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Friday, January 18, 2019

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

White nationalist figurehead Richard Spencer led a crowd of three-dozen supporters to the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday night, local NBC reporter Matt Telham reported on Twitter.

Police stood by as Spencer and his ilk chanted, “We will be back!” They soon vacated the park, Telham tweeted.

Afterwards, Spencer took to Twitter to call the rally a “success,” and say that the alt-right was “badly mistreated” in August.

Watch footage of the rally below.


Noor Al-Sibai is a news writer for Bustle whose work has appeared in Everyday Feminism and in various local publications around North Carolina. 


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16 responses to “Surprise Torch March And Rally By Richard Spencer And White Nationalists In Charlottesville”

  1. FireBaron says:

    Did they have a permit for that parade? Were there pictures proving their presence? Let’s see some arrest warrants issued, people!

  2. bojimbo26 says:

    And the police stood around picking their noses .
    ” Just some white Boys havin` a bit o` fun ” .

  3. rhetoric_phobic says:

    Another dateless weekend, guess I’ll get my tiki torch and go to Charlottesville….
    aka Incels R Us.

  4. Dapper Dan says:

    These fools like Spencer are definitely looking for a major confrontation. They’d love to start a new Civil War and give the south a shot at winning. They were wrong 160 years ago and they’re wrong today. The south can talk and talk about them rising up again but the north will beat them down again and again

    • Wrily says:

      We should have let them go 160 years ago. They would have soon begged to come back and we wouldn’t have this current problem.

  5. Richard Prescott says:

    I wonder how many of our dead WW II soldiers and even those who survived would take this?
    And Trump puppet Pence and his “walk out” over the knee during anthem bit was a planned cover to avoid having to deal with this overt anti-American “protest”.

  6. says:

    think of this if there was a black supremacist president in the white house and with that came a country full of black supremacist cops that hated white people for their color . and then these black cops started shooting killing and murdering white people (and having it on video mind you ) and the black supremacist Pres. just made pathological liar promises to protect the innocent white people being killed and murdered and did nothing to help those white people then what . would the picture be clear and would every one get the point then of kneeling for the national Anthem ? would it be different if the shoe was on the other foot (the other color foot ) ?

  7. says:

    like its all one sided with the evil hatful white supremacist DUMP 45 . the day-care center leader dose all he can (always ) to distract , manipulate , and dose all he can to throw every one he can off the real true points of every thing . see what he did to the V.P. DUMP 45 has his mind a dump of diarrhea . the DUMP CLOWN told VP to walkout of the game if anyone kneeled . and like a good brain washed bitch-boy VP he did just what his evil hatful white supremacist master told him to do . DUMPSTER DOMMY will never stop his BULLSTIfT . more then likely till its him alone that’s starts WW 3 people that stand with the DUMP MORON don’t stand for America or all the American people . seems the brain dead DUMP 45 followers stand for the white supremacist evil hate of the clown DUMP 45

  8. says:

    I’ve said this many times the whole world is a big race thing for sure and till every one can understand this its then ((THE HUMAN RACE THING ) can more forward JFK -CIA THE USA AND THE WORLD NEEDS YOU AND FOR YOU TO HELP SAVE US ALL NOW . FIX AND DUMP THE DUMPSTER DONNY ONCE AND FOR ALL . so we can all start living a better life this clown in the white house is all for destruction ,destroying and evil hatred . and with that this greedy selfish scum bag is just for him self . no one else matters to the bag of human waste the think with this DUMP 45 MORON he truly thinks its a gift to work for him . really is a curse if I was to see anyone and thy tell me I work or worked for DUMPSTER DONNY my first response would be IM VERY SORRY FOR YOU ! I WISH THAT ON NO ONE

  9. says:

    A consistent drumbeat in Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency was a promise that he would stand up for the American working class against financial elites who had rigged policy to enrich themselves, a message that clearly resonated with some voters !!!. promises after promises . it was all just DUMP 45’s BULLSHIfT piled high .seems ever promises was just his in his only mode being the pathological liar he is . its being said that DUMP 45 is running the country like a form of the apprentice but his MORON added day-care center FOR THE EVIL DERANGED /// DUMP 45 whole game is his manipulation as much as he can always as his MORON game is in play these days the DUMP 45 clown is heading the world into a WW3 . make no mistake he is a addicted addict junky seeking his fix for his shakes and it is ATTENTION . he runs the country like a MORON (ask TEX ALSO =REX T.) the longer he is in the WHITE HOUSE the more damage& destruction he can and will do to the world THIS ALL CAN COUNT ON !! the sad part is there will be saying OMG NEVER SEEN THIS COMING . this will be the brain dead DUMP45 followers and the fools that kept their eyes closed

  10. says:

    .the sooner Mueller puts his investigation and what he has found out to date out and start’s doing indictment procedures on DUMP 45 the sooner the better . Mueller has to stop the DUMP 45 CLOWN from doing more damage the clown could do damage that might not be able to be an easy fix . this as sad as it is and will be the only thing DUMPSTER DONNY can and will give to the country and the world DAMAGE /// its being said black lives matter . this is true as also all lives matter ! with those BLM and the white supremacist cops that are targeting the black race all the time . thy have the evil and hate of white supremacist (the very same DUMP 45 has all that hate and evil within his nasty life, pee for brain head and body

  11. Thoughtopsy says:

    Oooh… look the hate-mongering cockroaches are back. Surprise, surprise.

    Notice they can only “march” unannounced in secret, at night, and in small numbers.
    Guess how cowardly and weak they look…

  12. says:

    a day-care center with 3 ,4 and 5 year olds would have more intelligence then the DUMP 45 MORON white house his CULT KLAN AND STAFF has today /// Vice President Pence and his wife walked out of Lucas Oil Stadium, saying in part in a statement that he would “not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our national anthem.” That decision, which President Trump tweeted came at his direction, put the spotlight squarely on Reid, who, like many players, is seeking to clarify his message /// so VP you take orders from the REX T . calls a MORON . that’s a good little DUMPSTER DONNY brain washed female dog . ok VP DENCE let me get this right so I can understand it so you “not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our national anthem.” I can understand that to a point . till your a hypocrite with your Hippocratic loyalty oath to the known MORON POTUS . lets go over this a bit .((“not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our national anthem )) I got that part now while being on this tell me B-DOG VP DENSE where’s the line of disrespect an disrespecting ? would this maybe include with “not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our national anthem the country and the USA and all it and we stand for ? interesting VP DENSE B-DOG OR B-BOY both ID is more then enough respect that you deserve . ok DENSE it did say you said and or meant soldiers right ? ill take that as a yes B-BOY let me ask you was John McCain a soldier ? again B-DOG I got this one also yes . and JOHNNY being a soldier captured would it be respectful to say this soldier that was a POW for 5 years wouldn’t be a hero because he was captured ? and HYPPER B-DOG is your form of a hero one that dodge the draft 5 times like his fitting name is now (MORON ) ?

  13. says:

    OK DENSE B-DOG AND OR B-BOY you talk about (“not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our national anthem.”) this im sure you mean for the whole country and every thing that has to do with the USA ! and with this (((“not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our national anthem.))so what it seems your saying is dignify and respectful for the country’s MORON Pres. to be insulting so many other country’s leaders and opening his BIG MORON MOUTH and talking smack and BULLSHIfT ABOUT EVERY ONE IN THE WORLD ? do you feel your dignity and your respect it warranted for a MORON that starts trouble with every one he can just so the addicted addict junky MORON can get his fix for his junky shakes with the only cure he wants (ATTENTION ) and is it also warranted for your dignity and respectful to say nothing while your MORON boss is playing his PATHOLOGICAL LYING GAME with his stats being about 5 lies a day ? is that the kind of dignity and respect you feel you as VP DENSE of the USA should have ? for some reason MR B-BOY VP DENSE I don’t feel the founding fathers had it planed that way . VP DENSE do the country you represent a big favor and go talk to Mueller tell him what you know and the BULLSHIfTING the MORON DUMP 45 is doing . even better push the MORONS B/F Russia’s PUTTHEAD and make him mad enough that he will give to Mueller what he needs to save the country and the world from the MORON DUMP 45 . im sure when PUTTHEAD give what he has we all will be saved . let Russia give to Mueller what I think PUTTHEAD has . its something big nothing compared to little hands and 2 grains of sand for the coward DUMP 45 when Mueller gets those video of 2005 DUMPSTER DONNY molesting children that will be enough to save the world from the MORON and what is being held over the clowns head has to be something like that .

  14. says:

    BTW DENSE VP D-BOY B-BOT if be it you seek things to dignify any event that is to you respectful of your MORON HERO you still have that you can dignify and respect DUMP 45 is a racist ,rapist ,a women beater , a 5 x draft dodging coward ,white supremacist . a pathological liar , a very evil hatful Satan want to be and the back end of a horse ! so DENSE ALLS NOT LOST WITH THINGS THAT ONL;Y YOU CAN DIGNIFY AND RESPECT OF YOUR MORON BOSS DUMP 45 hey VP DENSE dose it not bother you that your children and grand children will read and know all about your time in office QUESTION TO YOU B-BOY do you think thy will be proud ? or disrespect you and not be able to dignify your time in office ? ill bet on the latter

  15. Thoughtopsy says:

    Wow… I see a lot of “This user is blocked” posts.
    I would have to guess that little skinhead Nazi mushroom “Godzilla” is busy frotting himself while clothed in nothing but a swastika again.

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