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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Trump Punishes CNN For Challenging Him, Rewards Breitbart For Sucking Up

The lesson from Trump is that he won’t accept the sort of adversarial journalism CNN has engaged in here, which is necessary and vital for a modern, functioning democracy. But if you suck up like Breitbart did (and has done), you will be perfectly fine.

January 11, 2017

Intelligence Community Worries About Trump’s Refusal To Hear Briefings

Former U.S. intelligence officers, already concerned about some of Trump’s remarks disparaging their work, warned that skipping the daily briefing could leave Trump slow to recognize developing crises.

December 13, 2016
Obama discussed Trump's rejection of intelligence briefings in Daily Show interview

On Daily Show, Obama Warns Trump Against ‘Flying Blind’ Without Briefings

When host Trevor Noah asked the president about his successor’s assertion that he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings, Obama said, “I think the president-elect may say one thing and do another once he’s here.” But he warned Trump, “It doesn’t matter how smart you are.” In the absence of regular intelligence updates, “you are flying blind.”

December 13, 2016