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Saturday, March 17, 2018
DNC Chair
DNC, Perez, Grassroots

New DNC Chair Perez Promises Renewed Focus On Grassroots

His goal as party chair, Perez said in his opening remarks, is “organize, organize, organize.” Like his fellow candidates, Perez emphasized the need for Democrats to contest races up and down the ballot and all around the country, from school board to Congress.

February 26, 2017
Tom Perez will run the Democratiic National Committee

United: Perez And Ellison Move Democrats Toward A Progressive Future

Tom Perez is hardly a corporate Democrat or a tool of the party’s Wall Street wing. He is certainly the most progressive DNC chair since Oklahoma Senator Fred Harris occupied that post in 1970.

February 26, 2017
Can the Democratic Party mobilize energy that drove Women's March?

How To Save The Democratic Party So It Can Save The World

Author and Harvard government professor Theda Skocpol argues that the Democratic Party is our best — and possibly only — hope to combat the “strong possibility of a long-term authoritarian right turn in US politics.”

February 5, 2017

Here Come The Anti-Muslim Attacks On Keith Ellison

Conservatives are regurgitating attacks linking Ellison to Farrakhan that were first leveled at him during his first run for Congress in 2006.

November 18, 2016