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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
American enterprise institute

CIA Chief Pompeo Claims Trump Knows More About Intelligence Than Veteran Spies

Reprinted with permission from Shareblue.  Donald Trump’s personally chosen CIA chief insists that despite “moron” reports, Trump understands intelligence better than veteran spies. The Trump administration wants the world to know that despite the reported comments from Cabinet members like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump is not a “moron.” The most recent manifestation […]

January 23, 2018

Endorse This: ‘Dick Cheney Is A War Criminal’

It’s getting so that Dick Cheney can’t give a speech without somebody jumping up and calling him a warmonger.

September 8, 2015
Income Inequality

AEI Does Itself A Disservice With Obvious Lies

How many Americans think income inequality is our greatest challenge, as President Obama asserts? According to what, at least until now, has been one of the most respected pro-business research organizations in Washington, the number of Americans holding this view totals just 315. The figure of 315 comes from James Pethokoukis, a “scholar” at the American […]

February 10, 2014