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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Boeing 777

Indian Ocean Debris Almost Certainly From A Boeing 777: Malaysia

Malaysia is “almost certain” that plane debris found in the Indian Ocean is from a Boeing 777, heightening the possibility it could be wreckage from missing Flight MH370.

July 30, 2015

Two Ships Scour 150-Mile Path For ‘Black Box’ Signal From Missing Malaysian Plane

By Julie Makinen, Los Angeles Times BEIJING — Investigators began searching underwater Friday for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, with two ships homing in on a 150-mile path in the Indian Ocean where analysts believe the jet probably went down. A pinger locator lent by the U.S. Navy was being towed by the Australian ship Ocean […]

April 4, 2014

As Search For Debris Continues, Flight 370 Legal Action Begins

By W.J. Hennigan, Ralph Vartabedian and Don Lee, Los Angeles Times KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Calm seas returned Wednesday to aid the search for the missing Flight 370, but public protests and the first legal filing on behalf of a passenger hinted at a stormy forecast for Malaysia and its state-supported airline. Executives of Malaysia Airlines […]

March 26, 2014

Search For Malaysia Airlines Jet Expands Across Asia

By Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times BEIJING — The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has expanded to cover an impossibly vast swath of Asia extending from Kazakhstan to Australia, with Malaysia appealing for as many airplanes and ships as the world can provide. The countries where the Boeing 777 and the 239 people […]

March 17, 2014

Missing Malaysia Jet: Experts Now Lean Toward Foul Play

By Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times BEIJING — Aviation experts are returning to the theory that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 fell victim to foul play. “Somebody did something deliberate,” said Mikael Robertsson, cofounder of FlightRadar24, which tracks about 120,000 flights per day. Robertsson said the transponder, which pilots use for communications, switched off 40 minutes into […]

March 14, 2014

Malaysia Under Fire Over ‘Chaotic’ Search For Jet

Kuala Lumpur (AFP) – Malaysia denied that the hunt for a missing jet was in disarray after the search veered far from the plane’s planned route and China said that conflicting information about its course was “pretty chaotic.” Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said Wednesday that Malaysia would “never give up hope” of finding the plane’s […]

March 12, 2014

Malaysia Defends Search For Missing Jet As Cooperation Falters

By Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times BEIJING — Malaysian officials are defending their handling of the frustrating search for the Boeing 777 that vanished without a trace on Saturday morning on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. “We have nothing to hide,” said acting transportation minister Hishamuddin Hussein at a stormy televised news conference late […]

March 12, 2014