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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Trump Traders App

Trump Traders: An App For Swapping Your Swing State Vote

Are you a swing state voter who thinks Donald Trump is the worst option but can’t stomach punching the ballot for Hillary Clinton? Now there’s an app for that.

November 1, 2016

#EndorseThis: Dangerous Comic Says You’d Better Vote, Or Else…

Listening to some young Americans whine that casting a ballot is too difficult or they just don’t like any of the candidates has made the grouchy comic even angrier than usual.

October 6, 2016
Supporters of Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders listen during a Sanders rally at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington March 25, 2016. REUTERS/David Ryder

Sanders and the Snapchat Liberals

It seems that 15 percent of Sanders’ Wisconsin supporters voted only for Bernie, leaving the rest of the ballot blank. By contrast, only 4 percent of Hillary Clinton voters skipped the down-ballot races.

April 12, 2016
Rev. Jesse Jackson joins demonstrators during a protest intending to disrupt Black Friday shopping in reaction to the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago

Can The Donald Lose a Little?

Donald Trump is a hero — at least in his own mind — in search of something heroic to do. Building hyuge, vulgar buildings and slapping one’s own name on it lacks a certain heroic dimension.

March 9, 2016

Calling All Millennials

If we’re serious about the importance of millennial voters — and we’re all insisting that we are — then where are the forums to hear from them?

February 17, 2016
American Millenials US Capitol

Millennials Are Really Worried About The Economy — And Their Future

A new and revealing report by the Democracy Corps revealed the opinions and concerns of a focus group of white men and black women going into this year’s election.

February 5, 2016
Republican U.S. presidential candidates

Parties Control The Mechanics Of Elections, But Can’t Command Loyalty

The roles of the Republican and Democratic parties are undergoing fundamental shifts that threaten their impact on elections and policy.

February 2, 2016

Millennial Parents More Likely To Save For Kids’ College

Millennial parents are far more likely than their predecessors to save for their children’s educations and far more of them want to pay the whole tab for college. Whether they will be able to do so is questionable.

September 25, 2015

Census Department to America: Things Aren’t Getting Better

Wages are stagnant, and this too is unchanged.

September 21, 2015

Dear Millennials, You’re Ruining The Economy. Move Out

The kids are back home and showing no inclination to move out on their own.

August 2, 2015

Millennials Keep Malls Humming

Millennials still shop in stores in large numbers — rather than online — so courting this demographic is important for retailers.

June 15, 2015
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On The Internet, Nobody Knows You’re A Fraud

Forgoing expert opinion on the Internet leads those who seek advice to misleading answers that have been promoted by group forums, crazy people, and interested businesses.

April 23, 2015
Coachella, Classic Rock, Music, Festival, Entertainment, Baby Boomer, Millennials

Coachella Goes Boom(er) With Classic Acts Steely Dan, AC/DC

Coachella and other music festivals tap into the classic rock vein, bringing aged acts to millennial audiences.

April 13, 2015

The Young And The Useless: How Millennials Left Democrats Hanging On Election Day

Young voters left Democrats high and dry on election night.

November 5, 2014

More Than A Third Of Americans Have Saved Nothing For Retirement According To New Survey

By Becky Yerak, Chicago Tribune More than a third of Americans have no retirement savings, and millennials feel more financially secure than other age groups despite being the least likely to have socked away any cash for their golden years, a new survey shows., a publisher of personal finance content, found that on average […]

August 18, 2014

Weekend Reader: ‘The Next America: Boomers, Millennials, And The Looming Generational Showdown’

Today the Weekend Reader brings you The Next America: Boomers, Millennials, and the Looming Generational Showdown by The Pew Research Center’s executive vice president, Paul Taylor. Taylor, with the help of Pew Research, dives into the growing generational gap between Millennials and Boomers and the new phenomenon of young, educated Millennials returning home to live […]

March 10, 2014