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Saturday, March 17, 2018
approval ratings
White House

Poll: Americans Give Trump Failing Grades

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet. Americans aren’t happy with President Donald Trump. While this isn’t news per se, his low approval ratings may leave you wondering just why exactly most citizens are disappointed. A new poll offers something approaching an answer. According to Politico/Morning Consult’s latest findings, the country is most dissatisfied with the president’s performance in several […]

January 17, 2018
Trump confronts press

Combative Trump: ‘How Does The Press Get This Information?’

His main complaint was that the news media had uncovered leaks about intercepted communications between Michael Flynn, ousted this week as national security adviser and Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kisylak, and leaks about his own conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia. “The first thing I thought of, how does the press get this information?” he asked.

February 16, 2017

The Biggest Loser: Trump Has Gotten Even Less Popular While In Office

President Trump, who won the presidency with a minority of the votes cast, has retained a strong hold on his core supporters. After a brief increase in popularity early in his transition, almost all public polls show a steep decline in Trump’s support, and he has quickly fallen into territory plumbed by Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, and Jimmy Carter.

February 13, 2017
obama knows what he is doing

5 Ways ‘Obama Knows Exactly What He’s Doing’

Marco Rubio’s canned assessment of Barack Obama is right. Obama clearly knows what he’s doing. Because despite inevitable imperfections and failings, his successes far outshine his limitations.

February 7, 2016

Obama’s Approval Ratings Benefit From Good Economy But Have Low Ceiling

President Obama’s approval is on the upswing — but it might not get much higher.

February 6, 2015

Democrats Have A Barack Obama Problem In The Midterms

The newest Washington Post/ABC News poll is out, and President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are terrible. But it’s not just Republicans who disapprove of the president. Some Democrats aren’t so thrilled with the way Obama’s been running the country, either. Only 42 percent of Americans surveyed approve of the job Obama’s done as president, while […]

September 9, 2014

The Hillary Difference

WASHINGTON — There are two majorities in the country right now. One disapproves of President Obama. The other is still inclined to vote Democratic. The key question for the 2014 elections is whether voting this fall — and Obama’s approval ratings — can come into line with the electorate’s broader Democratic leanings? There is also […]

May 5, 2014

Obama’s Approval Rating Improves As Healthcare Drag Eases

By David Lauter, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings have improved, if only slightly, from a low point during the winter, a trend that potentially could help embattled Democrats in key Senate races this fall. The size of the change varies from poll to poll, but they tell the same […]

April 21, 2014

Poll: Obamacare Is Now More Popular Than Obama

Adding a suffix to “Obama” makes it more popular than adding a prefix, according to a new NPR poll. The survey shows that Obamacare’s approval rating has slightly surpassed President Obama’s. The poll, conducted by Democrat Stan Greenberg and Republican Whit Ayres, determined that while a slight majority of voters view the Affordable Care Act unfavorably, […]

April 3, 2014

Poll: Obama’s Approval Sinks To New Low

Discontent with Washington and disillusionment with the economy have sent President Obama’s approval rating to its lowest level in his presidency, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows. And while Obama’s sinking numbers may signal trouble for Democrats as they fight to maintain a majority in the Senate, the poll also showed continued discontent with […]

March 12, 2014

Despite An Improving Economy, Obama’s Approval Ratings Stay Low

By Mark Z. Barabak, Los Angeles Times The stock market has hit sky-scraping highs, the unemployment rate has dipped to a five-year low and any number of economic statistics — new car sales, home prices, consumer spending — point to a perked-up economy that is steadily growing. But one thing that has changed little is […]

January 20, 2014

Congressional Approval Ratings Drop To Match Record Lows

New polling information shows that the approval of Congress has dipped near record lows, and voters might express their dissatisfaction in the next election cycle. As The New York Times writes, Congress faces historically low approval ratings as it wades into the debate over the $447 billion jobs package proposed by President Obama, with just […]

September 16, 2011

Obama Losing To Romney?

President Obama’s “Osama bounce”–the jump in approval ratings from the death of the world’s most notorious terrorist–may be fading as Americans start to freak out about the sluggish economy. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll of registered voters across country give former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s a three-point advantage over the president. Romney’s lead is […]

June 7, 2011