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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

America’s Second-Largest School District Says No To McDonald’s McTeacher’s Nights

In a victory for public health, the board of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school district in the country, adopted a resolution to end McDonald’s McTeacher’s Nights this April. The resolution comes as millions of parents, educators and health professionals call on junk food corporations to stop kid-targeted marketing.

April 24, 2017
McDonalds egg mcmuffin breakfast coffee sugar fast food

McDonald’s No. 1 Choice For ‘Breakfastarians’: Poll

If you like to eat traditional breakfast foods at least twice a day, McDonalds is where those looking for fast food go, according to a new poll.

August 18, 2015

Stand With Postal Workers This Thursday In A National Day of Action

A cabal of corporate predators, congressional anti-government ideologues, and pusillanimous postal officials are dismantling this invaluable public service, piece by piece .

May 13, 2015

Is Ronald McDonald Racist?

McDonald’s has long cared more about profits than people — and its employees are fighting back.

February 2, 2015

How Tacky Can The Golden Arches Get?

McDonalds’ exploitative new ad campaign isn’t fooling anyone.

January 21, 2015

Fast Food Workers Begin Day Of Protests In Chicago, Other U.S. Cities

By Alejandra Cancino and Jessica Wohl, Chicago Tribune CHICAGO — Hundreds of fast food workers began strikes and protests in Chicago and other U.S. cities Thursday morning, the latest step in their push for a $15 hourly wage. Organizers planned to ramp up protests to include acts of civil disobedience. The workers involved said they […]

September 4, 2014

McDonald’s July Sales Fall On China Meat Scandal

New York (AFP) — McDonald’s suffered a drop in July sales after reports that it was using unsafe meat in China hit sales in Asia, the company said Friday. Global comparable sales at the U.S. fast-food giant dropped 2.5 percent, with sales in the Asia/Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region plummeting 7.3 percent. McDonald’s July […]

August 8, 2014

U.S. Food Firm Sorry Over China ‘Bad Meat’ Scandal

Shanghai (AFP) — The U.S. food supplier at the center of an expired meat scandal in China has apologized, as KFC and Pizza Hut’s parent company said it would stop using the firm’s products in the key Chinese market. Shanghai authorities at the weekend shut a plant owned by privately-held OSI Group for mixing out-of-date […]

July 24, 2014

China Shuts Meat Producer Supplying McDonald’s, KFC

Shanghai (AFP) — Shanghai has shut a factory of U.S. food producer OSI Group for selling out-of-date meat to restaurant giants including McDonald’s and KFC, authorities said Monday, in China’s latest food safety scandal. A Shanghai television channel, which reported the original allegations, said that workers at the plant mixed expired meat with the fresh […]

July 21, 2014

How Many Big Macs Can You Afford On Minimum Wage?

How many hours of work does it take to buy a Big Mac? Well, it depends on where you live — and with Seattle’s recent increase in minimum wage, the gap between various minimum wages across the country continues to rise. While most states continue to hold on to a $7.25 per hour minimum wage, […]

June 16, 2014

Taking On Big-Business Wage Theft

Lawsuits show that the fight against wage theft is heating up, but workers shouldn’t have to sue their employers to get paid what they’re owed. Despite the extensive press coverage of the fight of fast-food workers for a $15 hourly wage, one recent development hasn’t gotten much attention: fast-food workers around the country have started […]

April 2, 2014