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Thursday, April 26, 2018
Jan Brewer
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a news conference at Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., May 31, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

5 Right-Wing Outrages This Week

Here are some of the low points of the week from Donald Trump and the rest of the country’s right flank. Attacking Michelle Obama, now that’s low.

October 23, 2016

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Dealt Legal Blow Over Medicaid Expansion Plan

This Arizona Supreme Court ruling is terrible news for the state’s uninsured population.

December 31, 2014

Arizona ‘Dreamers’ To Line Up For Driver’s Licenses; Brewer Vows Fight

The latest legal battle over immigration is taking shape in the Grand Canyon State.

December 22, 2014

Arizona Joins Other States In Federal Immigration Lawsuit

Another state is suing the federal government over immigration.

December 5, 2014

In Arizona, Swings In Medicaid Access Show Program’s Impact

Medicaid expansion made a big difference in Arizona — but the state’s Republicans may roll it back anyway.

December 2, 2014

Johnson Says ‘No Free Pass’ For Children After Border Crossings

By Cindy Carcamo, Los Angeles Times NOGALES, Ariz. — Moments after Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson took his first tour of a southern Arizona detention facility housing about 900 migrant children in makeshift cages Wednesday, he had a message for Central American parents who are on the brink of sending their children illegally and alone […]

June 26, 2014

Mississippi Governor Signs Religious Freedom Bill; Civil Rights Groups Dismayed

By Paresh Dave, Los Angeles Times  Mississippi’s governor signed into law Thursday a measure that allows individuals and organizations to sue the government over laws that they feel thwart their ability to practice religion. “I am proud to sign the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which will protect the individual religious freedom of Mississippians of all […]

April 4, 2014

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Bows To Term Limits Laws, Will Not Run Again

By Cathleen Decker and Cindy Carcamo, Los Angeles Times TUCSON, Ariz. — Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced Wednesday she would not seek a third term, forgoing a campaign that would have required her to challenge the state’s term limits measure. The Republican had left open the option of running this year, despite the overwhelming weight […]

March 12, 2014

Arizona Measure Shows Republican Aim To Keep Focus On Jobs, Economy

By Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times In its swiftness and brute force, Republican opposition to the Arizona measure that would have bolstered the right to deny services to gays sent one message to GOP Gov. Jan Brewer: Veto it. And it sent another to everyone else in the Republican Party: Keep your eyes on the […]

February 28, 2014

Was ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Really A Risk For Arizona’s Jan Brewer?

By Steve Padilla and Cindy Carcamo, Los Angeles Times TUCSON, Ariz. — When the Arizona Legislature passed a bill to grant greater protection to businesses that refuse service to gays and others for religious reasons, it appeared the move had put Republican Gov. Jan Brewer between a rock and hard place. How could she risk alienating […]

February 27, 2014

Arizona Governor Brewer Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill

By Cindy Carcamo, Los Angeles Times TUCSON, Ariz. — In a victory hailed by gay rights advocates, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have bolstered a business owner’s right to refuse service to gays and others on the basis of religion. The veto, delivered the same day a federal judge struck […]

February 27, 2014

How Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill Hurts Religion

WASHINGTON — Social and religious conservatives should have been the first to oppose the Arizona Legislature’s effort to allow businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples on religious grounds. Partisans of the religious right apparently don’t feel this way, but here’s why they should: Pushing “conscience exemptions” beyond reasonable limits threatens a long-standing American habit of […]

February 27, 2014

Arizona Governor Seen As Likely To Veto Anti-Gay Law

Los Angeles (AFP) – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will probably veto a controversial bill which would let businesses refuse to serve gays and lesbians for religious reasons, reports suggested Tuesday. The bill, passed by lawmakers in the Republican-run southwest U.S. state last week, triggered anger from gay rights groups who said Arizona was “on the […]

February 25, 2014

Gay Rights Activists In Uproar Over Arizona ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

TUCSON, Ariz. — Say a gay couple in Phoenix walks into a bakery to order their wedding cake. The baker refuses to take their order because of his deeply held religious beliefs. Under a measure that passed the Arizona Legislature this week, the baker would have greater protection to invoke religion to shield himself from […]

February 21, 2014