’s supporters, after all, include the folks who would most likely spend the Christmas season lamenting a “war on Christmas” and insisting that secular elites are ruining it with their greetings of “Happy Holidays.” As Trump himself said at a Michigan victory rally earlier this month, “We going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas!’ again.”

But what could be less in keeping with the spirit of Christmas — its character of generosity, of love, of all-encompassing humanity — than the narrow-mindedness and contempt for the first lady shown by Taylor and her ilk? Who is really making war on Christmas?

What, as just one more example, is going on with students of the Warrensburg (Missouri) School District, who turned their backs on visiting basketball team members, all of whom were black, as they were being introduced before a game? It seems that the unsportsmanlike behavior of back-turning is a long tradition there, but one student decided to add an extra touch just in case the message they were conveying was lost: He hoisted aloft a Trump-Pence sign.

Don’t worry. We get it. Since the election, a number of Trump’s supporters have giddily let loose with racist rhetoric directed at people of color. Not only have black and Latino Americans been the targets of hateful tirades from whites who invoke Trump’s name, but so have many Muslims. The incidents have been too numerous to catalog here, but suffice it to say the intent is clear: To revel in an atmosphere that allows bigots to say out loud what they’ve been thinking for so long.

I’ve been waiting for a chorus of conservative Christian clergy to denounce these verbal (and occasionally physical) assaults as out of keeping with the meaning of Christmas and its message of goodwill to all men (and women). Apparently, though, they’d rather aim their ire at Starbucks for its holiday cups that omit the word “Christmas.”

Then there is the inimitable Jerry Falwell Jr., bulwark of the Christian far-right and president of the ultraconservative Liberty University, which was founded by his father. He has proudly announced that the school will open a state-of-the-art gun range next fall — a popular addition because so many students are ardent advocates of the Second Amendment, he said.

That sent me to once again scour the Gospels, looking for those passages where Jesus promoted violence, championed weaponry or defended warfare. You might find this hard to believe, but I couldn’t find a single utterance to that effect. There was a lot of stuff about peace, love, mercy and forgiveness. Much about turning the other cheek. Much about loving your enemies.

So it turns out that there is a war on Christmas going on. But the shooting didn’t start with the phrase “winter holidays.”

Cynthia Tucker won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007. She can be reached at


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67 responses to “The Spirit Of The Season Is Lost On Trump Supporters”

  1. Godzilla says:

    Another “White people who aren’t Liberals” are racist articles. Geez, don’t you idiots get it….you lost because of this crap. You’ve been losing because of this crap. One person, who most have never even heard of, makes a stupid statement and everyone who disagrees with the Liberal agenda is a racist. Well, here’s my answer to that….PH-Q! Let’s see if your smart enough to figure out what that says.

    Oh, Merry Christmas too!

    • mike says:

      Their arrogance cost them dearly. They are clueless what goes on outside their bubble.

      • Two guys in a bubble talking about others being in a bubble—how quaint and amusing.

        • mike says:

          Sad how this election has turned
          you into a mental midget.

          Amusement is watching you turning yourself into pretzel over trumps victory. Trump won! Hillary lost!

          Coming on 20th of January trump will be in your head for the next 1430 days. Get use to it.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        An alternate, and more plausible explanation:
        If you can get all the stupid people on your side, you can be elected to anything.

        • mike says:

          Stupidity is a party that watched their power diminish over 3 election and yet they tried the same ????????and got thumped badly. The social-warriors went down in flames.

          • Stupidity is a man acting like a boy fawning over a bauble called partisan politics. Merry Trumpmas!

          • mike says:

            Wrong again!
            Your post now confirms that you are also intellectually dishonest. So the Democratic Party has not lost the House, Senate,13 Governorships, 800+ Seats In State legislatures plus the coveted Presidency under Obama term? Yes or no!

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            Your chosen language marks you as an Alt-Right supporter.
            I suggest you go die in a fire.

            The real laugh here is your numbers are tiny… even if they are vocal… and your, and Cheeto Jesus’, lies to the non-extremist less-racist whites who voted for you are about to come hugely unstuck.

            I wonder what you’ll do then?

          • mike says:

            “Die in a fire” OMG! I would consider it hilarious if wasn’t so mentally sick.
            Merry Christmas to you.
            You too have the Trump Derangement Syndrome. Looking forward to more irrational comments.

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      – Hate crimes are way up.
      – The KKK endorses your tiny handed Pres-elect.
      – The alt-right are holding Hitler salute parties and slapping each others’ back literally saying that Trump has brought them into the mainstream.
      – Trump appointed Steve Bannon the self-proclaimed poster boy of the alt-right to share the top advisory job in his administration.

      Basically the racists have taken over, numbnuts.
      Those that support the alt-right are also racists.

      Let me try a very basic thought experiment to show you why your disbelief is moronic and willfully ignorant:
      Imagine an alternate reality…
      There’s been an election and President Elect Cornell West has just been elected by winning the Electoral college, but lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. This isn’t nice Cornell though… this is unhinged Cornell. He spouts racist word salad. He talks about “The Whites”. He calms everyone’s fears by pointing out his “White Friend” during one public speech…
      His rallies were full of hate speech against white people. He suggested his follower beat white people up and boot them out. He promised to pay their legal fees if they did. Around all his rallies are police reports of white people being beaten. He tells massive lies… he says there are towns where white people are forcing black people back into slavery.
      During his transition hate crimes against Whites are up 700%, white people are being assaulted on their way to school and work….
      To quell the angry mob, Pres-Elect West takes half a second to say “Stop it.” into a camera. That’s it.
      As he assembles his cabinet we see:
      – Mass rallies of black people in suits claiming their time is finally here. Black power has gone mainstream. All of the do the Hitler salute to Pres-Elect West.
      – Pro Minority extremist groups celebrate the coming of the “Blackening of America”. They talk about their plans to deport all the white people back to their home countries, and “Make America Black Again”.
      – West names the Head of the Black Panthers to be his main adviser.
      – West names a General as head of Homeland Security who retweets conspiracy theories about White people raping and pillaging urban neighborhoods.
      – West names a Senator as Attorney General who was denied a judge’s position for extreme anti-white prejudices.

      White people protest int he streets…. claiming that West lost the popular vote and marching against lies and racial bias.
      West tweets that the FBI should shut those marches down and the Left Wing media claims all the protesters are being paid by the Koch brothers.

      Etc…. etc… etc…

      Now anti-Godzilla turns up on a site very like this one… and when people point all this out… says:
      “You’re all idiots. This isn’t about race. No-one who voted for West is racist. Stop calling us all racists!”

      Get it yet?
      Almost every part of Pres-Elect Loser’s campaign reflected moderate to extreme racial bias, and he’s incited hate against minorities. He’s endorsed by hate groups. He talks like a hatemonger. He uses the language of veiled racism (“Look over here at my Black Friend”, “The Blacks love me”). White people are attacking colored people across America and yelling Trumps f**king name.

      This is almost ALL about race.

      • Jim Samaras says:

        The scenario you painted above would be reality if blacks were 87% of the population. White people attacking blacks is a small percentage in comparison to overall population so don’t be over dramatic.

        • dbtheonly says:

          Certainly not all whites are attacking blacks. Some are, Dylann Roof.

          How many becomes too many in your opinion?

          • Jim Samaras says:

            If the attack occurs BECAUSE they are black, one is the answer. Many however are just a disagreement between two people and I’m sure are counted as racially motivated by both sides to pad their stats.

        • Thoughtopsy says:

          Thanks for entirely avoiding my point, and making the case for Racism.
          Stay classy.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Not what was said, jackass.
      We can all guess what YOU are, though.

    • mike says:

      Come on! I dislike the Obama’s for their policies and nothing more. He has been a pathetic leader. He has been repudiated at the polls.
      That’s enough for me.

      • There you go again, making your usual baseless accusations while feeling perfectly content with a lewd and racist narcissist named Trump.
        We realize you have nothing better to do at this late stage in your life, but there must some other hobby you can take up besides whining about Obama. You’ve become a broken record with no modulation or change of pace—just monotonous bile.

        And you have a wonderful sunny day tomorrow as well.

        • mike says:

          Are you really as delusional as you sound?
          Trump is so deep in your head it is about to exploded.
          Just remember Trump after the 20th of January will in your head for the next 1430 days.
          Have fun! I know I am!
          You lost the House, Senate, Presidency, 13 Governorships, and over 800 state legislature seats under Obama. Talk about repudiation of a party.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        But Otto is really your kind of guy.

        • mike says:

          I see there will be no sugar plums dancing in your head this Christmas.

          • There never were any dancing in your head by your comments and affinity for Otto’s overt racists tendencies. By the way, Trump’s racist tendencies are neatly camouflaged and you know they’re there, but you insist on focusing your fire on Obama and any others who stand opposite your demonic outlook on life.
            Worshiping Conservatism is not the way, nor is Trump the 2nd Coming.

            Here’s a thought for you this Christmas Season. Do try to incorporate it in your daily actions. You’ll find it transcends the pernicious effects of partisan-politics:

            My admonition and exhortation to you is this: Be kind to all people, love humanity, consider all mankind as your relations… Strive day and night that animosity and contention may pass away from the hearts of men, that all religions shall become reconciled and the nations love each other so that no racial, religious or political prejudice may remain… – Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 291.

          • mike says:

            Only a leftist thinks all people not holding the same political views is an animal or less a person. Which is pure and unadulterated horse sh_t, so take your arrogance and suggestions and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. Many wonderful people disagree with your premise and voted for some real hope and change. Trumps sins as reprehensible as they are are not even close to the actions of Hillary with her lies and untrustworthiness,
            I bet you supported Billy Boy with his lies and despicable treatment of women.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Has he been “repudiated at the polls? Seems like he did pretty well against lunatics much less deranged than your boy Trump, not once, but twice.
        If you think Otto represents a minority of Republicans, not just Trump supporters, you’re as delusional as he is.

  2. Bill Smith 999935 says:

    I am embarrassed for this author. What a joke.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      You should be embarrassed for your self, but you’re obviously too clueless.
      You and Otto should get together.
      You shouldn’t dishonor the flag you use for an avatar so.
      I have a better one for you:

    • We’re not embarrassed for you because we know you know no better. Empathy is an empty word for you, perhaps because your parents lacked any.
      Bill Smith, a dark shadow has been cast over you as a direct result of a careless and insensitive attitude. Partisanship is your Religion, and you bow your knee at the altar of partisan politics. How you wish to worship and to whom is your business. But it doesn’t fit at all with forging bonds of friendship and understanding. Mere tolerance is insufficient which is why the element of empathy is the single-most important sentiment in making a connection with all your fellow human beings on the planet. Look beyond your own petty concerns for once in your life, Bill, before you depart this contingent realm.

      • Bill Smith 999935 says:

        Yawn. I don’t need to preached at by the likes of you.

        • If you insist on posting, then you must expect a response. If I see an inane comment from you, chances are you’re not going to get a one-liner; if one-liners are all you can comprehend then go to a kindergarten forum; if you post something intelligent, you won’t need a response that you might deem a sermon.
          Either way, you’re ill-equipped to handle lengthy expositions on complex topics. I suggest you go to Wayne Allyn Root’s forum—not much thinking goes on there.

  3. ray says:

    wow the three stooges.

  4. dbtheonly says:

    My the trolls are out in force, at least if my blocked user notices are correct.

    You know it really misses the point to use the term, “Merry Christmas” as in insult.

    • Yes, I noted the same dissonance. One charming fellow, “mike”, has used it several times in his vitriolic responses lately, unloading his usual bile and saying “Merry Christmas” in the same breath..

      • dbtheonly says:

        GM Aaron.

        I’m not sure of any studies of Trump supporters and religious service attendance. Certainly the religious right attend. Libertarian philosophy is overtly anti-Christian, perhaps the only thing Ayn Rand and I agree upon.

        You are going to have to tell me how, or if, the B’hai celebrate the season. I certainly don’t want to offend through ignorance. I view it that I need to wish everyone the best of whatever holiday season they celebrate. Hannakauh to Jews, Christmas to Christians, Holiday Season if I don’t know. It’s about the recipient, not me. Do the “War on Christmas” guys simply not get it? Have they missed the point of the holiday, and Christianity in general, so completely?

        • Glad to respond. First, let me address the point of religious attendance: I would say that it’s a certainty that a vast majority of Trump supporters are “God-Fearing” church-going believers.
          But the question is, do they gain anything or any inspiration while attending that gets transferred back home after Services?
          In my family while growing up, my dad became a Baha’i, then me.
          My mother, brother and sister were to follow a year later. Up to that point my mother and siblings still put up the Christmas tree and commemorated Christmas, while my dad and I started on a path acknowledging Christmas(as I still do with respect) and observing Holy Days associated with a new Calendar—The Baha’i Calendar. In it there are special Holy Days which all Baha’is the world-over observe. In India, Baha’is of Hindu background show respect for the old holidays while celebrating the Baha’i Holy Days; the same is true of Baha’is of Native American backgrounds, of Jewish and Muslim backgrounds. (Baha’is in Arab countries might participate in Ramadan if they choose as a sign of respect to Muslim Holy Days, while their spouses if they are still Muslim will encourage their Baha’i mates to wake up and observe the Baha’i Fast which happens 19 days before the Vernal Equinox. It’s a tricky balancing act, especially if you’re a Baha’i in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Oman, Syria, and other Muslim countries.

          So, in short, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Diwali(recently concluded), Happy Winter Solstice, and what not.

          • dbtheonly says:

            Thank you.

            So the Fast is your holiday? March 3rd.?

            You get the point though, that one wishes another a joyous holiday, it is the recipient, not the wisher, whose practices ought to control. I do not celebrate your Fast Day, yet I ought, and will make a note to, wish you the joy of your holiday.

            Wishing someone the joy of my holiday strikes me as arrogantand insensitive. Using it as an insult or put-down proves only that the insulter misses even the rudiments of Christianity.

            As for Trump attending services on a regular basis, no one has come forth to claim his membership and he’s made some basic blunders which suggest he wants to let people believe he’s a Christian without any of the inconveniences.

          • Thank you for your response. It’s amazing that one as open-minded as you, whether you profess one religion or another, is closer to the Spirit that animates all the Religions compared to those who profess religion yet act and write in the opposite manner. Even agnostics, and atheists, can be more godly in character than a fanatical Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc.
            The Baha’is have several Holy Days set aside for special commemoration and devotional gatherings open to all.
            The Baha’i Year starts on “Naw Ruz”(Persian for New Year). It is an ancient recognition of the beginning of Spring begun before Zoroaster, and is celebrated by some Muslims in Iran, Afghanistan, and certain Central Asian Republics.
            The Birth of Baha’u’llah is another special Holy Day, along with Ridvan celebrated over a 12 day period from the evening of April 20-May 2. “Ayyam-i-Ha” (The days of ‘Ha’) is recognized as a special time where Baha’is make a special effort to visit people and exchange gifts during the duration—of course, Baha’is are motivated to visit others throughout the year to maintain a connection with other Baha’is and those who are not Baha’is.

            I suppose one would call Trump and others like him as “Card-Carrying Christians”—maintaining an official tie but not feeling obliged to live up to the ideals of Christianity. (The Taliban, ISIS, and such are also “card-carrying” Muslims who know all the rites and practices but no longer allow themselves to be motivated by the same Spirit that motivates Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, the Baha’i Faith, and the other Major Religions and Traditions of various Indigenous populations across the world.

            So you see, you and I, and others in this forum like us, have a connection with all people across the globe. Sadly, the same is harder to say for many conservatives and many other people in the world.

  5. There’s something fundamentally different and disturbing about the emotional and mental instability of Trump supporters. This site serves as a useful blind that attracts conservative miscreants out hunting to unload their frustrations. “Mike”, “Godzilla”, and “Otto” are frequent visitors who allow a careful up close study of the twin afflictions, “Trumpism” and “Conservatism”.

  6. The article points out from another perspective the absence of any spiritual and noble sentiments by Trump followers in particular. The usual bats of dark sentiments that feel the need to congregate here, like “Godzilla”(a fitting name), “The Goat”, “Mike” are a case in point. All year, these fellows and a few others, have spent the majority of their time complaining, denigrating, engaging in childish name-calling of a junior high level, and just showing off bad manners and having nothing of interest to say. Religion for this subspecies represented by the aforementioned is non-existent—They worship at the altar of Conservatism, worship an idol named Donald Trump, and their god is some abstract mythical notion called “Whiteness”.
    On Sunday(or Saturday) they come together in a wooden manner, hear a sermon or homily while dozing off, and then proceed back home as though nothing of inspiration took place. Little wonder that so many Trump followers have no patience or desire to cultivate spiritual virtues–that would probably just be a sign of “Political Correctness”.

  7. Dominick Vila says:

    While it is true that racism in the USA is no longer what it was half a century ago, it remains latent, and it is often an important element in the decision making process of a minority, but very determined and active, segment of our population.
    I had a personal experience on this subject when my wife and I went to our favorite BBQ restaurant yesterday. They had just opened the restaurant for lunch, and the only other customers were two construction workers sitting nearby. They were engaged in an animated conversation, and talking loudly enough for us to hear everything they were saying. The topic of discussion was the Electoral College, and the ridiculous complaints by Democrats. At one point, one of them asserted that the dumb Democrats were not acknowledging was the “Ding Dong” won the EC in 2012. The other responded that he could not wait to see the Ni…r out of the White House.
    I am convinced that most Republicans are not racist, but make no mistake, there are enough of them around to change the outcome of a close election.

    • dbtheonly says:

      GM Dom.

      Agree that racism was or is one of the attacks on the Obama’s. It’s certainly not the only cause of attacking Democrats. I’d point out that it’s a weird kind of racism that can be turned off for Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Tim Scott, etc.

      I recall seeing the statistic that 9% of the voters in Mississippi can be accounted as “racist” in that they voted for Kerry but not Obama. But my memory is fallible.

      I’m disappointed that, 50 years on, there is still such racism and hate around.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        It is hard to believe that racism was not a factor in the decision made by so many Republicans to reject and obstruct anything President Obama proposed since the day of his Inauguration, regardless of whether or not his proposals had merit, and regardless of how damaging obstructionism was to the country. Nobody would believe or imply that racism was a motive in the relentless attacks against Barack Obama, if the objections had been limited to specific policies. Unfortunately, that was not the case.
        I am not among those who believe that racism was a major factor in the outcome of the election, if nothing else because my two best friends, my daughter, and her family, are all Republicans and I have no reason to believe there is an iota of racism in their convictions and decisions, but to deny that racism is alive and well in America is naive.

        • dbtheonly says:

          We’re up against a calculable question. How do you tell if someone’s a racist? Okay, some of the commenters here. But ask the question, “Are you a racist?” In a poll & see what happens.

    • Jim Samaras says:

      The same holds true in the eyes of Republicans as far as racism is concerned. They know that all blacks are not bad it’s just that so many bad ones are around that slant the views of many

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Yeah, keep trying to tell us all that. You may be an idiot, but it’s clear enough even you aren’t stupid enough to believe that tripe.

      • Jim, your narrow-mindedness forced you to omit one key item to balance the picture—that is, that the bad ones you refer to are both “white” and “black”, and anyone else in between.
        Like Trump, you have a peculiar an callous way of oversimplification by implying that “bad blacks” are solely slanting the views of others.
        How do you manage to be so consistently deficient in mental abilities??
        Jim, whenever you show up you have the ability to roil the waters rather than add clarity and fairness to our conversations.

        • Jim Samaras says:

          Does that really need to be said? The poster said most republicans are not racist and hoped that was a point we could all agree on. My point was that we know all blacks are not bad. I never said “solely” slanting others views but certainly fans the racism flames. Not meaning to “roil the waters” just bringing an alternative point of view to the discussion. Why is this a problem Aaron?

          • dbtheonly says:


            I had problems with, “the bad ones are around and slant the views of the many.” Now, as Aaron points out this may be applicable to both blacks and whites. Your statement was taken, by he and I, to refer only to blacks.

            I will certainly argue, vociferously, against the “Black Racism” trope of the right. Stating that Black Lives Matter, does not imply that others don’t, but that Black, and Red, lives are taken by Law Enforcement at a much disproportionate rate.

            If you feel unfairly tarred by the revulsion we feel at some of the blatantly racist posters here, say so. Call out Otto on his claim that Michelle Obama looks like an ape. Condemn the racism & I will apologize for misjudging you.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            While many of the things Otto posts are very true ones like that I feel are reprehensible and in no way, shape or form. I do not speak in that manner and refute any who do. I don’t believe you’ll see an up arrow with my name on it on those blatantly racist posts.

            I disagree that Black Lives matter isn’t a racist organization however. Many of their followers have chanted very racist rhetoric as I’m sure you’ve heard. I think the numbers dispute your claim that lives are taken at a disproportionate rate.


          • If you think anything Otto posts “are very true ones”, then you are essentially cut from the same cloth as he. Try as you may to sound reasonable and rational, you fail to persuade because deep down you lack empathy, are obsessed with your partisan beliefs, harbor deep-seated racialist concepts on a subconscious level, but are evident to outsiders reading your posts.
            Jim, you’ve pretty much flunked this year on showing sincere humanity—at this point it’s all about your political beliefs and showing no intention of ascending to loftier goals.
            What a waste so far of your life by the tenor of your comments and life experiences. There’s still time for a late-life correction.

            “O Son of Being! Bring thyself to account each day ere thou art summoned to a reckoning, for death unheralded shall come upon thee and thou shalt be called to give account for thy deeds”.

            This is an admonition from Baha’u’llah to humanity across the globe. I try to keep this in mind daily as I aspire to transcend partisan politics and work in my community and across the globe with people of different races and ethnic/religious backgrounds in forging new bonds that go beyond political affiliations. I hope you will be able to find the same volition to redirect yourself.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            You sound to be a good guy Aaron. I do have empathy for my fellow man….maybe less because my mother didn’t make faces at me as an infant…lol

            Seriously, I want all to do well which is why I’m a Trump supporter but do lack tolerance for those who have made bad decisions their entire lives but then complain someone else is doing better even though they made the right ones. I don’t buy into excuses for lack of achievement for superfluous reasons. Effort equates to results and lack thereof results in failure. A hand up is offered to those who accept it as such, a hand up and not a hand out. I believe most people in general think that way especially here in America. Those feelings have nothing to do with partisan politics or anything other than being the right thing to do.

          • Jim, how do you define “bad decisions”, and how are you certain that they made bad decisions all their life? Are you some sort of all-seeing god who can say such a thing with certainty? From my experience both as a Christian first, then becoming a Baha’i, there is only one Entity that we can confidently point to as being All-Knowing and All-Seeing, Most Compassionate, and the like—and His name isn’t Aaron or Jim Samaras. I speak of “God”, or “Allah” in the Arabic tongue.
            But, back to the point—to lack tolerance of people who make bad decisions is presumptuous on your part and comes across as paternalistic and feeling yourself superior, even though you don’t consciously mean to. So, rather than keep making that mistake, why not try a new approach where you start out from the Premise that you are part of the same Human Family and that no one of us has the authority or the right to condemn wrong decisions made, UNLESS they make decisions to willfully harm others, physically or psychologically.
            If you really want to know what motivates me and about 7 million other Baha’is across the globe, start out by examining the website

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Aaron, does your religion force you to view the world through those rose colored glasses at all times or have you just been that sheltered all your life? A bad decision can be made in as many ways as there are people on the planet so to get into that would take some time. It’s not ALL people who have made those bad decisions. Many have been give the hand up need no more than that and continue to carry the ball themselves for the rest of their life. I have given that hand and witnessed the transformation and it gives one a wonderful feeling to have helped. But I’ve also given that hand, and another one, and another one then because enough is enough had it bitten off as well. I have found there to be many more of those than of the others unfortunately. Many who refuse to EVER take responsibility for their actions are the target of democrats pandering for votes. If they really cared about these people they would champion programs that would FORCE them to do so instead of putting them on the “plantation” for the rest of their lives ensuring a lifelong democratic vote. I do feel superior inasmuch as I’ve made bad decisions as we all have but been able to recover from them in such a manner as to remain self sufficient with no need for government intervention which in todays world where everyone gets a trophy is an accomplishment.

          • jim, that’s a very strange question and shows that you view the world through the lens of multiplicity and based on predefined distinctions.

            No Religion, not the Baha’i Faith, Islam, Christianity, or any other,
            forces anyone to do anything. Where you got that foolish notions, I’ll
            never know. That the clergy have distorted Religion, all can agree. And
            their distortions are issued as edicts forcing action based on certain
            clerics interpretations of Religious precepts.

            When you say “Your Religion”, and when you talk about certain people making accomplishments and those who rely on government assistance, you are right away showing that you see yourself as apart from others. This is a major flaw that has crept into the psyches of people around the world, compartmentalizing people, that’s more acute in people of “european” background. When I say “European” by now you should know that I mean a branch of the the Human Family–a Family which is One. You just can’t escape the urge to make distinctions when none need to be made. When you complain about people complaining about unfair treatment you immediately send me a signal that you are fundamentally different than I or those who complain about unfair treatment. This is because you lack empathy, don’t have a real connection with me or anyone else who looks different than you or has had less fortune.

            The early eugenicists in America in the 1920’s looked at humanity with the same indifference and lack of empathy as you show.

            I’ll have to address your other mistaken notions later tonight.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Having gone to a Christian school during my formative years I know very well about tolerance, serving man and turning the other cheek Aaron. I only mentioned religion because it seems to dominate your every post to the point of martyrdom. While I agree that everyone has good in them at times it takes tough love to bring it out.

            I’ve never met you so how could I lack a connection because we appear different. I don’t know and never cared to ask what color you were. Believe me, I have empathy for many who get a raw deal but also realize there are 8 million stories in the naked city many of which are excuses for putting forth no effort and expecting the magic hand to swoop down and save them.

          • Well, Jim it seems you missed something critical in your Christian School. Did you ever stop to think that what you were taught may not have been enough? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be surprised by my posts if you were grounded in the fundamental and by now obvious fact that Religion is the dominant force on our planet and always has been sine “Adam”.
            Every aspect of human activity, all the morals that you were taught, the laws enacted, fundamental codes of behavior, all emanate from the basis of Religion. Your schooling didn’t inspire you to learn beyond the confines of the classroom. That’s probably why you have yet to take an initiative to check out the numerous links I’ve included in my posts. I can’t make you explore for new knowledge, Jim, but you’ve got to light a fire under your butt and do some serious extracurricular reading beyond what’s posted in The National Memo, or on Breitbart, CNN, etc.

            Your parents were aware of the importance of Religion and how intertwined it is with every aspect of life and of the universe. Why haven’t you picked up on this??
            Religious schools in Judaism, Islam, Christianity, tend to present a surface exposure to the world and to the sciences and arts, and many do so according to a scripted closed-minded agenda.

          • Jm, as part 2 of my comment to this particular post of yours has to do with your smug assertion of feeling superior. You said elsewhere that you attended Christian school. Apparently you were asleep at your desk because one of the cardinal principles taught in all Religions is Humility. To say that you feel superior is another clear sign of you deviating from Religion, which is why you have to be subjected to me pointing this out.
            Humility prevents anyone from even hinting at being superior, and to say that you feel superior to others for whatever reasons causes you to cross over into spiritual No Man land.
            Feeling superior to others is a form of pride, Jim.

            I’m a Baha’i, Jim, and I find it astounding that I should have to remind a former student of a Christian School about something from your own Book, the Bible—a Book I have the utmost respect for. Pay attention especially to verse 18.

            In Proverbs 16 there are the following verses, which are expressed in a similar manner in other Religions:

            18Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

            19Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.

            20He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the LORD, happy is he.

            21The wise in heart shall be called prudent: and the sweetness of the lips increaseth learning.

            22Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it: but the instruction of fools is folly.

            If you were to pay attention to nothing else in the world and concentrate on these few verses alone, you will find yourself finally getting on the Right Path, and making appropriate comments from now on.

          • Yes, Jim—It needs to be stated that you and many others who make no bones of your rigid affiliation with the political Right show more propensity for being bigots than any other group in America. The same is true across the Ocean in Europe. Middles East fanatics like ISIS, and Iranian hardliners share similar hostility in tone and actions—but they don’t direct their hostility in a systematic way towards people of different skin color as Americans do.
            Jim, at some point before you leave this world you must face the truth that America is deeply flawed along the lines of skin color and Race. Blacks forced here as slaves, and their descendants have been forced to accept this flawed dichotomy which the KKK proudly asserts, and others tacitly accept w/o challenging this false premise of “The Inequality of the Races”.
            This is a premise that our European brothers in formally concocted and went to great lengths to make as a ideological and social construct—a construct which many Conservatives project on a daily basis unconsciously at many times.

            I’ve pointed you in the right direction on numerous occasions when citing Baha’u’llah,but unfortunately it hasn’t sunk into your “heart yet, from what I can tell from your responses.

            Try looking at to get what I mean.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            While it’s true I lean right I have made no bones about the fact that I am in the corner of what’s right regardless of party affiliation Aaron. I believe you’re categorizing Americans in a manner that would be considered racist if directed at blacks or people of color so therefore should be considered as such if we’re being fair here. No, Middle East fanatics are much worse in their tone and action toward religious sectors but leave color out. How commendable of them, true freedom fighters they are.

            Is America flawed when it comes to race relations? Of course it is but I also was lead to believe we were on a good path with the initial election of BO. He has had many opportunities to present unity as a nation but failed miserably.

            Part of your problem, imo, is that you and many others blame people who had nothing to do with slavery for problems that exist today with no basis of fact. The KKK, while still in existence in very limited numbers, is reviled and rebuffed by 99% of Americans and I personally feel insulted when equated with them.

            Aaron, I know “my heart” is in the right place and while I appreciate the love of your religion I believe there’s a different higher power that has manipulated us for thousands of years and have instilled in us many things that culminate into the “human nature” that bonds us all.

    • Yes, racism is around as it always has been, going into remission and rising from its brief rest at numerous stages in American history.
      This is a disease of the spirit that can’t be eradicated by earthly means. One day near Christmas, while walking down a street in Jackson, Miss. during my senior year in high school. a white gentleman passed me on the street and kindly stated “Merry Christmas”—this was in the late 60’s. Some time after Christmas, walking down the heart of old “downtown Jackson, a man walked passed me and purposely coughed in my face, and walked on. Christmas was just a perfunctory thing to make one happy momentarily, while the Message is immediately lost by the following New Year.
      This election just serves as a reminder that racism is very much alive and working its effects on society in an insidious way.

  8. yabbed says:

    Trump voters are low life vulgarians just like Trump.

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