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Thursday, March 22, 2018
Clayton Lockett

Oklahoma Report Blames Intravenous-Line Woes For Problematic Execution

By Michael Muskal, Los Angeles Times Problems with using and monitoring an intravenous line carrying a deadly cocktail of drugs were responsible for the lengthy execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma, according to a state report that recommended some changes but found that corrections officials had substantially complied with existing protocols for capital punishment. The […]

September 4, 2014

Private Autopsy Blames Oklahoma For Botched Execution

By Michael Muskal, Los Angeles Times A preliminary autopsy, carried out by a pathologist retained by Oklahoma death row prisoners, rejects the state’s explanation of a blown vein as the reason an inmate writhed in pain during a botched execution and puts the blame on Oklahoma officials for the problems. The autopsy of Clayton Lockett, […]

June 13, 2014

Cruel And Unusual Ways Of Execution

No species in nature kills its own kind more often or more creatively than humans do, yet we cannot seem to devise a reliably swift, painless method of capital punishment. Oklahoma’s bungled execution of Clayton Lockett is the latest death-chamber debacle. After receiving a supposedly lethal injection, the convicted murderer began writhing and mumbling, and […]

May 6, 2014

Capital Punishment Can Never Be ‘Humane’

In a masterful exercise in understatement, the White House said last week that a botched Oklahoma execution was not carried out in a manner that meets the nation’s high standards for such dubious rituals. According to White House press secretary Jay Carney, “We have a fundamental standard in this country that even when the death […]

May 3, 2014

Oklahoma Prisons Chief Releases Timeline Of Botched Execution

By Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times After a botched execution this week brought national condemnation, the head of Oklahoma’s prisons called Thursday for a suspension of all executions in the state until its capital punishment policies could be reviewed. Department of Corrections Director Robert Patton also revealed that inmate Clayton Lockett, whose death occurred over 43 […]

May 2, 2014