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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
clinton emails
Trump, New York Times, Russia

NY Times Embroiled In Controversy Over Its Coverage Of Russia And Trump

New questions have been raised about the Times’ decision late in the campaign to sit on the story that Russian officials may have compromising information on Trump. The Times public editor Liz Spayd suggests that the reason they didn’t run with the “explosive allegations” was that journalists didn’t think Trump was going to win the election, and the paper didn’t want to risk sparking a controversy by reporting on the dossier.

January 24, 2017
Trump, Hillary Emails

Trump Scorns Probe Into FBI Pre-Election Handling Of Clinton Emails

“What are Hillary Clinton’s people complaining about with respect to the F.B.I. Based on the information they had, she should never have been allowed to run – guilty as hell,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday.

January 13, 2017
Clinton Emails

DOJ Investigating FBI Decisions In Clinton Email Probe

The Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General said its probe would focus in part on decisions leading up to public communications by FBI Director James Comey regarding the Clinton investigation, and whether underlying investigative decisions may have been based on “improper considerations.”

January 12, 2017
Sessions, Immigration, Racism

Sessions Takes On Racism Charges, Favors Special Prosecutor For Any Clinton Probe

Sessions was responding to questions at a sometimes rowdy Senate confirmation hearing, the first in a series of hearings this week for Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees. “End racism Stop Sessions” and “End hate Stop Sessions” read some of the signs carried by protesters.

January 10, 2017
Trump, Clinton, Political Journalism

How 2016 Broke Political Journalism

Even after 16 months on the campaign trail, political journalists never figured out how to accurately depict the unprecedented nature of Trump’s candidacy. Now they must find a way to reckon with and report on a president who has no regard for the freedom of the press or the norms of his office.

December 30, 2016
Republicans, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump

5 Totally Ridiculous Republican Reversals In 2016

With the election over and Republicans occupying all branches of government, as well as controlling most state legislatures, it’s easy to forget that just a few short months ago the Republican Party seemed to be collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions.

December 27, 2016
in a podcast, Obama said he would have defeated Donald Trump in November election

In Podcast, Obama Says He Would Have Defeated Trump – Who Tweets “No Way!”

Barred by the U.S. Constitution from seeking a third four-year-term, Obama told former adviser David Axelrod in a podcast that Americans would have backed his vision.

“I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” Obama said, referring to his 2008 campaign message of hope and change.

December 26, 2016
Obama's legacy

Not A Lot Of Comfort And Joy As Obama’s Legacy Starts To Go Dark

Here’s the thing making Republicans joyful and triumphant, and Democrats dark on the winter solstice: Obama left his legacy undefended on the field. There’s nothing to stop President-elect Donald J. Trump from knocking it down like a house of cards — with pleasure.

December 23, 2016
hillary clinton polls

Clinton Email Probe: Judge Orders Unsealing Of Search Warrant

A U.S. judge ordered the unsealing of the application used to obtain a search warrant that allowed the FBI to gain access to emails related to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s private server before the Nov. 8 election.

December 19, 2016
Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Clinton Emails

Clinton Emails: Huma Abedin Seeks To Review FBI Search Warrant

In a letter filed in Manhattan federal court, Abedin said she was never provided a copy of the warrant, nor was her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, whose computer contained the emails in question.

December 16, 2016
Clinton Email, FBI

U.S. Judge To Review FBI’s Search Warrant For Clinton Emails

U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel made the order as he considered whether any portion of the search warrant materials could be made public in response to a recent lawsuit.

December 13, 2016
"Lock her up" Clinton prosecution

Conservatives Bristle As Trump Backs Off Clinton Prosecution

“She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways, and I am not looking to hurt them at all. The campaign was vicious,” Trump told the Times, adding that launching an investigation was “not something I feel very strongly about.”

November 22, 2016
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Debate

Don’t Lock Her Up? Conway Confirms Trump Won’t Pursue Clinton Probes On Email, Charity

Addressing the report in an interview with MSNBC, senior Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway did not deny it and indicated it was correct.

November 22, 2016
A combination photo shows U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (L) and Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) in Los Angeles, California on May 5, 2016 and in Eugene, Oregon, U.S. on May 6, 2016 respectively. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (L) and Jim Urquhart/File Photos

No, The New York Times Was Not ‘Too Mean’ To Trump Supporters

Even though the New York Times’ treatment of Hillary Clinton has been the topic of an ongoing media debate, the Times devoted the review of the paper’s election work almost entirely to detailing ways in which the paper hadn’t been understanding enough of Donald Trump’s supporters.

November 21, 2016
David Petraeus, classified leaker, considered for top position by Donald Trump

Trump Considers Petraeus – Who Pled Guilty To Classified Leaking – For Top Position

Trump insisted he wants to lock up Clinton, but he now is considering whether to appoint Petraeus to one of the most sensitive jobs in government.

November 19, 2016
Clinton spoke with supporters on Nov. 12, 2016

Clinton Blames Defeat On Comey Letter In Call To Top Donors

Clinton’s campaign staff drafted a memo reviewing polls before the election, which showed the FBI director’s letter had proved to be a turning point, especially in the upper Midwest.

November 13, 2016
Samantha Bee dives deep into the damned emails

#EndorseThis: Samantha Bee Exposes The Truth About The Damned Emails

At least Sam found an amusing way to use the damned emails, in a dramatic reading by Sarah Paulson that reveals how hilariously bereft of scandal they are.

November 8, 2016
Comey's recent letter again clears Clinton of any wrongdoing

James Comey Is Unfit For Public Service

James Comey should not simply be fired as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He must be barred forever from any form of public service.

November 7, 2016
The media devoted more time to Clinton's emails

The Media’s Final Email Flop, A Fitting End To Journalism’s Troubled Campaign Season

For the entire year, the networks have devoted zero minutes to in-depth policy discussions, but they dedicated 125 minutes to Clinton emails. Media Matters found that in the week following’s Comey’s announcement, five major newspapers published 100 stories about the emails, 46 of which appeared on the front page.

November 7, 2016
Huma Abedin emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop

What The FBI Found In The Emails On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

Abedin informed the FBI in April that, like many State Department officials, she found the government network technology cumbersome, and she had great trouble printing documents there. As a result, she sometimes transferred emails from her unclassified State Department account to either her Yahoo account and printed the emails from there.

November 7, 2016
Clinton holds 4-point lead over Trump

CBS Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump By 4-Points

In the final days of the U.S. presidential election, Clinton holds a 4-point lead in the ABC/Washington Post poll and a CBS news poll released on Monday.

November 7, 2016

Why FiveThirtyEight’s Prediction Model May Be Inflating Trump’s Chances

If Trump loses Nevada, based on early voting numbers, Silver says he wins in only nine percent of scenarios. That’s a far cry from the 35 percent mark he reached in FiveThirtyEight’s latest estimate.

November 6, 2016
FBI email leaks

FBI Veterans, Historians See Leaks As ‘Dangerous’ And ‘Unprecedented’

Several historians and former agents said the unusual leaking of information and subsequent media reports can do damage not only to the current presidential election but also to the FBI’s effectiveness and the nation’s democracy.

November 5, 2016
Hillary Clinton Emails

How The Media’s Email Obsession Obliterated Clinton Policy Coverage

It’s only Clinton who gets defined by emails. Because the press, reading off the GOP song sheet, says so. And because the press, alongside the GOP, has been trying to criminalize the Clintons for 20-plus years.

November 3, 2016

Is Reckless Comey Seeking Revenge On Critics Via FBI Twitter Account?

It seems that he’s either signed off on an election-week records dump, via Twitter, from an old investigation of the Clinton Foundation, or has lost control of the agents who staff the FBI’s Twitter account. Either way, he’s made a choice to let chaos reign in the closing days of a presidential campaign.

November 2, 2016