Saturday, February 6, 2016
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Jeff Danziger
Oregon patriots political cartoon Jeff Danziger

Cartoon: Oregon Patriots

“Here’s how we’ll protect this hell-frozen worthless piece of land…”

January 20, 2016
Chicago gunfire political cartoon

Cartoon: Chicago Decides To Settle Its Gunfire Problem In The Time-Honored Way

(It’s about the mayor, Rahm Emanuel.)

January 19, 2016
Iran sactions prayers political cartoon

Cartoon: In Iran, As Sanctions Are Lifted, Prayers Are Answered

In Iran, As Sanctions Are Lifted, Prayers Are Answered

January 18, 2016
Chelsea Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Clintons, political cartoon

Cartoon: Chelsea Clinton Takes A Shot At Bernie Sanders

“We think children should learn about firearms at home…”

January 14, 2016
Rupert Murdoch, Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger, political cartoon

Cartoon: Rupert Murdoch Gets Remarried Again To Model Jerry Hall

Ugly little dwarf, isn’t he?

January 13, 2016
Trump, Cruz, GOP establishment, political cartoon

Cartoon: Donald And Ted Instruct The GOP Establishment

“We’ll teach you to mess with the Trump-Cruz ticket…”

January 10, 2016
China, stock market, political cartoon

Cartoon: How The Chinese Stock Market Works

The not-so-invisible hand…

January 8, 2016
Affluenza kid, Ethan Couch, Trump, political cartoon

Cartoon: Affluenza Teen / Affluenza Adult

See the resemblance?

January 3, 2016
Chris Christie, no fly space, firing on Russian planes, WW 3, political cartoon

Cartoon: Mr. Christie Says He’d Be Willing To Shoot Down Russian Planes

On this spot, General Christie started World War III.

December 30, 2015
Boots on the Ground, Iraq, Chicago, Mideast War, US troop, political cartoon

Cartoon: Boots On The Ground

“Ever get homesick?”

December 29, 2015
Ted Cruz and his daughters, Caroline and Catherine, in an outtake for a presumed ad.

If Ted Cruz Is Going To Use His Daughters As Props, He Should Be Mocked For It

“My darling daughters, please sit down and repeat after me, ‘And we approve this message.'”

December 23, 2015
Bowed Bergdahl, US Army, court-martial, political cartoon

Cartoon: The Army Decides To Court-Martial Bergdahl Despite Investigators’ Recommendations

“The first charge (and possibly most serious charge)…”

December 16, 2015
Trump, polls, New Hampshire

Cartoon: Slipping In The Polls

Wait ’til New Hampshire…

December 14, 2015
China, Xi Jinping, pollution, one-child policy, political cartoon

Cartoon: The Party Solves Chinese Pollution Deaths

“Go ahead! Have more workers… I mean ‘babies’!”

December 13, 2015
Texas, Syrian refugees, political cartoon

Cartoon: Texas Hospitality

December 10, 2015
GUn Lobby, fear itself,gun industry, NRA, political cartoon

Cartoon: The Gun Lobby

“Fear itself…”

December 9, 2015
rahm Emmanuel, Chicago, McCarthu, political cartoon

Cartoon: In Chicago, Mayor’s Staff Can’t Find The Key To The Handcuffs

Mayor Rahm has a little problem.

December 2, 2015
Boots on the ground, US troops, political cartoon

Cartoon: It’s Not Boots On The Ground That Matter

“It’s whose feet are in the boots…”

November 30, 2015
Trump, mocking disabilities, political cartoon

Cartoon: Trump Says He Would Never Mock Anyone

“Here’s a blind guy! Ha ha! He can’t see!”

November 29, 2015
politics, women candidates, political cartoon

Cartoon: Progress

“My wife has decided to go into politics…”

November 16, 2015
Trump, insults, 2016 GOP candidates, political cartoon

Cartoon: “Prejudiced? Me?”

“What are you talking about? Everybody loves me…”

November 16, 2015
British people, Syria, Syrian War, UK, Blair, Assad, political cartoon

Cartoon: British Worry About Sending Military To Syria

“Keep Calm and Have a Drink”

November 5, 2015
Catholic Dissent on Same Sex Marriage, Pope Francis, poloitical cartoon

Cartoon: Father Pat And Father Mike Explain Catholic Dissent On Same-Sex Marriage

“Yes, well, Pope Francis has some interesting opinions…”

October 27, 2015
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