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Friday, March 23, 2018

Will Troy Davis’ Execution Lead To The Abolition Of The Death Penalty? Probably Not.

Troy Davis’ execution in Georgia Wednesday night elicited massive amounts of publicity and general outrage. But, despite the impression given by the media, Davis wasn’t the only American executed that night. The fact that another execution was met with relative silence reflects most Americans’ persistent refusal to openly call for the complete abolition of the […]

September 22, 2011

Baseball, Tim Pawlenty, And Celebrity Politics

Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) — You might have missed the news that several courthouse guards are being investigated for accepting autographed baseballs from Roger Clemens, one of the greatest pitchers of the modern era, after his mistrial on charges of lying under oath about steroid use. This might seem like a minor offense, but it isn’t. […]

August 18, 2011

The New You

Jane Fonda had her eyes done. Granny — an 83-year-old property manager from Santa Ana, Calif. — is making national news for her “boob job.” And not to leave out the men reading this, it has been reported that tough guy Lakers star Kobe Bryant was seen recently having a mani-pedi — a manicure and […]

August 16, 2011