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Thursday, December 8, 2016

McConnell: Repealing Obamacare First On Senate Agenda In 2017

To repeal Obamacare, congressional Republicans are expected to resort to a special procedure known as budget reconciliation to get around Democrats in the Senate, where rules protect the rights of the minority party.

December 6, 2016
Trumplandia, PA

Welcome To Trumplandia, Pennsylvania

Luzerne County in Pennsylvania flipped from supporting Obama by five points in 2012 to a 20-point victory for Trump. The people of true-blue Luzerne County are still pissed off, and dying to tell you why.

December 5, 2016
Student loan program

Right-Wing Media Slam Student Loan Assistance Program

Conservative media have labeled higher education as a “privilege” and suggested students ought to choose fictional cheaper colleges.

December 5, 2016
Ben Carson accepts Trump cabinet post

Ben Carson Accepts Trump Cabinet Post

Trump nominated Carson to serve as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

December 5, 2016
Trump moments this week

5 Idiotic Trump Moments This Week

It’s beginning to look like Donald Trump does not know how this whole president-ing thing works. And since he has the curiosity level of a pet rock, chances don’t seem great that he’ll be learning anytime soon.

December 4, 2016
2016 electorate

15 Startling Election Takeaways

The American electorate in 2016 has some strange and surprising features, according to a new survey released Thursday by PPRI/The Atlantic that explored why people did or didn’t vote

December 4, 2016
Trump rabbit hole

Trump’s Rabbit Hole Is Getting Deeper By The Day

If you’re feeling a little like Alice in Trumpland these days, it’s no wonder. Reality has been turned upside own, grossly distorted, rendered a hall-of-mirrors hallucination.

December 2, 2016
Trump richest cabinet

Trump To Preside Over The Richest Cabinet In U.S. History

Dwight Eisenhower surrounded himself in the White House with such wealthy individuals that his Cabinet was mockingly referred to as “nine millionaires and a plumber.” President-elect Donald Trump is about to do him one better.

December 2, 2016

The New ‘Founder’ — Brought To You By The Koch Brothers

Gov. Greg Abbott, the multimillionaire protege of the Koch brothers, revealed that he has penned NINE new amendments to the Constitution. Forget the Bill of Rights, Abbott is proposing a Bill of Sale, effectively transferring the title of our national government from The People to The Plutocrats.

December 1, 2016
Jeff Sessions, racial prejudice, racism, white power, political cartoon

Cartoon: An Inspirational Sessions

Sessions inspires grandpa to get out of bed.

December 1, 2016
Romney begs Trump for a job

Deal With The Devil: Romney Praises Trump Following Dinner Date

“I had a wonderful evening with President-elect Trump,” Romney said in remarks to reporters. “We had another discussion about affairs throughout the world and these discussions I’ve had with him have been enlightening, and interesting, and engaging.”

November 30, 2016
Mcgahn picked for Trump's White House counsel

Trump’s Pick For Legal Advisor Shows He’s Dead Set On Nuking Democracy

Donald McGahn served as ethics advisor to the corrupt former Rep. Tom Delay, supported Citizens United as head of the FEC, paved the way for super PACs, and recently worked for the Koch brothers.

November 29, 2016
Paul Ryan medicare

Evening News Virtually Ignores Paul Ryan’s Medicare Privatization Plan

Ryan’s specific charge that Medicare is “broke” because of the ACA is completely wrong. President Obama’s health care reform law greatly improved Medicare’s long-term finances and extended the hospital insurance trust fund’s solvency by 11 years.

November 28, 2016
Lessons to learn from 2016 election

We’ve Got Some Big Lessons To Learn From The 2016 Election

Two things need to be done in the national fight to build successful labor and progressive political movements. Workers and voters who have been divided must unite. And they must unite under their own organic leadership.

November 25, 2016
Mcgahn picked for Trump's White House counsel

Former FEC Chairman Picked For Trump’s White House Counsel

While Trump during his campaign frequently promised to “drain the swamp” of the political establishment in Washington, McGahn has an extensive history in the capital, especially in conservative politics.

November 25, 2016
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley speaks during a campaign event for U.S. Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio at Swamp Rabbit Crossfit in Greenville, South Carolina February 18, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Keane

Haley Lends Trump Team Diversity But Little Diplomatic Heft

Haley, now serving her second four-year term as governor, has little experience in foreign policy and the diplomatic issues likely to come before the United Nations.

November 24, 2016
Secret Trump supporters come clean

Secret Trump Supporters Finally Come Clean

Trump had an invisible army of secret supporters who preferred not to voice their views to hostile friends and relatives. Meet Trump’s secret supporters.

November 23, 2016
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Trump delivers economic policy speech in Monessen, Pennsylvania

Reality TV Emperor Or President Of A Constitutional Democracy?

Alas, Trump seems to confuse the presidency with being the emcee on a “reality TV” program. Or with being Emperor of Lilliput.

November 22, 2016
Trump Turnberry

Financial Disclosures Obscure Trump’s Foreign Business Interests

A review by McClatchy of the most recent financial disclosure statement by Trump shows that of the 564 companies on which he reported holding an executive position, at least 120 of them were tied to his business dealings abroad.

November 22, 2016
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Debate

Don’t Lock Her Up? Conway Confirms Trump Won’t Pursue Clinton Probes On Email, Charity

Addressing the report in an interview with MSNBC, senior Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway did not deny it and indicated it was correct.

November 22, 2016

Unconstitutional: Court Strikes Down Republican Gerrymandering In Wisconsin

The case hinged on a new way to measure the discriminatory effect of gerrymandering. The “efficiency gap” measure found the redistricting in Wisconsin caused Democrats to waste more votes than Republicans.

November 22, 2016
Democrats struggling to stem the tide

Democrats Search For Answers To Stem A Spreading Republican Tide

During Obama’s tenure, Democrats lost over 800 state legislative seats, at least 13 governorships, and both houses of Congress.

November 22, 2016
Republican Rand Paul

Willing To Oppose Trump, Some Senate Republicans Gain Leverage

A small number of influential Republicans in the Senate are threatening to block Trump’s appointments, derail his thaw with Russia and prevent the planned border wall

November 22, 2016

Fox News’ Eric Bolling Is Trying — And Failing — To Cover His Bigoted Tracks

Bolling deleted a five-year-old racist tweet about President Obama immediately after Media Matters unearthed it. He’s obviously trying to hide his racism, and he’s doing a terrible job of it.

November 22, 2016
Robert Mercer

Meet Robert Mercer, Billionaire Benefactor Of Breitbart

By giving millions to a conservative super PAC, Make America Number 1, which his daughter Rebekah chaired, Robert Mercer seems to have bought more influence over Trump’s campaign than any other donor

November 21, 2016