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Friday, May 25, 2018
Jeff Madrick

Book Review: ‘Seven Bad Ideas’

How our reverence for markets and aversion to government keeps burning us, time and time again.

September 26, 2014

America Can Attain Full Employment With A Bold Approach To The Jobs Emergency

A new report from the Rediscovering Government Initiative lays out 15 ways the government can create more and better jobs starting right now. After five long years, the economy has at last produced enough new jobs to compensate for the 8 million lost in the Great Recession of 2009. But in that same period some […]

April 11, 2014

The Congressional Budget Office Should Serve The People, Not Politics

The CBO’s projections often miss the mark, but its mandate is to produce a politically useful number. The admirable Jared Bernstein entirely misses the point in his post about recent critiques of the Congressional Budget Office. Floyd Norris, Zachary Karabell, and Dean Baker have noted how often the CBO gets it wrong, and how it influences policy in damaging ways. […]

March 3, 2014

A CBO Report Shows How Obamacare Will Help The Working Poor

Never mind the conservative fear mongering. The Affordable Care Act’s subsidies will boost the economy and free workers who were locked into their jobs. The attack on the Affordable Care Act by conservative Republicans after the release of the Congressional Budget Office’s new report was desperate. Bravo to much of the media for setting the story straight almost immediately. […]

February 7, 2014

Lesson From December’s Jobs Report: Turn On The Fiscal Jets

The economy is not yet strong enough to cope with tighter monetary policy, but fiscal policy is what’s really missing from this recovery. The weak employment report out today reinforces the view that the Federal Reserve should not ease up on monetary policy soon. The strength of this economic recovery is not yet clear, and the […]

January 10, 2014