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Friday, October 21, 2016

With a Thanksgiving deadline only two weeks away, the Capitol Hill “super-committee” responsible for reducing deficits in a fair-minded, bipartisan and honest manner is on the verge of collapse. Fearful of being blamed for failure — and the enormous reductions that will follow in defense spending, their party’s sacred cash cow — the Republican members suddenly acknowledged that revenue must be raised. They proposed $300 billion in tax reform measures. Compromise seemed possible, if not palatable. With this proposal, Senator Patrick Toomey (R-PA) and his super-committee colleagues proved that they were willing to compromise their original vow to cut the deficit solely by reducing spending.

Upon inspection, however, the Republican plan is nothing more than an audacious attempt to do what they always want to do: It would provide still more favors to their wealthy patrons, a class that includes their own millionaire colleagues, while inflicting pain on everyone else. And it would fall far short of the deficit reductions demanded in Republican rhetoric.

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  • graylon12

    Why can’t they pay in ?
    The rich has lived off the backs of the middle class for to long, NOW its time to super tax the Republicain !

  • JPro

    Why not keep it simple. A simple addition to federal tax would do it with more than most would notice. For every working person in this country, let’s say 10 dollars a week. If 100,000 people work that would mean 1 million dollars weekly. Or 52 million dollars yearly. Now, take 2 million dollars away for office workers and processing and there would be 50 million dollars to cover your needed income.
    But, knowing our @#$%^&* gov’t these days, they would more than likely spend it on foolish shit.

  • fredno

    The Republican protectors of the rich will take the hit in 2012 their trickle down policies just don’t work the working class will vote them out!!!

  • thomasf0

    The lackey’s for the rich have been trying to make the working class pay their bills since the 1920’s, do not think it is going to work anymore. Especially the way the non-patriot corporations have been exiting this country since the 10 year demolition on the economy.

  • RebecahAnn

    If this is what the super committee has planned it was a huge waste of time and money. The wealthy have taken far more then their share of our money, it’s time they pay their fair share. 100% tax on any income over 1 million should take care of all our needs. Government is suppose to protect it’s citizens from the greedy, not the other way around.

    No human is worth that much more to a society, then everyone else. I’m sure everyone would be able to live on 1 million dollars a year. We all have our talents and most of us are not being compensated, fairly for our talents.

    We no longer need so many congress people, (thanks to the internet) cut the number to 2 per state, or 1 for smaller states and 2 for large states. That would save us not only their salaries, but all the salaries of their overpaid staff.

  • marcus weby

    we need to cut the goverments down to a work force that eveyone could live with in budget. we also need them to keep their hands out of our money and stop taking our money and misuse of it.I know this may seem radical but LOGIC must prevail in the way our country is run. We can not aford to spend what we do not have and Give what we do not have we need to take care of our needs first then as we proper take care of others.If bussiness ran the places like our U.S. government they would be out of bussiness!!!!

  • BIG ED

    Wake up Congress and Senate! You both are sitting back and collecting a pay check and are going to get benefits that we the people never voted for you to get.
    I agree with RebecahAnn on cut congress down to size.
    Problem is-How are you going to get these jerks to pass such bills?
    Maybe both parties need to march on Washington and demand a referendum be put on a national ballot.
    I am tired of how President Obama cut a Billion dollars off Medicare to pay for his agenda on his health care and I am sick of how the Republicons want to cut more.
    And yes we need to help those who can’t get healthcare insurance. I blame the insurance companies for that. Those who have had heart or cancer problems, and I had both, but I am fine now after over 10 years later, and am lucky to be on Medicare.
    Also if you ever used an inhaler or saw a shrink etc. you can’t get insurance.
    We wouldn’t have had to had Obama Care law if our politicions had done something in the first place to the insurance companies.

  • Fedup

    Slash congress’s salaries and benifits let them have medicare and then lets see what they want to cut.When the constitution was written it was you put your term
    in and then go back to being a normal citizen. No retirement, no Perks. We need to go
    back to yester year and do the same.The Greed And Glutony in Washington have gone on
    for way to long. Money that being exchanged under the table everyday for favors to
    the rich have got to stop. Or maybe a revolution must take place to stop it. I’m
    sure the 99% can kick ass to the 1%.

  • ewalker

    The american people should start and implement a movement to limit the number of years sentors and congress persons can serve in wastingon i.e. the same as the president. We do not need career politicans.We need sentors and congress persons that will represent the people not a select few.

    Our current representatives are eliminating the mid-class. We are becoming collateral damage.

    The senior senator from kentuck stated on national TV that his job in the next two years was to make sure that President Obama did not have a second term.He did not say this about President Bush.President Bush lied to the american people on live TV to start the war in Iraq. His adminstration put this country in its current economic conditions. The sentor from Kentucky voted for all of presidents Bush’s policies and programs.

    So, the blame is the same individuals like Mr. Mich McConnell and head of major Corporations that have lead this country over the last 400 years plus are the real cause of the problems in the USA.

    These problems will not and cannot be solved with the current sentors and congress persons like Mr. Mich McConnell. These individuals are from my generation i.e. white water color water fountains.

  • brightcloudy

    Hey People dream on!!!!

  • Laser Boy

    In my opinion, the salaries and benefits for these people should be determined by the states that they represent. Why give them the opportunity to vote what they want. They represent the State they live in and not Washington. The state legislature would be responsible for setting the salareies and benefits for these people. I think this would be more fair for all. At least they would receive the same benefit as the rest of us.It is totally rediculous to think that a representative could spend two years in congress and the receive the same salary for life. Why would they want to be reelected? I am lso in favor of term limits.

  • kidsarebabygoats

    The GOP and the Tea Party will re-elect President Obama. Mr. Perry sounded and acted much like “Lil Bush” at the recent debate. A.A.(I don’t mean African American) meeting maybe?

  • ljorgensen

    It is a gross fallacy that tax cuts cause the rich to create jobs. Since a tax cut increases their wealth there is less pressure for them to deploy their money in new business ventures, expansions, or any other kind of income producing opportunities. Tax cuts are therefor a disincentive to any initiative or need to produce more income.

    Corporations create jobs only in response to increased demand for their products, and only after they have used all the efficiency ploys such as automation, reducing product volumes and raising their prices to increase their profits so they can offset the reduced revenues from artificially induced product shortage to meet demand. Scarcity always induces price increases.

    Corporations are themselves in charge of creating demand for their products. That’s why they advertise it to create sales. If you give them additional revenue through tax cuts, they have no reason to create additional demand or grow their markets. That means no new jobs will be created and the possibility of layoffs reducing existing job levels.

    Taxing their income at higher levels will create pressure to expand their markets to create more revenue. That will create more jobs somewhere down the line after all other options have been exhausted. Letting the Bush tax cuts expire and raising their tax rates and then providing a tax rebate incentive for those who create new business initiatives that create american jobs will prod them into action. As we have seen, corporate america is sitting on mountains of cash because they don’t need to do anything other than let their republican shills create more money for them.

    Increasing their tax rates really doesn’t harm corporate bottom lines at all. That’s because corporations don’t really pay taxes anyway; They simply apply the tax share to the cost of the product and pass it on to the buyer. Its one of the many hidden taxes the consumer – you and I – wind up paying for. So why not just reduce or eliminate corporate income taxes altogether? Republicans would have you believe that doing so would cause prices to fall in the marketplace. Well, that’s certainly true in theory but not true in practise. Prices are always “sticky in the downwards direction” as my old economics professor used to say. The reason is that Corporations would simply see it as windfall profits they are entitled to. We have already seen that famous principle in action in the oil industry and at the gas pump.

  • thinkinone

    This super committee was just another GOP stall so as not to do a long range debt plan or jobs plan , they are really through with Americans, because we want Collective bargaining-we want social security-we want grants for our children to go to colege-we want medicare-we want our infrastructure to be rebuilt truth is in the countries they want to do business they don’t have to pay for none of these benefits, as long as they keep the ruling people in place in those countries, they have it made, they will always keep a strong military here in America so other countires will not destroy the paradice they have in mind for America, no middle class, no poor,after a while of total Republican rule U will start to notice jobs opening up in other countries for Americans, and an incentive, plus an easing of the passport laws so that all who don’t have a job here in America can go to one of the other country to get the job that will be waiting on them there. but U must remember that U will be subjected to the laws and regulations of that country, no collective bargaining, no social security,no college grants,etc. I hope U all can see that the way the Republican party and the American Corporations are doing things right now. That what I just said is the truth and is in the works right now.

  • Howard R

    Super wasteful mockery GOP vowed long ago to break Obama and NOT to raise taxes on the wealthy aka their base. To do so they will gut our kids education, the disabled, old sick on medicaid, the mentally ill..whatever it takes to Protect their fat cat pals . Enough People power IS Tues election..Ohio Kentucky Mississippi & more. Recalls as we speak . Voters are pi$$ed big time.
    GOP ran on jobs but did NADA except pass many anti workers and anti women anti birth control bills, laws in many states. GOP will take is back 100 years when women and workers had NO rights..another Gilded Age when Robber Barons ruled as they do now. Forget race Forget parties Votefor our kids future Give Obama a chance without the GOP Bagger hate fest on Fox GOP news- Hannity Beck Rush & 800 other con radio talk shows who demonize, lie and smear daily. Money is NOT Speech Corps are NOT people STand up for whats right Hammer your reps> the top must pay a bit more more corp cuts, loopholes, NO more deregulation. We saw where that led from Reaganomics 1980 -Bush 1-2 GOP 2008 global crash TARP scam.

  • DB

    The chant is “tax the rich”!! They now pay (i.e. the 1%) something like 45% of the total, and if you take 100% of their income that would go up to something like 47% for one year and then since they would all leave the country it would go down to 0% or close to it the next year. And then what would you do?? None of the Occupier’s nor the Obamanists ever get around to that question. Just what do you do after you’ve taxed the “rich” to extinction?? Any of you who have commented on the need to tax the rich, please explain.

  • BeachD1

    Justice Escapes Republi_U_cants Konundrum JERKS on the Congressional Self Annointed Committees .
    We the People must disregard all incumbents as candidates worthy of good governence.
    We are reaping the result of apathy.
    There is no them or us in America according to the absolutes of our U.S. Constitution. The result of allowing money to be the guiding principal of all governments can be changed with effective firing of all political incumbents now. By 2020 we may be self corrected.
    The injustice happening in the United States by allowing over control of the FED in all states is wrong by LAW.
    Restore the Draft for all 19 yr olds into any of multiple national service agencies. Restore the written laws of our Constitution, no ifs or buts. Restore paper trail elctions to stop the vote fraud, as there is no voter fraud. Restore our pride assisting mechanisms, especially in our now dumbed down public schools. Apply the standards of Fed & State Taxes equally to all religions. No favortism nor denigration of religions.
    Develop our own political parties and restore our rights to vote and protest and petition our sitting governments.
    We the People have had enough crappy leaders and secret groups like ALEC doing damage to freedom. The Norquist gang is another illegal group doing business with hidden allies and beneficiaries. END all the lobby groups.
    Thanks, see y’all on 12/21/2012.

  • DB

    The one intelligent comment above is to eliminate the corporate taxes entirely since it is simply paid by the consumers anyway. Then you could increase tax rates by a few points on everyone and not destroy the economy. While the Republican chant of “no new taxes” is not defensible, neither is the Democratic chant of “tax the rich”. There must be taxes on everyone (including the 47% who pay no income taxes) and spending reductions. The point is that the huge tax and spend programs simply transfer money from one person to the other for no net gain to the economy at all. Money voluntarily transferring between people who are producing goods and services and those consuming the goods and services is what creates jobs. Get the government out of the road, and the economy will do much better much faster.

  • jaxon1928

    Put minimum wage at $10, tie it to the price of fuels and groceries we all need, which would create purchasing that increases hiring and reduce welfare type needs.
    Also, term limits same as the president and medicare coverage from cradle to grave.

  • baddog2b

    Lets all unionize and make large hourly wages with super benifits and that way we can all put the shaft to eachother.And then we can all put prices on our homes that only people who lie about their income and people from other countries can afford.Lets all get greedy and continue to blame everyone else.Hey why don’t we just tax the people who don’t pay any taxes along with the rich and see how much money we have then to waste.Stop crying and get out an vote when you should then maybe we could really change whats going on.

  • DdVille

    There is no surprise here. We already knew that they would not move on raising taxes on the rich. This is a total waist of time and money. It is “tongue in cheek”. It is a sad commentary that we have these people destroying our country for political reasons. The real sad part is that there are still voters out there that will join them.

  • IreneAlversonBrown

    This has been going on for a long time. For a very interesting lesson in money, and how the rich have shaped history and politics, watch a documentary on YouTube called, “The Secret of OZ” It was rated the best documentary of 2010, and shows how the wealth bankers have controlled and destroyed governments all the way back to ancient Egypt. This is a two hour documentary, but it’s worth watching every minute. Maybe it should be required watching for everyone who wants to vote, as well as in every high school history class.

  • Mother Outlaw

    People are people too, not just corporations. Work and vote to get rid of these people!

  • DinoJayson

    Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Otherwise, how can you explain how Republicans keep getting put into office. They know the poor and middle-class voters are gullible if not outright idiotic. They feel they’re smarter than the poor and middle-class then gloat and look down their noses at them each time one of the GOP get elected into office. And, they’re right. The rich never vote for anybody who isn’t in their best interest of putting money in their pockets. The poor and middle-class has this thing about feeling sorry for the rich even when it’s not in their own best interest. It’s time the poor and middle-class start looking out for themselves as the rich and super rich do. People need to pull together as a unit and send a message to the GOP that just because we’re poor doesn’t mean we’re stupid.

  • Tom Camfield

    Pretty much the same as the economic “plans” hurriedly proposed by the various GOP presidential hopefuls. They seem to pull them out of the air at the drop of a hat. It all pleases the wealthy and firms up the big-money vote. But hopefully the reality will sink into the heads of an oblivious but easily-led-astray voting public by election time.

  • salvator mundi salva nos

    It should be an honor to be a senator and congress man, where has their honor gone?Greed for money blinded all, regularly voting for the small super rich minority.They “rode” our Great Country of Liberty,Equality into “the mud”. I got advice for our honorable Men in Goverment, voted in by people for the people all people.1For Congressmen No Tenure,No Pension, Congressmencollect a salary,while in office,and receive no pay when they leave office. 2 Congress (past and future) participate in SOCIAL SECURITY.All funds in the Congress Retirement fund move to the SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM immediately.And Congress participates with the AMERICAN PEOPLE. IT MAY NOT BE USED FORANY OTHER PURPOSE. 3 CONGRESS can purchase their own Retirement Plan, just as all AMERICAN do. 4 Congrss will no longer vote themselves pay raises, Congress’Pay will rise by the lowerCPI or 3percent. 5 CONGRESS looses their current HEALTH CARE SYSTEM and participates in the SAME SYSTEM the AMERICAN PEOPLE use. 6 CONGRESS must equally abide by the laws they impose on the AMERICAN PEOPLE. 7 All contracts with past and present CONGRESSMEN are void effective 1/1/12.The AMERICAN PEOPLE did not make any contracts with CONGRESSMEN. CONGRESSMENmade all these contracts for themselves. SERVING IN CONGRESS is an HONOR NOT, NOT A CAREER. THE FOUNDING FATHERS ENVISIONED CITIZEN LEGISLATORS.So ours should serveTHEIR TERM THEN GO HOME, BACK TO WORK. MAybe that should be a new BILL OF RIGHTS,With the PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.

  • salvator mundi salva nos

    NOBODY WANTS TO TAX THE RICH OUT OF DISTINCTION,no WE THE COMMON PEOPLE WANT THEM TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES LIKE THE REST OF US.BIG COMPANIES DID NOT PAY ANY TAXES and get away with it.BUSH’s Tax Cuts for the wealthy hurt this country badly, and Republicans are only interested to make them permanent. THEY ARE PART OF THE LARGE DEFFICIT. How HYPOCRITICAL can they be?.

  • Charlie Wms

    The only Super Committee worth its salt is the Occupy Committee holding court nationwide. These brave folks speak for most all of us unlike the 12 who have the media spotlight as their November deadline approaches. Best so called Super Committee, the rest of congress and the White House pay close attention as the vote that counts comes on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

  • LindaTift

    The Republicans will never get it. Let the cuts begin and the Bush tax cuts end.

  • Libertarian

    If I came to you in my Mercedes Benz wearing my Yves Saint Laurent suit and Rolex watch and said I need money to eat, wouldn’t you laugh in my face? The government is spending soooo much money on things that are not needed and have the audacity to say they need more money to give to needy people. What’s worse is that they’re targeting rich people only because they have more. What’s wrong with lowering spending so that NONE OF US have our taxes raised and maybe some of us will get our taxes lowered?

  • Libertarian

    melfizz, I think everyone in this country has the expectation of getting ALL of the money back that they put into SS (and then some). But, in reality, it doesn’t work that way. Think of all the people who die before they could collect. Where does their money go? To whoever the gov’t decides! Why can’t we all have personal SS accounts so that we can determine where the money goes when we die?

  • guest

    Let’s be sensible. Anyone knows we can not take everything a person earns over a million dollars. I am old, disabled and poor but I still believe in our capitalistic system. If you think the rich should share their wealth with you, you better move to Cuba, North Korea or some other Communist country and perhaps you will be happy. In our country we have the right and privilege to work hard, save as much money as possible and borrow what you can and start your own business and with a lot of hard work you too can become rich. I don’t feel like we should go overboard and tax the rich out of existence but I do feel like our tax system is wrong when a multi billionaire’s tax rate is smaller than his secretary. It should be at least as much. I will leave the rate up to much smarter people than me to decide. I do not believe in being unfair to our rich people but just tax them reasonably. I do not know why so many of us poor people are Republicans unless it is many things the Democrats support and some of them feel like us Democrats are just ignorant and uneducated but do not realize we have to accept the bad along with the good that Democrats stand for. Some of them are as poor as me and don’t have a pot to piss in but yet they want to be known as a Republican. I have always been a Democrat and was taught by my Dad that the Democratic government is primarily interested in the poor working people and strives to better their life and the Republicans want to help their rich people become richer. When our great President Obama is re-elected a second term I wish he would support everything that is good and right because he will not have to politic for the third term. Outlaw the murderous abortion, guard our borders, stop coddling our gays and lesbians, let our military leaders decide who will serve in our military, ( re-install do not ask, do not tell policy). I know our Presidents powers are limited but he could let it be known the things that are good and decent and also the things that are horrible and should be stopped. I guess I have said enough.

  • mickschix

    The Republicans are in for a real shock when election time rolls around; they’re counting on the people turning on Obama but instead they are about to be voted out of existence!!! Super Committee or no super committee, the people are beyond tired of these priviledged people stealing even more from the poor and middle class…my Dad had an expression that describes them perfectly…” they will steal the stove and come back for the SMOKE!”…This country is turning a corner, like in the movie NETWORK ” We’re sick as HELL and we’re not going to take it anymore!”….the revolution has begun with those folks picketing WAll Street and momentum is building, time for a cool change and Obama wil be around to lead the charge.

  • mickschix

    He wants to outlaw abortion…..DEmocrats are usually Pro-Choice…and we are also supporters of Gay and lesbian rights….Coddling them?? How about simple equality?? Democrats are hard working folks but we surely do not want to pay MORE than our share of taxes, which is the cae NOW with the present tax codes!! I pay 33% of my measly income, the very wealthy pay 15%??? WTF?? What I could do with 9% more of MY MONEY! I could actually have a retirement fund, imagine that!! Don’t talk to me about not taxing the wealthy more because they have had a PLUM DEAL so far and it’s about time the gravy train screamed to a HALT!!

  • Libertarian

    The Democrats are in for a real shock when election time rolls around; they’re counting on the people supporting Obama but instead they are about to be voted out of existence!!! Super Committee or no super committee, the people are beyond tired of these priviledged people stealing even more from the poor and middle class…my Mom had an expression that describes them perfectly…” they will steal the stove and come back for the SMOKE!”…This country is turning a corner, like in the movie NETWORK ” We’re sick as HELL and we’re not going to take it anymore!”….the revolution has begun with those folks picketing Wall Street and momentum is building, time for a cool change and will be around to lead the charge.

    mickschix, by copying your post and replacing some words with opposites, I wasn’t trying to mock you and don’t mean any disrespect. It was just so obvious to me that all of us feel pain, but we disagree on the cause.

  • Kay

    The only way to get past the partisan gridlock and have any progess in the next 4 years is to elect an all Democrat Congress.

  • Ddreams

    I guess I would be one of those Dumbed-Down Americans; I didn’t study economics. I do know that I go to work at my full time job that wants me to work 3xs harder doing the work of 2 or 3 people while cutting the time I do it in for their bottom line. Doesn’t matter if I could afford to pay my bills(which is why I got the job in the first place) as long as they make their profits. Who is actually sweating for this Dream Guest is talking about. We seen time and time again how “trickle down cut taxes for the rich” doesn’t creates jobs. Why can’t the fat cats take one less vacation, sell one of their many homes, buy one less car so their spoiled privledge kid could wrap around a tree? I like what Ted Turner, Warren Buffet,and Bill Gates had to say about children not getting rich just because they were born into a rich family. There should be a reality game show where some super rich kid trade places with someone like me who earns about 22,000 a year and try to make it on that for about 2 years.

  • Tutu

    Go out and vote on election day and choose who will do the job you wish.

  • hanns39

    It has occurred to me that most of the Republicans on the panel, are 1%’ers themselves! I find it sad that representatives have narrowed the people they listen too are their peers, who are also 1%’ers, too!
    Unfortunately, a persons outlook is framed by the people they know. So, how many Representatives or Senators actually know working class people, with the exception their help at home. How many times do you think a Congressperson actually ask’s their home help, policy questions?
    I also think that people in Congress probably think their poorer constituents can’t grasp the complexity of the problems. This is classism and racism, at it’s worse! Well, here is one of the poorer constituents who is very aware of how it works! I guarantee you that the letters I write to my Senator or Congressperson are not even read by the politician, themselves, rather an underling who sends me a form letter and adds me to their mailing list begging for money! However, If I am a member of the Congresspersons “Peer” group, you know damn well their opinions are given greater weight than my own!
    The only way to fix this, is to have big money taken out of campaigns form office! The rub is….None of the people in Congress would go for limiting contributions! It seems they are more worried about re-election than actually representing the majority of their constituents.
    I tend to vote Democrat, basically because I am under the misguided, I’m sure, idea that they would be more responsive to the poorer members of their District’s or State. Money, being the only sure way to get access to your representative, is a sad but undeniably truth of politics. Thus, the only peoples who concerns are addressed are those of the rich! Until that changes, we are doomed to our situation only getting worse.

  • IceMan

    The middle-class people of this country need to wake up and vote.I learned a long time ago that a middle-class working family voting Republican is like Colonel Sanders hiring a fox to watch over his chickens.Get rid of the do nothing FAT CATS,loop holes,and anything else that they use to pay nothing.