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Friday, March 22, 2019

On the same day that a national survey showed a majority of Americans and independent voters now back the idea of an individual mandate to purchase health insurance, the Supreme Court on Monday agreed to the Obama administration’s request for expedited review of the Affordable Care Act, his signature health care law that faces a litany of challenges from Republican attorneys general and conservative groups, setting up a showdown that will likely determine the reform’s fate between March and June of next year.

Fresh off a conservative U.S. appeals court led by a Ronald Reagan appointee deciding that the legislation’s requirement for essentially all Americans to purchase health insurance is a legitimate exercise of congressional power, the nine-member high court has effectively decided to wade into the 2012 presidential campaign.

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19 responses to “Supreme Court To Decide Health Law's Fate In Spring”

  1. aocraftsmen says:

    State to decide

  2. georgejgreco says:

    bach made by bi-register

  3. Marjorie Bulger says:

    It is something that is really needed. The Tea party wants to destroy the working class and kill off the poor. They should not be allowed to do this. They want to take away all benifits that people have worked for. It appears they want to have a revolt aganst the goverment in this country. If they get to do what the’y want that is what they will get. Our President should stop giving into them. Keep the medical care program as it is or improve it.

  4. Dina says:

    It’s such a shame that our highest court is on the verge of looking like yet another partisan machine AGAIN.

    I thought the Supremes would never look worse than they did when deciding on the election of Bush v Gore. They knew their decision was bad, tainted, and tried to mandate that the rationale only be used in that one case. When you are the highest court in the land, where your decisions impact law across the nation, and you try to limit the scope, the impact of your decision, you know you’re making bad law. Their hoping that no one ever uses that decision for any other issue, ever, speaks volumes about the decision. Shame.

    And now here we are again – our Supremes embarrassing the country. We should not be surprised by Justice Thomas. He was appointed to the bench with his lack of character flying like a flag over him. Surely, we should not expect character from him now.

  5. j_berry50 says:

    Hey! I am in the private sector and I have to pay for my health care 100% out of my pocket.So, when I hear people”with benefits” from their job expecting to have free healthcare as part of their benefits and demanding it,I think you need a touch or reality from the private sector where we have to earn AND part for every dollar of healthcare if we want it. Do not expect me to pay for YOUR healthcare because I am paying for mine!I have noticed you not paying for my healthcare. When are you going to offer to pay mine? All you ever mention is the private sector paying your healthcare!Get out here in the private sector and sling it along with us.

  6. Pat says:

    We’re in our 70’s, have worked all our lives (still working since this administration managed to wipe out all of savings with their “stick it to the bondholders” policy with GM). We’ve ALWAYS paid our own health insurance, never had any government handouts, even when we really were scraping bottom.

    How this country ever got to the present state is just pathetic. 49% on some kind of government handouts….sickening.

  7. DerrickDaniel says:

    It is very concerning that this judge has ties to the republican party and can also holds one measure as important as this I believe that you should excuse his self from this voting process because I do not believe that he has the president’s bill in his best interest and I believe that he and another judge needs to step away from this process to make sure that it stays fair for the people of this country because if we have they judge that has ties to the tea party and other organizations that does not have the president’s best interests at heart they’d need to step away from the process from a concerned citizen.

  8. DerrickDaniel says:

    My opinion is that there are individuals that has been obstructing the president’s process every sense he has taken office and I just believe it is not fair for those judges that has ties to the republican party and the tea party to take part in a vault as important as this.

  9. Pat says:

    Your comment is almost undecipherable. And if you’re concerned with Thomas’ political connection, what about Justice Elena Kagan? She represented Obama’s crew in earlier court challenges as his Solicitor General! Think she doesn’t have political connections?? Why do you think Obama put her on the Bench?

    Get real. And get a dictionary.

  10. graybeard63 says:

    When insurance company’s are not protected by Taft Hartly Act. And are incouraged to cross state line, Then you will see some progress in health care reforms. They have a monoploy on the industry an the right just doesn’t
    ” GET IT “

    Reform the middle class by lowering wages an making them pay more , while the
    1% justs sits back an laughs. They would rather spend their money on LOBBYISTS
    This is sad an pathetic !! Is this why GOD put us on this earth?

  11. GravityWave says:

    Clarence should be impeached. And the other neocon justices should be thoroughly investigated and their rulings should be analyzed and overturned if they are found to be questionable in regard to precedent, our Constitution. and the rule of law.

  12. t says:

    One argument I have never understood. “I have to pay my healthcare so you should have to pay yours.” If I see someone who has benefits I would like too, I don’t think how can I get them to lose theirs, I think how can I get what they have. Do not all working people deserve affordable healthcare? By the way, I pay all my healthcare. My premiums have gone up 42% in three years including changing my coverage to a plan that pays practically nothing until I have paid $5000 out of my own pocket. For comparison sake, my total taxes have stayed the same over this same time span. My healthcare is clearly the most probable threat to my families finacial stability.

  13. kidsarebabygoats says:

    Clarence Thomas and his “lovely wife” did not know the conflict of interest regulations. How dumb. Healthcare? Medicare premiums are forced on anyone 65 and older. When you reach 65 y/o medicare and medicare part D are automatically deducted from your benefit whether you like it or not. Those medicare advantage plans fattens the pockets of the insurance industry. The medicare advantage plans are administered by Social Security and “Medicare”. If you do not pick a medicare advantage plan and enrolled, one will be chosen for you and the premium cost will be deducted from your monthly benefit and paid to the medicare advantage plan. The medicare plans offer the same coverage as the “traditional medicare plan”. Medicare publishs a booklet. GO READ.


  14. buzzquick says:

    I don’t get it with Clarence Thomas. He is a Supreme Court Justice. Mitt Romney does not want the issue to enter into the campaign next year. Mass. has had Universal Health Coverage for several years. He can’t oppose it on the campaign trail.

  15. Richie T says:

    No matter what they decide, there is a legal way to overturn it. With an amendment.
    Article 5 in the Constitution defines the way an amendment is added, or modified.
    An amendment can be added by the general public without the Congress being involved.
    We do have a way to control this country. We just need to use it.
    The 19th took 42 years to get ratified. It grants women the right to vote.

  16. Nick says:

    President Obama’s healthcare reform (Obamacare)is the best thing that is happening. Most presidents tried in the past to reform healthcare but did not succeed. President Obama has succeeded and it is a great achievement. To repeal Obamacare,s any part will be a blunder and a wrong thing to do. Tea partiers are out to destroy all the good things president Obama has done or wants to do. American public should not let such tea party rascals to succeed. Also, judge Clarence Thomas should excuse himself from participating in the hearings and the judgement because of conflict of interest.

  17. AnnetteBigler says:

    I hope there are checks and balances to keep the greedy health insurance companies from making even more obscene profits. Healthcare reform is way overdue. I have no health insurance because i can not afford it on my fixed income. I pray each night and all day long that I will not have need of any.

    Shouldn’t Judge Clarence Thomas recluse himself from ruling on it? I’m not going to hold my breath.

  18. fayuninjam says:

    It appears every effort by the Tea Party is much more to see President Obama fail and bring down the country with him than to bring about change for the good of most Americans. The healthcare bill may have hurt some individuals, but it is helping far more Americans. An important fix may be to ensure that Republicans not stifle its implementation. They have offered NO sound alternative.

  19. KAREN OBROCK says:

    Justice Thomas has not spoken one word since he has been on the Court.All he does is raise his hand and vote for what the Republicans want and that is it. I am convinced that Anita Hill was telling the truth and he was lying. He does not belong on the court.
    I imagine that his wife writes who to vote for on a small piece of paper and that is what he votes for.

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