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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

After ex-“Apprentice” producer Bill Pruitt promised more disgusting Trump revelations would come, sure enough the drip continues. The adolescent man-boy and confessed sexual predator bragged about being able to gawk at beauty pageant contestant’s naked bodies because he owned the pageant, according to a Buzzfeed report.

“I sort of get away with things like that,” Trump told Howard Stern in a 2005 interview CNN released Saturday. The story had been around since spring when a pageant contestant in Miss USA 2000 told of how Trump would invent an excuse to barge into the dressing room. Trump vehemently denied it. Surprise, surprise! He was lying.

In other news, in a fine piece of irony, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the womanizing former GOP governor of California who replaced Donald Trump on “The Apprentice” TV show, has said Donald Trump should step aside in the presidential race.

On Saturday, Pruitt tweeted that there are still far worse Trump tapes to come. (You didn’t really think bragging about grabbing women by the pussy was just a one-time thing, did you?) “As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of #theapprentice I assure you: when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse. #justthebegininng,” Pruitt tweeted. This followed the revelation Saturday that Trump told shock jock Howard Stern 13 years ago, after a graphic discussion of his daughter Ivanka’s figure, that it was okay to refer to her as a “piece of ass.”

Republicans are stampeding to exit the Trump bus. After sticking it out for as long as he could, John McCain has finally had enough. Saturday afternoon, the Arizona senator and former GOP presidential candidate rescinded his support for Donald Trump in a statement to Politico.

“I have wanted to support the candidate our party nominated. He was not my choice, but as a past nominee, I thought it important I respect the fact that Donald Trump won a majority of the delegates by the rules our party set. I thought I owed his supporters that deference,” McCain said. “But Donald Trump’s behavior this week, concluding with the disclosure of his demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults, make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy. Cindy, with her strong background in human rights and respect for women, fully agrees with me in this.”

McCain did not call for Trump to drop out, as Condoleezza Rice and a rising chorus of Republicans has since the Friday release of a 2005 video of Trump making lewd remarks about women, asserting his ability to kiss and grope them because he is a star (just months into his marriage to Melania Trump).

His exact recorded words: “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” Trump told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. “And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p*ssy. You can do anything.”

After huddling all day in Trump tower with campaign insiders Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani and others, Trump remained defiant about staying in the race until the bitter end. Apparently, that is what Republican voters apparently want. According to a new Politico poll, only 12 percent of Republicans and 13 percent of Republican women want him to drop out.

Giuliani was dispatched to Sunday morning programs as Trump prepared attacks on the Clinton and lashed out at his high-ranking Republican critics. “So many self-righteous hypocrites. Watch their poll numbers – and elections – go down!” Trump tweeted.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Saturday, Trump said there is “zero chance” he will drop out.

He reiterated that sentiment in all caps on Twitter Saturday afternoon. “The media and establishment want me out of the race so badly – I WILL NEVER DROP OUT OF THE RACE, WILL NEVER LET MY SUPPORTERS DOWN!” he tweeted.

It would be uncharted territory if he did drop out. As Reuters notes:

There is no precedent for a major party to replace their nominee this late in the campaign and it remains unclear if there is an avenue to force him from the race. Voting has already begun in several states, including the important swing states of Virginia and North Carolina.

Trump has been attempting to do his brand of damage control ever since the tape was first revealed on Friday, though the damage does continue to spread like wildfire, throwing both his campaign and the party into disarray. to recap, first he issued a lame, “I’m sorry if you were offended” apology. Then he released a brief video saying, “Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.” He proceeded to threaten to bring up the Clintons’ marital troubles. Later he made light of the whole thing tweeting, “it sure has been an interesting 24 hours.”

In a first, even his wife Melania has issued a statement critical of her husband. “The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me,” it read. “This does not represent the man that I know. He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world.”

Ivanka Trump has yet to weigh in.

Of the other Republicans who have decamped besides McCain, Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire has said she will write-in Trump’s running mate Mike Pence when she votes. Paul Ryan canceled a campaign event in Wisconsin with Trump calling his comments “sickening,” though stopped short of withdrawing his endorsement. Crowds reportedly jeered at Ryan at the event, and Trump tweeted about the “great crowds” there. Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah did withdraw his, saying, “I’m out. I can no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president. It is some of the most abhorrent and offensive comments that you can possibly imagine.”  By Saturday night, 9 Republican Senators, 11 Reps., and 3 GOP governors had decamped from Camp Trump.

A pained-looking Mike Pence issued this brief statement Saturday: “As a husband and father I was offended by the words and actions described by Donald Trump in an eleven-year-old video released yesterday. I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them.” Pence is reportedly busy praying in hopes that God will give him some guidance on how to handle this whole mess.

Click to enlarge.

There are also indications that the RNC may also be bailing on Trump, with chairman Reince Priebus redirecting funds away from his campaign. On Friday, Priebus immediately denounced Trump’s comments as “indefensible.”

On Saturday, the RNC also appeared to be halting some of the operations of the “Victory” program that is or was all about getting Donald Trump elected, according to Politico, which reports:

In an email from the RNC to a victory program mail vendor, with the subject line “Hold on all projects,” the committee asked the vendor to “put a hold” on mail production.

“Please put a hold/stop on all mail projects right now. If something is in production or print it needs to stop. Will update you when to proceed,” Lauren Toomey, a staffer in the RNC’s political department, wrote in an email that was obtained by Politico.

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

IMAGE: THE APPRENTICE “Episode 306: The Writing on the Wall” — Pictured: Donald Trump — NBC Universal Photo: Kevin T. Gilbert  

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138 responses to “Still More Appalling Revelations About Trump’s Misogyny? Coming Right Up!”

  1. AgLander says:

    Juanita Broaddrick, Oct 9, 2106, at press conference in St. Louis as she appeared to answer questions with three other women sexually victimized by Bill Clinton and who all solidly support Trump.

    “Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me.”

    This election boils down to deciding whether you will vote for a person who has shown he can have a potty mouth at times and SAY some bad things, or, do you want to vote for a person who has a three decades long string of DOING some very bad things?

    • FireBaron says:

      Interestingly enough, none of the women who claimed Bill had raped him did very well in any court cases against him – i.e. they all lost. The ones who were known or suspected to have had affairs with Clinton have been discrete and not dragged their private lives into the public. Whereas, oh Cross-Dressing Rush, your boy has time after time bragged about his sexual conquests, even to the point of bragging about Marla when he was still married to Ivana and about Melania when he was still married to Marla.

    • The lucky one says:

      LOL. It’s obviously “not just words”. It’s representative of the man, or manchild, that he is. Many rich men have used their wealth to attract beautiful women, oftern younger than themselves, but Trump believes he is entitled to just take whatever he wants and yes Aggie he has also been accused of rape, of under age girls even.

      But hey, I respect your willingness to go down with the ship but then again you have nothing to lose. I’d truly feel sorry for Mike Pence, if he wasn’t an ultra rightwing nutjob himself. At least he is not a serial molester like your hero.

    • yabbed says:

      Google Juanita Broderick’s sworn statement in the Paula Jones’ case. Jaunita Broderick disavowed everything you are saying. 🙂 It’s all there on the signed legal document.

      • AgLander says:

        You lie…..and you know it, but you are caught. Here is the statement Broaddrick made on the affidavit when she was subpoenaed and was trying to avoid getting sucked into the parallel Paula Jones investigation…… It is a very vanilla statement and does not in any way absolve Clinton or say nothing occurred……Broaddrick said: “I do not have any information to offer regarding a nonconsensual or unwelcome sexual advance by Mr. Clinton.” Her motivation was to avoid testifying in the Paula Jones case; she was being intimidated by the Clintons. She recanted that affidavit shortly afterwards and gave the full details of Clinton’s rape assault. Nice try, Clinton apologist for the Clinton crime family, but you FAIL!

        • yabbed says:

          Google for yourself. Her sworn statement in its entirety is right there on the web of all to see. Dated December 23, 1998 her statement under penalty of perjury is a complete disavowal.

          It is inappropriate and against site standards for you to repeatedly call everyone you disagree with a liar.

        • A. D. Reed says:

          Sorry, Ag, quoting out of context and only in part doesn’t work now that there’s this thing called the Internet where the ENTIRE affadavit can be found. Read in particular all of paragraph 4, and specifically the final sentence, which reads:

          “These allegations are untrue…” referring to the first sentence in which she describes “these allegations” as:

          “unfounded rumors and stories circulated that Mr. Clinton had made unwelcome sexual advances toward me in the late seventies…”

          Here’s her entire statement. If you can read, read it. To wit:

          1. My name is Jane Doe #5. I am 55 years old and have been married since 1981. I have one child, age 28. I currently reside in Arkansas.

          2. In November of 1997, two private investigators retained by Paula Corbin Jones approached me at my residence. I declined to speak with them, but provided the name of my family attorney. I subsequently was served with a subpoena seeking the production of documents and purporting to require my testimony at a deposition in the civil action between Paula Corbin Jones and President William Jefferson Clinton (Civil Action No. LR-C-94-290). I have never met Ms. Jones, nor do I have any information regarding the allegations that she has advanced against President Clinton. In this regard, I have no knowledge or information regarding the events she has alleged occurred on May 8, 1991 at the Excelsior Hotel or, for that matter, any knowledge or information regarding any interaction between herself and Mr. Clinton.

          3. I met President Clinton more than twenty years ago through family friends. Our introduction was not arranged or facilitated, in any way, by the Arkansas State Police. I have never been an Arkansas state employee or a federal employee. I have never discussed with Mr. Clinton the possibility of state or federal employment nor has he offered me any such position. I have had no further relations with him for the past (15) years.

          4. During the 1992 Presidential campaign there were unfounded rumors and stories circulated that Mr. Clinton had made unwelcome sexual advances toward me in the late seventies. Newspaper and tabloid reporters hounded me and my family, seeking corroboration of these tales. I repeatedly denied the allegations and requested that my family’s privacy be respected. These allegations are untrue and I had hoped that they would no longer haunt me, or cause further disruption to my family.

          5. I do not possess any information that could possibly be relevant to the allegations advanced by Paula Corbin Jones or which could lead to admissible evidence in her case. Specifically, I do not have any information to offer regarding a nonconsensual or unwelcome sexual advance by Mr. Clinton, any discussion offer or provision of state or federal employment or advancement in exchange for sexual conduct, or any use of state troopers to procure women for sex. Requiring my testimony at a deposition in this matter would cause unwarranted attorney’s fees and costs, disruption to my life and constitute an invasion of my right to privacy. For these reasons, I have asked my attorney to advise Ms. Jones’s counsel that there is no truth to the rumors they are pursuing and to provide her counsel with this sworn affidavit.


          Now, Aglander, retire to your hole and please don’t come back out until you’ve got a big supply of meds.

    • RED says:

      You morons are frigging hilarious!! And just don’t have a clue how stupid you sound? So let me get this straight wife of a man who was cheating on her didn’t like the husbands mistresses? Oh My God!!! Moron!! Oh and we’re supposed to be angry at the wife because what, she didn’t go and console said mistresses and apologize for her husband having an affair with them? Morons and you’re are a very special kind of idiot. And stop the rape stuff because first and foremost it’s a lie and just more inanity from you stupid Cons but also because once again you’re full of crap and the biggest group of hypocrites EVER. Guess all you’re innocent until proven guilty doesn’t count here? No that only counts when it’s convenient for you ignorant sick disgusting dumber than dirt Cons. Have a nice day!

    • Dan S says:

      So Ag working on the assumption your female I’ll ask if you’re under 35 yo how would you feel if Trump was drawn to you & kissed you & touched you inappropriately? Or say if you had a daughter hit on the same way by Trump do you still want him as President? Talking about Bill’s past indiscretions is nothing more than a diversion away of talking about who should lead this country. Trump is clearly unqualified & even the most conservative newspapers in the country have endorsed Hillary. USA Today gave its first ever unendorsement but hey at least he did get 1 from the National Enquirer

    • Are you sure about the “sticks” and “stones” allegation against Bill, oh hypocrite who seeks to defend the indefensible acts of Trump?
      You are a major factor in the assault on women, and it’s a sure bet you support Trump because you harbor the same predatory and reptilian features as Trump does, and so you feel obliged to come to his defense whenever he’s exposed.
      Face it, fellow- Lord Fauntleroy has been caught with his pants down in several ways.
      Just because Bill did the wrong thing shouldn’t be an excuse for any mature man to dismiss casually Trump’s behavior.
      We’re still waiting for you to grow up—why don’t you surprise us one of these days, if ever.

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      Diversion will not help you.
      You suggest these are only words… you know that’s not true. His ex-wife accused him of rape. He’s being taken to court by two other women who accuse him of rape. His comments through the entire campaign are exactly those of a guy who views women as objects for his pleasure to be judged then used and discarded.

      Your candidate is guilty of self confessed sexual assault, and he’s even super-proud of it.
      Amazingly the writing has been on the wall for months.
      But the Republicans got all cosy with him anyway.
      Hope it was worth it.

      Also (Since you seem to need the reminder): Bill Clinton is not running for President. Trump is.
      Trying to pin Bill’s behavior on Hillary is as ridiculous as trying to pin Dennis Hastert’s pedophilia (another all-class Republican) on his wife…

      • AgLander says:

        Is the driver of the get away car as guilty as the bank robber who went inside? That’s your answer, grasshopper. Nice try…, not really, it was a pretty lame attempt at justifying this tag team of women abusers.

    • A. D. Reed says:

      (to everyone else: sorry to go on and on like this, but I think it’s really important that every time one of the Trumpeter liars puts out false information, it’s incumbent on us to call them on it. During a debate one can only hope viewers go online; but here we can call them out every single time. A.D.Reed)


      Juanita Broaddrick Dec. 23, 1998, speaking UNDER OATH in a sworn affadavit calling on Paula Jones lawyers to leave her alone:

      “I met President Clinton more than twenty years ago through family friends. Our introduction was not arranged or facilitated, in any way, by the Arkansas State Police. I have never been an Arkansas state employee or a federal employee. I have never discussed with Mr. Clinton the possibility of state or federal employment nor has he offered me any such position. I have had no further relations with him for the past (15) years.

      4. During the 1992 Presidential campaign there were unfounded rumors and stories circulated that Mr. Clinton had made unwelcome sexual advances toward me in the late seventies. Newspaper and tabloid reporters hounded me and my family, seeking corroboration of these tales. I repeatedly denied the allegations and requested that my family’s privacy be respected. These allegations are untrue and I had hoped that they would no longer haunt me, or cause further disruption to my family.”

      This is very much like Jim Comey of the FBI stating at a press conference that Hillary Clinton had had “more than 100” emails in her server that were classified, making her conduct “extremely reckless.” Three days later, when seated before Jason Chaffetz’s congressional panel and testifying UNDER OATH, he was asked by a Democratic congressman: “So it was actually just those three emails that were marked, not classified but confidential? Not 150, not 100, but three?”
      Comey: “Yes.”
      Congressman: “and given that the lowercase “c” in parentheses in the middle of the message was not proper marking of anything confidential — since the word itself has to be above and outside the body of the message — would you say that they were properly marked?”
      Comey: “No, they weren’t properly marked.”
      Congressman: “And so would someone who’s not an expert or is an expert in security know that those were considered confidential?”
      Comey: “No sir, an expert in classification procedures would not be able to conclude that they were confidential or classified.”

      So under oath, Comey told the truth, while at his presser, he lied. Just like Ms. Broaddrick.

      And the day after Comey’s testimony, the State Department sent him a note saying that EVEN THAT (C) MARKING was incorrect; they should not have been marked confidential in the first place.

      So, who you gonna believe, Ag–the Juanita Broaddrick sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth under oath and under penalty of law? Or the same woman at a press conference hosted by a self-styled billionaire who promises to pay you well for what you say?

      This election boils down to whether you want a psychopathic, narcissistic molester, rapist, and pathological liar in the White House, or whether you prefer the most competent, experienced, capable, intelligent, qualified, sane woman to seek the office in at least two generations.

      BTW: Even Jason Chaffetz, chief inquisitor of the witch-hunt benghazi committee, has withdrawn his endorsement of Trump.

      • AgLander says:

        You fail in your feeble attempt to block for the Clinton rapist machine. Broaddrick recanted her affidavit a short time afterwards and proceeded to give the sordid details of her brutal rape at the hands of rapist Clinton. She explained that Hillary and her team of psychological assassins had been intimidating her to prevent her from testifying in the Paula Jones investigation which she had been subpoenaed to testify in……she caved to the Clinton intimidation machine in fear but realized very quickly afterwards that she wanted to tell the truth and stand up to the evil Clintons. She should be applauded for her bravery against these 2 serial women abusers……Bill, who abuses them physically, followed by Hillary who moves in to clean up the mess with psychological terror to silence the victims.
        Does support of such behavior make you proud? Perhaps you are an abuser yourself and see nothing wrong here?

        • A. D. Reed says:

          So you believe a woman who would lie under oath, under penalty of perjury, only when she’s no longer under oath. Somehow the willingness to trust what she says when she’s getting paid by a political organization, and not trust what she says when she’s in a court of law testifying under oath, makes me wonder about your sanity. On the other hand, it does explain why you believe anything that comes out of “I-have-the-best-words” Donald’s mouth, but not any of the sworn testimony from the FBI Director or the former Secretary of State when they’re sworn in Congressional hearings.

          Is there something about holding your right hand up, putting your left hand on the BIble, and swearing under God to tell the truth, that is a trigger for you so that you immediately assume that whoever does so is lying?

          If so, you really need serious therapy. And if so, why do you believe the Donald whenever he says “Believe me.” To any psychologist, that is an almost infallible sign that a person is going to lie.

      • Carole Moore says:

        A.D. Reed, well done sir… may I share this information in your post?

        • A. D. Reed says:

          Of course, but you’ll have to track down the exact exchange between Elijah Cummings and Comey on the markings. My quote are from memory and I can’t find the damn transcript!

    • I Am Helpy says:

      “Maybe if we keep digging up old conspiracy theories the manifest awfulness and incompetence of our candidate will not seem so bad! It hasn’t worked once in thirty years, but THIS TIME it will!”

      You losers are friggin hilarious.

    • vdpphd says:

      Bill Clinton is not running for President again. He already was. He was a sexual harrasser, using the power of his office to seduce woman, but he used no force, just charm and his position. No complaint was filed in time to prosecute him on these charges. The Paula Jones case and the Jennifer Flowers case were discarded by independent judges for lack of adequate evidence of wrong-doing. The impeachment was not sustained for lack of sufficient Senate votes. Bill was disbarred for lying in a deposition that was ultimately moot.

      Hillary is now running. She has never been charged with anything. No accusations against her have ever shown enough supporting facts for any cases, or bar association complaints, to be filed.

      Donald Trump has been sued 4500 times for breach of contract and fraud. He is now facing three trials for fraud in two different States, based on evidence that fraud was actually committed and that Donald himself may bear some responsibility. Trials are scheduled to begin right after the election, whether he wins or loses. If he wins the election and loses the criminal fraud trial he will be the first President to qualify for impeachment before being sworn in.

      • I Am Helpy says:

        You left out that women – one of them his wife at the time – in two previous cases have accused him of raping them, and that he’s got an upcoming child molestation case in December. But yeah.

  2. bojimbo26 says:

    Not forgetting Donny would like to shag Ivanka .

  3. yabbed says:

    We are promised even more despicable talk from DeplorableDonnie. He’s already near the breaking point and he really can’t take much more. The men in little white jackets and butterfly nets are circling him as it is.

  4. Jon says:

    Little Dong Donnie can’t change who he is and who he has always been. He has always felt he had a right to sexually assault women and obviously still believes it. His mind is sick and twisted. Any man in the middle or lower income brackets would have served time in prison for doing the things Trump has admitted doing. There are many more allegations that have been made against him that he lies about.
    He is like Bill Cosby who relied on the fact that no one would believe a woman who claimed a star like him had sexually abused them. Cosby was right until many other victims of his sexual predatory behavior started coming forward to tell what he had done to them. There were finally too many victims to continue pretending that Cosby was the victim of false allegations.
    Trump not only has many accusers but also his own confession made to Billy Bush in the 2005 Access Hollywood broadcast. Trying to claim it is nothing more than locker room talk is laughable. I have been in many locker rooms and have never heard anything close to comments like he made. More influential, several professional athletes who have spent even more time in locker rooms are coming forward saying that his comments are not locker room talk and no one talks like Trump in the locker rooms they have been in all of their lives.

    • A. D. Reed says:

      Well said, Jon. And good epithet for Drumpf. I sometimes think that the reason he puts his short vulgar fingers inside women (against their will) is because he fears, or knows, that if he put his little dong in there, they wouldn’t notice.

  5. yabbed says:

    I do believe AgLander is John Barron. 🙂

  6. Dan S says:

    Stop ✋ all printing material ? Sweet I’ve been bombarded by Trump garbage I refer to as hate mail. Anyone who still supports Trump please please get some help. The man is behaving like a dictator threatening to jail Hillary. This is totally unacceptable to threaten a political foe in this fashion. Fortunately latest polling has Trump down to 35% trailing Mrs. Clinton by 11 points

  7. No surprise that Agatha would be defending Trump’s behavior in his usual sniveling and ingratiating manner. I use the male pronoun with qualifications because “AgLander” ‘s gender is indeterminate—I’m not sure he’s fully human.

    But onto more important things. Trump’s assault on women must be refuted in a full-throttled manner by real men, to compensate for the timid responses of those Republicans who appear to be shocked, and those who are still in the stage of adolescence, and also to counter the cowardly dismissal of Trump’s behavior by Rudy, Pence.
    But as well, men must put the pressure on Trump, and on those men around us who like to talk, and fantasize, about abusing women. (Agatha, itsfun, Otto, InformedVoter, “leftout”, and the like pose little direct threat based on their immature responses and cowardice in taking shelter behind the “skirts” of the Internet, but their words and lurid imagery and visuals show them to be as cowardly and dangerous, psychologically, as Donald).

    • Sharonmbetts4 says:

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  8. On another note, I find it mystifying that Republican women are OK with Trump’s shameful attitudes towards women. And those who aren’t are too afraid to admit it, and deflect attention to their odd acquiescence to Trump’s assault on them as well, by using the lame excuse that because someone else had an inappropriate relationship that that is sufficient enough to wipe Trump’s slate clean. In effect, these Republican women are saying “Let’s give Donald a ‘Do Over’, but we’ll continue to castigate Bill, and by some twisted logic, implicate Hillary for Bill’s transgression.

    What a strange and troubling dissolution of their allegiance to the Spirit enshrined in Christianity, their lack of any sense of fair-play, and a total lack of sympathy for their own sisters, daughters, and mothers. These are not ordinary women, but an example of descending into a state of degeneracy which is afflicting a vast majority of Republican women.

    The men and women who support Trump, to a large extent, are morphing into creatures with a status lower than members of the animal kingdom,mainly because we are all created noble, yet Trump, these women, and the men have bartered their nobility for an ignoble condition. For a creation created noble, and having the faculty of intelligence, to turn their backs on that which they were created to be, lowers them beneath the animal.

    “O Son of Being! Noble have I created thee, yet thou hast abased thyself. Rise then unto that for which thou wast created”. (from “The Hidden Words”, in the ‘Arabic’ section).

    This epigram is directed to all of humanity by Baha’u’llah. The purpose of Him using “I” above is to signify speaking with the Voice of God in this Day and Age, just as Jesus, Muhammad, Zoroaster, and Others like Baha’u’llah, did in the Past.

  9. phylin says:

    I have it from the best authority that Trump is so pleased with the polls that he plans to go to Warsaw to thank them personally.

  10. apzzyk says:

    The problem with playing with skunks is that it takes a long-long time to wash off, so just leaving Trump now is an act of despiration which may do more harm than good. I hope that I was right long ago when I said that Trump would take down the whole line below him. Remember how all of the incumbent Republicans went down after Watergate? And how Goldwater had done the same less than 10 years before. Someday maybe the GOP will wise up and not support any crazy who wants to run as a Republican do so. Maybe I will run on the Prohibition Party ticket which is still eligible to field canidates in some states.

  11. Jim Samaras says:

    Clinton and Trump are symbols of two very different views of the world. Clinton represents unrepentant globalism, an end to strict immigration laws, and the twilight of American exceptionalism. Trump represents a spirit best conveyed by his slogan: America First. For those that see the election through this lens, the personalities of the two candidates are trivial compared to the bigger question:

    Do we continue selling our national sovereignty to enrichen the global elite or do we use our power, wealth, and benevolence to help the millions of Americans stuck in a deteriorating economy?

    Now put on your tinfoil hat and hypothesize. Go back in time to Thursday. Someone tells you that in 24 hours, emails will be published that reveal Hillary Clinton to be a shameless globalist, confirming everything Bernie Sanders ever said about her and putting her victory in serious jeopardy.

    You’re asked to predict how the Democratic/Media establishment will counter this release.

    Hmm, you think. They’ll want to divert attention.

    Hmm, you think. They’ll want to put the focus back on their preferred narrative.

    Hmm, you think. They’ll probably release something that makes Trump look like a sexist monster.


    • Thoughtopsy says:

      Alas the presidency requires some minimal standards of:
      – Knowledge
      – Attention span
      – Self control
      – Compassion
      – Intellect.

      Donald Trump may have a different viewpoint… or be from a “Different World”… but he fails all the basic tests for a President… All before you look at his belief system or policies (such as they are).

    • A. D. Reed says:

      Of course you, under your own tinfoil hat, now pretend that Democrats wear them. Please. What do you people do, sit in a dark room masturbating to the latest Breitbart and Stormfront uploads?

      We don’t have to divert attention, or change the focus, or release something “that makes Trump look like a sexist monster.” Trump IS a sexist monster, as everyone who’s ever known him would attest, if he hadn’t bought their silence with forced nondisclosure agreements and other people’s money for payoffs.

      Hillary Clinton is the most qualified, experienced, competent, intelligent candidate for president in at least two generations. Her view of America is the one articulated and promoted by Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson — of an America that is the indispensable leader of the free world and also a beacon of liberty for the oppressed; a nation that raises up “the least of these” and brings everyone to the table of opportunity.

      It is 30 years of Reagan/Bush right-wing ideas that have sold our national sovereignty to global corporatists including Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, the DeVos family’s “Xi” corporation, Sheldon Adelson’s gambling empire, Mitt Romney’s vulture capitalism cronies, and of course the Koch Brothers. These were Republican policies enacted and carried out by two of the five worst presidents in history: Ronald Reagan and Dubya Bush.

      Under President Obama, the economy has grown every month for the past five years, slowly and steadily; we have cut the annual deficit by two-thirds from what it was under Dubya Bush; we have gone from losing 700,000 jobs PER MONTH under Dubya and Cheney to gaining an average of 200,000 per month for the past five years. Unemployment is at 4.7%, compared to 9.9% under Dubya, and the stock market has more than doubled with Obama in the White House. This is not a deteriorating economy, except in the fevered, disoriented brain of people like you.

      No doubt you also imagine that we rushed back into time and planted stories in the Hawaii newspapers in August, 1961 about some kid named Barack Hussein Obama being born there, when in reality he was hatched in Kenya from a Muslim mother and terrorist alien father.

      Take your meds, Jim Samaras.

      • Jim Samaras says:

        She has bad experience Mr Reed along with being incompetent and a treacherous traitor to our country and is no beacon to anything other than countries who have donated to her foundation and the Wall Street thugs who pay outrageous sums for influence.

        • I Am Helpy says:

          A “treacherous traitor”, you say? Weird, because the only Presidents I can recall that committed treason were Republicans – Nixon and Reagan, for starters.

        • A. D. Reed says:

          Clinton is the most competent woman in American life, as she proved during her years in Washington, in Arkansas, and before that in Alabama and Massachusetts. We have CHIP insurance for 8 million families because of her; Massachusetts requires free, quality public education for all children including the disabled, because of her; we have a global awareness that women’s rights are human rights, thanks to her; and we have a superb campaign that is about to make her the first female president in United States history.

          As for treachery, it was Nixon who sent George H.W. Bush to secret meetings with the North Vietnamese to undermine LBJ’s peace talks in Paris to end the war. That was treason, and LBJ called it so when he found out about it. He then said that he couldn’t bring charges or even make it public because the GOP would claim it was political persecution.

          Then 12 years later Ronald Reagan sent envoys (again, GHWB by most stories) to undermine Jimmy Carter’s negotiations with Iran to release the US hostages in exchange for secretly providing them with arms, against U.S. Law. That, too, was treason.

          Republicans are the “treacherous traitors,” Mr. Samaras, and have been for decades.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      “Globalism” = dog-whistle racism.

      I hope that helps!

      • Jim Samaras says:

        You’re like a yappy little dog you wanna kick. STFU you ignorant gnat.

        • I Am Helpy says:

          OK sorry that you’re an ignorant gross racist who thinks he can bully his way out of having that mentioned. You’re utterly wrong.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Everything is “racist” in your little mind. I’m assuming you’re black by the way you throw that around and are worried to death that the checks stop appearing in your mailbox which I’ll admit, should be a legitimate fear. Good luck in your search for employment

          • I Am Helpy says:

            “I’m not racist, you black welfare moocher!!!!1”

            Jesus Christ. You are total garbage.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Hit a nerve with a black moocher did I? LOL

          • I Am Helpy says:

            Yeah you “hit a nerve” (soiled your diaper in public) alright.

            President Hillary Clinton. Get used to saying it now, because your terrible dumb candidate is having his ass kicked worse than anyone in four decades. We’re gonna take away your guns and confederate flags and you’re too much of a dumb coward to stop us.

            I hope that helps!

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Don’t worry…Under President Trump you’ll still get comfortable shoes and have a warm place to crap

          • I Am Helpy says:

            I’m sure you thought that was very witty. Stormfront comedy is so feeble.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          Why should he: you’re the obnoxious and ignorant one here, thinker. Try thinking without the obviously clouded mind you have.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      PS: If Hillary Clinton is this amazing at conspiracies, she’d make a fantastic President. Thanks for endorsing her!

    • vdpphd says:

      Clinton represents pragmatism. The world IS a globe, and the economy IS intertwined. Not being part of it is NOT an option. As for what she, or anyone else “beLieves”, unless and until the invention of actual mind reading, NOBODY knows what ANYONE else believes. You know what they have said. You know what actions they took. You know what public votes they cast. That is all you know.

      Obviously, political parties exist to win elections. That is ALL you know!

    • Jim, the notion of American Exceptionalism is an outgrowth of a European mind-set that went out of style back in the 19th Century. Since you bring up the term, and see it as a sign of superiority(which parallels racial superiority), you’re as much in that century as the slogan.
      “Make America Great Again” presupposes that America was once great. What is your view of America’s Greatness—How they won the West and drove the Native Americans off their lands? How America proceeded to restrict them to reservations, unless they submitted to being absorbed in white culture? Instituting a form of slavery that exceeded in severity systems of slavery in ancient times? Treating women like sex objects and bragging about it? Being consumed with being superior to other nations by constantly talking about “Exceptionalism”?
      If this is what greatness means to you, then you are hopelessly lost and will never be able to fit in with an evolving planet that is soon to enter an era when the whole earth will be as one country, and its peoples as the “citizens” of this planet welded together, not in uniformity, but unified by diversity and being human. Your vision of greatness has no place in this new world society as envisioned by all the Prophets of the Past, and now clearly delineated by Baha’u’llah.

      You and your concepts will be relegated to the dustbin of Anachronism, unless you decide to edify and refine your heart and mind.
      Right now, your mind is closed and locked tight with visions of Trump whirling in your minds-eye.

      Please refer to if you wish to avoid irrelevancy in an ever-advancing humanity. Or, you may ignore this advice and proceed on to mediocrity, as Trump is fast approaching.

      Have you ever had a chance to read books of substance? Are you at all familiar with a Book called the Bible? That Book alone should clearly show you the folly of Trump and yourself, by following your current path.

  12. yabbed says:

    We Democrats don’t want Deplorable Donnie to drop out. We want him to take the severe beating and total annihilation from Hillary Clinton that is coming to him on November 8.

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      It appears he’s complicit in his own destruction.
      It possible the suggestion from months ago that he may not actually want to be President, but is driven to try may be accurate.

      • yabbed says:

        Initially I thought he would use the primary exposure to polish his brand and then retreat, saying he needed to focus on his business. But I think he began to think he would like the power of the Presidency and that he could actually be POTUS and use the Oval Office to grow his business. The ego draw was too strong for him to resist. Now, of course, what he has done is destroy his brand and his business and set himself up for total failure and yet another bankruptcy. What? The seventh?

    • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

      I’m praying for poetic justice. That the Dumpster gets obliterated this Nov. 8th and that his loss will be the beginning a downward spiral, total destruction. That the gods will have him lose everything and he, for once in his entire life, will know what it is like to not be filthy rich but to be pennyless. Perhaps in that way he would learn some humility and have true empathy for the common man and woman. I truly doubt that he would be able to survive under those circumstances.

      • AgLander says:

        If he ends up with only a penny, he’d still be worth a penny more than you, sweetie!

      • Jim Samaras says:

        Spoken like a true dipstick! Praying for someone else’s demise is not only unAmerican it’s disgusting and only a nasty individual would pray for that. You write like one of the illegals that will be thrown out on your deplorable ear WHEN Trump is our president. Good riddance to you and the welfare check you receive you dullard!

  13. tbs says:

    The emails and the drip drip of potty mouth Clinton emails, about Donald Trump, to make herself look good….. makes me think she is so above everyone. It also shows me she has nothing else to show forth as she never did anything, to make a dent, when she was in office! She is insecure, demanding, foulmouthed, cruel, does’t think about anyone but herself…….
    It showed last night in the debates and she just does not have it to be our President.
    But she will waste and pay a lot of money, to destroy anyone in her way, as she did with Billy Rae Dale, in the travel office, and ruined his life forever, because all she wanted was to put her friends in to run the travel office at the White House. AND since she ruined Dale’s life it did not bother her one bit!
    That is who Hilly Is and no one even blinks an eye about her cruel method of destroying lives to get what she wants.
    When does it end?
    Is this what we want in the White House someone who does not care about America and ALL Americans, someone who can buffalo people that she will be the one that will be SOOO good to end up doing nothing, and throwing us under the bus while she goes on to “pay to play” and “robbing” our tax payer’s money?Humph!
    Those of you who are young do not know about this, but I am elderly and have watch the Clintons rip off more people and destroy good peoples lives and futures for their own gain!
    I so fear for my children and grand and great grand children’s future if Hilly becomes President…everything she has touched or tried has been a disaster and painful to live through.

    • A. D. Reed says:

      You reallly do live in an alternate reality, don’t you. I would love to see one iota of evidence of Hillary Clinton being a “potty mouth”; of her being “foulmouthed,” or “cruel.” One instance. You know, like on tape the way it is with your hero Donald.

      What exactly did you do last night in the debates that makes you think she is “so above everyone”? What showed you last night that she “doesn’t think about anyone but herself”?

      We’re not interested in more vague repeats of Breitbart stuff, tbs. If you make these unsupported assertions and accusations, you MUST provide the evidence.

      So … a link to a video or audiotape of Mrs. Clinton’s pottymouth, please. A link to her being foulmouthed. A piece of evidence of her being cruel.

      Otherwise, take your meds.

    • Insinnergy says:

      So we’ll put you down as Pro Sexual Predators then? Cool.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      1. Clinton had nothing to do with the release of this tape.
      2. Clinton did not force Trump to make an ass out of himself on this tape.
      3. You’re terrified of women but that’s your own problem, not ours.

    • How pathetic and laughable of you to compare emails with Trump’s atrocious behavior. You clearly approve of Trump’s behavior. Your mother would be ashamed of you, unless she approves of Trump’s actions as well.
      Is that the case?

      • Jim Samaras says:

        No Aaron, if YOU only knew. It does bring to mind a favorite passage from the Bible that runs through my head on a daily basis when listening to people like you. “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Being a liberal is a sickness that only a Trump presidency will cure and show you how American exceptionalism works for the common man.

        • Look Jim, just because you know from memory a favorite passage is no indication that you understand the spirit unless you can show it in actions. I’m certain Trump may know a single passage, or can point to which section of the Bible contains the New Testament. But clearly by his actions he knows nothing of the intention.
          You speak to us as though you’re on a divine mission to convince of of the goodness and competence of Trump, when his actions show a dark and evil nature, and you are too blind to see that, so obsessed are you with his personality.
          I know of many Muslims who can recite the entire Qur’an from memory, but when I hear them explain what it is they recite they may as well be illiterate. The Taliban are a case in point.

          The KKK I’m sure are well aware of passages in the Bible, but do their actions reflect an understanding?

          When you learn to understand what you read, Jim, then maybe we’ll deduce that you have some important to say. Right now, you’re just babbling a litany of prattle when you support Donald the misogynist/racist.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Aaron, this election has very little to do with religious beliefs and everything to do with not allowing to happen here as what’s happening in Europe….

          • Jim, this has everything to do with Religion, but not religion as you conceive it. Which would explain why you and other conservatives fail to recognize the enormity and quality of Trump’s egregious and reprehensible behavior.
            By your fatal mistake and tendency to divorce religious principles and ideals from everyday behaviors and attitudes, you have conveniently allowed yourself to bifurcate into a purely political/conservative half, and another half that professes religion—but your two halves no longer communicate effectively with each other. That would explain how you and Trump can show a facade of being religious, and in another moment you can say vulgar things. Is any of what I’ve said registering with you? You, Trump, and all his supporters are living and walking contradictions.

            Jim, Religion’s purpose has been, and always will be, the Primary Force in the universe that informs humans(and other sentient beings) as to know who they are, why they exist, and what they should aspire to. Religion allows us to understand the boundaries that distinguish between what is lofty and what is abased. You and Trump, for example, don’t know about these boundaries, which is why you and others can identify with him.

            So, as you should be able to deduce, Religion, or the lack of its accepted place in our daily lives 24/7, will allow us to display lofty behavior or debased behavior, respectively.

            I don’t think I can be much clearer on the subject and the challenge I pose to you and Donald than I already have.

            Trump by no means even remotely lofty and noble in character, the lack of which by definition defines a satanic person.

            “O Son of Being! Noble have I created thee, yet thou hast abased thyself. Rise then unto that for which thou wast created.” (—from ‘The Hidden Words’ of Baha’u’llah)

          • Jim Samaras says:

            You seem to be a more devoted Christian than I or most of the world Aaron. That does not mean that you will be saved and I will not, only God knows what’s in our hearts. I know mine and believe Trumps are in the right place. He will bring sanity back to our country. I know I will not turn you or many on this site but would feel remiss if I didn’t bring things to the attention of the few who can be turned.

          • I won’t go that far to say I’m a better person or Christian than you, Jim—but I thank you nonetheless.

            And no one should think he or she should turn anyone else around. All we can and should do, is point out what we see as wrong behavior without the expectation of turning someone around.

            I would like people to make up their own minds about what is acceptable, given clear evidence. Which is what I, and all other Baha’is, strive to do by showing an alternative way to look at a problem, although we cross the line of propriety which doesn’t excuse us from trying harder the next time.

            Everyday should be looked at as an opportunity to be better and do better than the day before. That is what competition in the most ideal form is about.

    • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

      Просто еще один русский Тролль

  14. Jim Samaras says:

    It is times like these we should look into history to see how Mr Clinton handled a very similar situation and perhaps take his sage advice:

    “As you know, in a deposition in January, I was asked questions about my relationship with Monica Lewinsky. While my answers were legally accurate, I did not volunteer information.

    Indeed, I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong. It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and personal failure on my part for which I am solely and completely responsible. . . . .I misled people, including even my wife. I deeply regret that.

    Now, this matter is between me, the two people I love most–my wife and our daughter–and our God. I must put it right, and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to do so.

    Nothing is more important to me personally. But it is private, and I intend to reclaim my family life for my family. It’s nobody’s business but ours.

    Even presidents have private lives. It is time to stop the pursuit of personal destruction and the prying into private lives and get on with our national life.
    Our country has been distracted by this matter for too long, and I take my responsibility for my part in all of this. That is all I can do.

    Now is the time — in fact, it is past time to move on.

    We have important work to do — real opportunities to seize, real problems to solve, real security matters to face.

    And so tonight, I ask you to turn away from the spectacle of the past seven months, to repair the fabric of our national discourse, and to return our attention to all the challenges and all the promise of the next American century.”

    • Insinnergy says:

      Ridiculous false equivalence.
      To take the same advice, you need to roughly approximate the same person and situation.
      Not even close.

      • Jim Samaras says:

        Only because it doesn’t fit your narrative. Clinton actually committed some vile acts, Trump only spoke of them

        • Insinnergy says:

          So you’re saying you fully supported Bill Clinton’s statements and suggestion to focus on the issues? You personally agreed that we should all turn away from his infidelities and discuss politics?
          Therefore we should do the same for Trump?

          Why don’t I believe you…?

          • Jim Samaras says:

            I did at the time! I brought it to the boards attention to reveal the hypocrisy of the democratic platform. The real issues facing this country are far more important than off the cuff comments made by a couple of guys in a room who thought it was private.

          • Insinnergy says:

            Then I salute you if that is true. I admire consistency and I also would prefer to focus on the political issues.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Thank you sir! While we’re speaking of them, here are just a few that are of much bigger concern.

            We’re not voting for America’s spiritual advisor. Last we checked, Trump has not suggested doing away with sexual assault laws. He hasn’t proposed National Groping Day. His personal feelings about women, whatever you may think of them – whatever they may actually be – are not going to play a major role in your life for the next four years.

            A liberal Supreme Court that takes all the teeth out of the Second Amendment – that will affect your life.

            The expansion of Obamacare into a public option system – that will affect your life.

            A reckless “war on carbon” – that will affect your life.

            A complete federal embrace of illegal immigration – that will affect your life.

            And on and on.

            Some things, once done, cannot be undone. And President Hillary Clinton will have the opportunity to do a few of those things if she gets into the White House. Some of them will change the course of this country in dramatic and unsettling ways.

            Don’t worry about voting for Trump.

            Vote against those changes.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            “I’m terrified of change and things that don’t exist” is not really a good reason to vote for anyone, let alone a lunatic like Trump.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Who’s afraid of change? I’m looking forward to it under a Trump presidency.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            Yes, I get that you’re delusional. I can also read, however, and that is what your entire whiny manifesto boils down to.

          • Jim, do you get the strange feeling that you are not getting your point across? If you can’t understand that, let me give you a hint—you’re wasting your time and embarrassing yourself in public trying to make excuses for Donald.

            Will you ever learn?? I’ve asked you before, and you still haven’t taken the time to ponder my question—Do you expect to shed light on why Trump is an utter failure, and why he has frittered away his 70 years of life on the planet?

          • Jim Samaras says:

            I’m getting my point across to the many who stumble onto this site for balanced information and to the ones who really think before they cast a vote for HC. You and your band of ignorant followers are, alas, hopeless and I pity you.

          • There’s nothing balanced about you Jim. The only people you’re getting across to are other lackeys who don’t understand who and what Trump is. That would lead to a grand total of three or four out of dozens of others here. We pity you, Jim.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          You commit a vile act every time you spew your lies and malice here.

        • And you have proof of that, besides what he admitted? Were you in the office hiding in the closet when Monica entered Bill’s office? Were you a “peeping Tom” looking through Bill’s windows?
          Jim, you need help, fast. And don’t go to Trump for advice.

      • Jim doesn’t understand the universal flaw of comparing “apples” with “spinach”.
        Different colors, different food type, different tastes, are lost on Jim.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      So Bill Clinton having a consensual affair and taking the blame for it is somehow as bad as chortling about how you’re allowed to get away with sexual assault, in your view. Got it. It’s always a timesaver when people explain exactly how they’re garbage.

      • Jim Samaras says:

        Hypocrisy is alive and well with you isn’t it? Are we forgetting the actual rape victims like Juantia Broaddrick? Please think before you speak

        • I Am Helpy says:

          Not something I said; sorry but not surprised that you can only battle strawmen of your own invention.

          • AgLander says:

            Give up while you’re behind… are just serving as an object of humor!

          • I Am Helpy says:

            Oh no how will I cope with furrow-browed racists laughing at me

          • You have never been ahead, Agatha.

            Face it—Your show of support of Trump shows that you are in favor of his lewd behavior, and perhaps you engage in such activities yourself—although I can’t imagine you having the courage to try to have a serious relationship with anyone on any level.

            In the meantime, you just go right ahead and keep licking Donald’s shoes—he may deign to look down and pat you on the head, if it suits his Lordship. (He’s a star, you know, and he can do anything he wants to do).

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Your desperation is still showing.

          • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

            When HRC is elected president it will be fun to see just where you slink off to – will you quietly slither away in Russia ?

          • AgLander says:

            The only reason you want the Benghazi murderess elected is so you can dream about visiting the White House where Doctor Bill can give you a gynecological exam using one of his famous cigars as a probe! Some women just love the thrill of being pervert naughty with powerful men while his wife is in the other room……recognize yourself?

        • Sand_Cat says:

          You’re really a laugh. I guess you should know a lot about hypocrisy, being a shining example yourself, but it seems you can’t even get that right.
          And who is Juanita Broaddrick, and what has she to do with HILLARY Clinton? Guess all your other lies didn’t work, so now you’re going to blame Hillary for Bill’s infidelities. The more you and Trump say, the clearer you make it what a sick and perverted worldview drives you. More lies, more misogyny, more delusions. Can you ever speak or write something that’s true?

        • A. D. Reed says:

          Juanita Broaddrick was not a rape victim. She testified to that fact UNDER OATH in a deposition in 1992, that she had been pressured by Paula Jones’s lawyers to accuse the president, but that it had never happened. You can look it up on Politico — or you could if you really wanted to learn the truth.

          • AgLander says:

            You’ve already been debunked and proven wrong in making that claim….let it go.

          • A. D. Reed says:

            Proven wrong? When, how, and by whom? Certainly not by a tinfoil hat-wearing troll who can cite no sources, unlike me, and blatantly and frequently lies, unlike me, and, to quote Harry Potter, “is a git, unlike me.”

          • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

            Просто еще один русский Тролль

          • You’re debunked, and have been WRONG, whenever you write something, Agatha. The satanic force of Trump has you in an iron-clad grip.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Pressured by Hillary is reality. She was a weak woman who was literally scared to death of HC.

          • A. D. Reed says:

            No, not pressured by Hillary. There’s not a whit of evidence of such a thing. This was a subpoena by Paula Jones’s lawyers to try to get her to bolster their phony case against Clinton. She showed up and, under oath, told the truth.

            When you make these accusations, Jim, you have to have something more than “I heard” or “It’s on the Internet” or “Some people say” or “People are saying.” That level of evidentiary underpinning is what Trump relies on, and it shows whenever he opens his piehole — that there’s not knowledge in his head, only a collection of 10-word phrases that he’s picked up from hearing other people say them.

            You waste everybody’s time with your endless, empty assertions.

            Now, I ask you: What is your evidence that Broaddrick “was a weak woman”? What is your evidence that she was “literally scared to death of HC”? Do you realize that if she were “literally scared to death,” she’d be dead? Or is that level of logic beyond you?

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Too many coincidental body bags from Arkansas to Washington for her to take a chance. Don’t believe all the women? One, two maybe? But the many accusers are all lying? Get your head out of that warm moist space please….

          • A. D. Reed says:

            The BODY BAGS!!! YES!!! I knew you’d get there at last. Show us the pictures. Show us the coroners’ reports. Give us the names of all the people Hillary had slain or that she murdered with her own hands when no-one was looking.

            Please, please,give us more! We’re dying of thirst here for all the proof.


          • Jim Samaras says:

            Do you need to have sh^t rubbed in your face and actually made to take a taste for your evidence that it is in fact”sh^t’? I don’t buy coincidence! If you do your a lemming who should not be allowed to vote like a thinking person would be

          • Is that your notion of being a Christian, Jim? Is that what Jesus inspires you to say? You’re as vulgar as Trump, as I’ve mentioned before, yet you and Trump insist on being vulgar and satanic.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            Hahahahaahahahahaaha oh man you are dumber & more credulous than itsfun, and that is nearly impossible.

          • Independent1 says:

            It’s absolutely disgusting that there are actually lowlifes like you who will go around and deliberately try to defame people based on your own contrived fantasies and falsehoods for which you have absolutely no substantiating evidence. You like Aglander are two of the absolutely most worthless pieces of humanity on the planet today. You’re filth is beyond belief!!!!!!

          • Jim Samaras says:

            “Coincidence” is just that. No evidence of any activity but things sure do look suspicious. Your closed mindedness is exceeded only by your lack of logical thinking

        • Susan Beiting says:


        • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

          Troll ! Having fun ?

    • Jim, it’s incredible that you are so blind and ignorant to keep banging the same old drum. Do you know what time of day it is yet? Have the disclosures of Donald’s outrageous behavior failed to open your heavy-lidded eyelids and unblock your constipated thinking pattern?
      By comparing Bill’s infidelity with Trump’s behavior which dwarf Bill’s, you show yourself to be totally and undeniably mentally tone-deaf. Citing someone else’s faults in defense of your own has been a losing strategy since the beginning of time. Have you been paying attention to the dangers of using that flawed and fatal tactic? Have you been paying attention at all to the Counsels of Jesus?

      You, AgLander(aka Agatha), “itsfun”, and others are blinded by a dogged and insane affinity for the lewdness, racist behavior, greed, and serial lying of Trump. Such an affinity is a sign of a childish emotional state that is stalled in “Neutral”.

      Furthermore, and more significant, it shows that you and the other aforementioned “bats” are trapped in a cave of darkness of your own making and therefore cut off from the Message of Jesus, and bereft of discernment to comprehend the Message of Baha’u’llah, a Message intended especially to deal with the ills afflicting the world, America, the electoral system and its electorate, and especially the myriad ills afflicting Donald.

      There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I’ve given you a ton of hints where to turn, but your ego so far refuses to allow you to move towards the light. This is why you keep banging out the same boring cadence.

      And remember, Bill is not running for President, Trump is—remember? And it would be unwise of you to want to attribute the faults of Trump to the doings of Hillary or Bill. There is NO linkage between Trump’s doings and theirs.

    • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

      Looks as though you and your play-pal, AgLander, have teamed up to troll this article. I would suppose you’re also working for the Russians, just another one of Putin’s shills, trolling the internet hoping to influence the US presidential elections . . . either that or you’re just school kid trolls out to try and p_ss off as many people as possible.

      • Jim Samaras says:

        “Enlighten” would be the word I’d use Anna! If it pisses you off you are not the tolerant individual of which the democratic party encourages are you? But then again I’m tying to show just how hypocritical your band of criminals really are

        • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

          Never said that it p-ssed me off. Only implied that you may be hoping your prodding comments would trigger such a reaction. As far as enlightening, it’s rather obvious that you’re the one who needs to step out of the darkness of denial and misinformation and into the light of verifiable facts.

        • Independent1 says:

          How can you ‘enlighten’ people when all you do is post innuendos and make accusations based on no evidence whatsoever??

          You are every bit the fraud that Donald Trump is!! The two of you are the biggest snake oil salesman perpetrating fraud in the nation today!!! DISGUSTING!!!

        • Jim, you contradict your purported knowledge of the Bible every time you post something that supports a demonic personality like Trump. Your affinity with Christianity is highly questionable given the bile and hearsay you peddle here.
          You once quoted something from the Bible that were the words of Jesus, where He beseeches God to forgive his tormentors “for they know not what they do”. Well, that does not apply to Trump, because he shows an unwillingness to be contrite except in a superficial and artificial manner. That is not worthy of forgiveness. You should have noticed by now that in one breath you ask us to ignore the wrongs Trump has committed, yet you are full of zest and self-righteousness to condemn Bill and Hillary based on circumstantial evidence. Where is your forgiveness, Jim??
          Learn to be consistent in your Christianity, and remind Trump to do the same. Trump isn’t trustworthy which is a necessary quality for positions of responsibility. And before you start having an orgasm over emails, the case with Hillary was she was careless, whereas Trump does the wrong thing on purpose. Jim, there is a BIG difference between carelessness and intent tempered with greed and narcissism.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Aaron, I was referring to Hillary voters being forgiven for even THINKING about voting for that shrew not about forgiving Trump of minor imperfections! Trump is a patriot that has the best intentions for this country while HC has the intent of which you speak, greed and narcissism. Why can’t you see that given her blemished record?

          • Jim, you, Trump, and his supporters all think the same way. You have a myopic viewpoint where all of you perceive yourselves as the center of the universe—this is an attribute that breeds a haughty attitude which is completely antithetical to the Teachings and the Spirit of Jesus.

            How many times do I have to tell you that you can’t worship Trump, American Exceptionalism, and God all at once? Your devotion to Trump and the false notion of American Exceptionalism is a form of idolatry, which is a no-no.

            And furthermore, why should you feel so high and mighty that others should be forgiven by you for choosing to vote any damn way they please? Are you God’s self-appointed lieutenant?

            Wake up from your self-centered mentality, Jim, and stop trying to be God’s policeman when you’ve strayed from the principles of Jesus. Please inform others of my advice who may think as you do.

            Think long and hard about your current status, Jim and whether it is in line with the Spirit that informed Jesus, and now informs Baha’u’llah. Have you troubled yourself to visit the website I suggested you investigate? If you do, the you’ll begin to see where I derive my ideas and inspiration.

  15. vdpphd says:

    You imagine Hillary from the Right Wing lies about her that have been coming from her enemies for thirty or forty years. She is nothing of the sort.

    She is a middle class woman from the Chicago suburbs who has earned all she has. with the application of talent and hard work. There is no great crime at the foot of her current wealth. Ex-officeholders get paid ridiculous sums to tell platitudes to corporate meetings so that the sponsors can deduct the fees as a business expense. As speaking fees go, the Clintons are rather in the middle. The speeches offer no other value and peddle no influence in any direction. She started work as a lawyer for a charity right out of Yale law school, passing up big bucks to instead do good for minority kids. She worked as regular associate lawyer at the largest firm in Arkansas until becoming First Lady there. That job is just a living, but you don’t get rich, so the Clintons tried to make some money in investments and got cheated by the Whitewater Scam like everyone else. His elected positions thereafter came with family room and board, so the pressure was off, but their personal wealth grew very little until his terms were up, and they could lawfully speak for money. They get paid millions and pay 30% in taxes. How boringly normal.

    She, of course, had to stop speaking for money in office, and then continued after, but she did earn her keep as Senator from New York, a traditional carpetbag seat once held by Robert Kennedy. She cosponsored over 400 pieces of legislation that were enacted during her Senate term. She brokered many international agreements during her term as Secretary of State that, objectively, were the best possible deals we could get at the time. It’s not like developing a golf course – you are all still stuck with each other forever even after the project is delivered.

    The so-called e-mail scandal is nothing of the sort. There is no wrongdoing in using a “private” server for a government e-mail account. There are security and configuration rules for which the IT contractor, not the user, is legally responsible. The archives are also under IT contractor control, and users cannot delete archives or their contents. When Mrs Clinton left office, her server was backed up and the machines, both client and server, demolished, per protocol. As Secretary appointed in 2009, Mrs. Clinton had legal control of the archives thereafter, as did her predecessors of theirs. The Congressional subpoena may not actually have been lawful, but she did have her lawyers accept it and respond by surrendering tens of thousands of messages sent to or from government servers or whose content seemed to be government business. The lawyers are as solely responsible for the compliance of the content with the subpoenas as the IT contractor was for the compliance of the private server and its administration. Anyway, all messages received from or sent to government e-mail addresses would also be archived on the servers for those accounts, and in the case of many users on many servers, many times thus archived. There can be no secret e-mail. Actually, about 1000 State Department civil servants were senders or forwarders of a series of messages Mrs. Clinton received, 110 messages comprising 83 message threads, containing classified words without classified markings. A user is never responsible for the messages that come to them, just the ones they write or forward. Mrs Clinton forwarded three messages in which the characters “(C)” were found, two of them lacking the paragraph the (C) was supposed to designate as confidential. Since the (C) was standing alone mid-message text it is simply a relic of bad cut and paste, classified messages requiring both a header and footer stating the highest classification within and must be sent only by secure channels, not via e-mail. Truthfully, none of this material was “marked classified”, although none of it should have been in any e-mail either. All this malfeasance was exposed years ago in a State Department Inspector General report Mrs Clinton approved as one of her last official acts.

    There is an organization that calls itself Politifact. It seeks to compare samples of pronouncements of politicians with actual determinable facts. English being a complex language, a given statement can be more than simply true or simply false. It takes a bit of skill to distinguish between unsupported assertions and statements that are contradicted by the record. Politifact reports that Hillary Clinton is three times more truthful than Donald Trump. and is more truthful than any other politician sampled in recent times. Her “absolutely truthful” score is a little over 72%. Donald’s “absolutely false” score is also a little over 72%. A breakdown and detailed analysis is found at

    On the record Hillary is not a liar, nor a cheat, nor a thief. She is also not June Cleaver. She is a working class woman, from a family-business family, educated to the extent of her ability, a growing up in middle class comfort but seeing how hard it was for her father to provide it. She cast her lot downward with those born less fortunate from the start of her career. In a just society, advancement should be based on merit, not just on the luck of birth. Hillary is often the smartest person in the room and is always the best prepared. She does occasionally get annoyed when stupidly pestered, but she put up with 11 hours of nonsense in the House that really accomplished nothing.

    There is in fact no Republican leader today who can objectively hold a candle to her in terns of relevant experience and relevant skills. She is far more truthful and far less sold out to large financial interests and narrow advocacy groups than every other possible opponent, not just Trump. Her differences with Sanders were more style than substance, and as a Senator he gets to keep pushing them in January whether she wins or not.

    Trump is an ignorant blowhard with a weak grasp of facts and little background knowledge of any kind. How did he manage to put a gambling casino into bankruptcy? He has said many things that Presidents of the United States must not say, for the preservation of public order and world peace. The President, above all,. is the personification of the United States of America and its Constitution. Better to be silent than to shoot from the lip. We outgun the whole world, so we better not go around just blasting without care. No radical policy shift can be a trial balloon by the President. That is not how it works, and how it must..

    • AgLander says:

      Do lemmings like yourself have an organization that meets periodically to update your “lemming worthinesss?

      • Lemmings, in the context of Trump’s lurid behavior, are those who try to make excuses for Trump. That makes you the “Lemming-in-Chief”.

      • I Am Helpy says:

        Weird how you have nothing but feeble insults. I guess that’s what passes for discourse on alt-right sites.

      • Independent1 says:

        Talking about organizations meeting, how about those 14 treasonous Republicans who met on Obama’s inauguration night TO PLOT HOW THEY COULD SABOTAGE THE U.S. ECONOMY TO MAKE OBAMA A ONE TERM PRESIDENT??

        And in case you have had your head in the dark place for almost 8 years, these 14 treasonous Republicans turned every Republican legislator into a treasonous accomplice because virtually every Republican has followed the lead of these 14 and done everything in their power to subvert America – for over 7 years the GOP has waged war against America by deliberately working to undermine its economy from within our own government!!!

        So in reality, every Republican legislator in all good conscience should be standing trial today FOR TREASON BECAUSE THEY WERE WAGING WAR ON OUR NATION FROM WITHIN!!!!!!!

      • Independent1 says:

        If there was ever a totally worthless piece of humanity YOU’RE IT!!!

      • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

        Ah yes AgLander the infamous Russian Troll. Whatever will you do after the USA presidential elections, just how many jobs are there for Russian Trolls ?

        • AgLander says:

          I can assure you that my job prospects would be lot more favorable than any offers coming your way when you show up for interviews and are laughed out of the place when they observe that hideous geisha girl hairdo!

    • A. D. Reed says:

      Bravo! Well said.

    • Susan Beiting says:


  16. Sharonmbetts4 says:

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