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Saturday, June 23, 2018
Eric Shinseki

Audit Reveals ‘Systemic’ Access To Care Woes For U.S. Veterans

Washington (AFP) – An audit on health care access for U.S. veterans released Monday confirmed the existence of fake waiting lists, prompting a top official to slam “systemic” problems for America’s wounded warriors seeking treatment. The report is the latest revelation in a political scandal that last month led to the resignation of Eric Shinseki […]

June 10, 2014

Washington Promises To Fix VA But Overhaul Won’t Be Easy

By Lindsay Wise, McClatchy Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Eric Shinseki has been pushed out as the secretary of veterans affairs. The president vows changes. The Senate is moving with uncharacteristic speed toward a bipartisan response. But fixing the sprawling agency with an entrenched bureaucracy won’t be easy. It has a management culture marred by cronyism, […]

June 6, 2014

Will Congress Be As Brave As Shinseki?

WASHINGTON — If you want a prime example of what’s wrong with our politics, study the response to the veterans’ health care scandal. You would think from the coverage that the only issue that mattered to politicians was whether Gen. Eric Shinseki should be fired. Shinseki is a true patriot, and his resignation as Veterans […]

June 2, 2014

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki Resigns

By Richard Simon, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — President Obama announced Friday that Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki has resigned amid a health-care scandal that had engulfed the agency. Shinseki has been under fire over allegations that VA facilities manipulated records to hide long waits for medical care. The retired four-star general, whom President […]

May 30, 2014

Shinseki Apologizes For VA Mess

By Richard Simon, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki offered an apology and accepted responsibility for the VA mess Friday morning. “I can’t explain the lack of integrity among some of the leaders in our healthcare facilities,” he said, speaking to a conference on homeless veterans. “This is something I […]

May 30, 2014

Shinseki Says VA Hospitals Will Extend Hours, Hold Personnel Accountable

By Richard Simon and Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki called in leaders of veterans groups Thursday and pledged to keep VA hospitals open nights and weekends if necessary to set up speedy appointments for veterans whose long waits for medical care triggered a departmental crisis. As bipartisan pressure […]

May 30, 2014

VA Investigation Turns Up Widespread Problems With Wait Times

By Richard Simon, Los Angeles Times WASHINGTON — An investigation of wait times for medical care at Veterans Affairs facilities has found “inappropriate scheduling practices are systemic” through the VA and “instances of manipulation of VA data that distort the legitimacy of reported waiting times,” prompting new calls for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign. […]

May 28, 2014

VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘Hypocrites’

Jon Soltz is a co-founder and chairman of VoteVets, a political advocacy group with over 200,000 supporters that is the largest progressive organization of veterans in the United States – and has produced some of the most effective advertising in the last several election cycles. Soltz became a commissioned U.S. Army officer in 1999 after […]

May 26, 2014

Senate Panel Votes To Fund Nationwide Investigation Of Veterans’ Health Care

By Richard Simon, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — As Congress stepped up efforts Thursday to get to the bottom of the allegations of substandard health-care services at Veterans Affairs facilities, a Senate committee approved funds for a nationwide investigation and a House panel authorized a subpoena to compel VA officials to appear at a hearing […]

May 23, 2014

Obama To Speak After Meeting On Veterans Hospital Scandal

Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama will speak at 10:45 am Wednesday after a meeting on a scandal over delays in medical treatment at U.S. military veterans’ hospitals, the White House said. Obama was to meet beforehand with Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki over the mounting controversy at the hospital system run by his department. […]

May 21, 2014