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Thursday, May 24, 2018
trump g7 summit

Trump’s Climate Decision Weakens America On The World Stage

That means America has abandoned a role it has held since the end of World War II as the unquestioned leader of the free world, the widely respected force for global good, the premier defender of human rights. There is, after all, no human right more basic than the right to clean air and water, the right to live on a planet that provides basic resources, the right to an Earth that is a friendly host to the human species.

June 6, 2017

Obama’s Arctic Adventure Ends With Sinking Village, Fish Spawn

President Obama visited two remote native villages in the U.S. Arctic on Wednesday, hoping to show how climate change is affecting Americans.

September 3, 2015

Obama Unleashes Drilling Rigs While Fighting Global Warming

President Obama is playing the roles of both climate change warrior and driller-in-chief.

August 13, 2015

Shell Receives Final Approval To Drill In Arctic, But With New Conditions

Environmental groups have said drilling for oil in the Arctic conflicts with the Obama administration’s efforts to fight climate change.

July 23, 2015
mosque in pakistan

Pakistan Heatwave Toll Crosses 1,000

More than 950 people have died in Karachi, Pakistan, and over 50 in the rest of the province due to a recent heatwave.

June 25, 2015

Tropical Storm Simon Sending Big Waves To California Beaches

A tropical storm off the coast of California has created strong rip tides and currents.

October 6, 2014

Study: California Drought Linked To Climate Change

A new study shows that the geophysical cause behind California’s long-term drought could be influenced by climate change.

October 1, 2014

Obama Readies Climate Change Push At U.N. Summit

Obama will speak at the United Nations climate summit in New York on Tuesday with hopes to leave a lasting environmental legacy.

September 22, 2014

Hawaii Braces For Double Storm Hit

Los Angeles (AFP) – Hawaii on Wednesday braced for a walloping by a rare duo of storms headed for the holiday paradise, with local residents rushing to stock up on water and flashlights. Hurricane Iselle, while predicted to weaken to a tropical storm, was expected to bring strong wind, heavy rains and possibly damaging swells […]

August 6, 2014

‘Saltwater’ From Fracking Spill Much Different From Ocean Water

By Lisa Song, InsideClimate News In early July, a million gallons of salty drilling waste spilled from a pipeline onto a steep hillside in western North Dakota’s Fort Berthold Reservation. The waste — a byproduct of oil and gas production — has now reached a tributary of Lake Sakakawea, which provides drinking water to the reservation. […]

July 23, 2014

Climate Change Assessment Paints Stark Picture Of Potential Damage

By Neela Banerjee and Kathleen Hennessey, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — The warming of Earth, with human consumption of fossil fuels as the main cause, will have severe consequences for every region of the United States, according to the Third National Climate Assessment released Tuesday morning by the Obama administration. Mandated by Congress and published every […]

May 6, 2014