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Sunday, April 22, 2018
Alexei Navalny

Danziger: One Day In The Life Of Alexei Navalny

With growing dissatisfaction in Russia over Vladimir Putin’s corrupt regime, his most prominent critic and political opponent Alexei Navalny can expect to be thrown in prison again — precisely as drawn by Danziger.

April 25, 2017
Danziger on the difference between Putin and Trump

Danziger: He’s “A Strong Leader”

Here’s the difference between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, as Danziger sees it: Trump threatens to arrest and imprison his opponent Hillary Clinton after the election, but doesn’t. Putin actually arrests and is sure to imprison his opponent before the election, as he did last week. Do we think the Russian dictator really respects his American friend? And won’t Trump feel the need to imitate that “strong” leader?

February 12, 2017
Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during his annual press conference in Moscow, on December 18, 2014

Russian Court Issues Suspended Sentence Against Putin Critic

Vladimir Putin appears to be consolidating his grip on power.

December 30, 2014