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Saturday, March 24, 2018
Hong Kong voting

Hong Kong Braces For Protests As Vote Fuels Pro-Democracy Movement

By Julie Makinen, Los Angeles Times HONG KONG — Nearly 800,000 people voted in a nonbinding Hong Kong referendum aimed at agitating for greater democracy, organizers said early Monday, and the semi-autonomous Chinese city was bracing for hundreds of thousands of people to march through the streets Tuesday to continue pressing their cause. The 10-day […]

June 30, 2014

Hong Kong Activists Push Democracy Through Polling

By Stuart Leavenworth, McClatchy Foreign Staff BEIJING — Hong Kong’s 3.5 million registered voters are making a statement that they want ballot choices in 2017. China’s Communist Party is making a statement it wants to control those choices. Those entrenched positions are clashing this week as Hong Kong democracy advocates conclude an informal poll on […]

June 23, 2014