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Saturday, March 17, 2018

University Offers High-Tech Homework That’s Tailored To Students

Tiffani Harper’s online homework seemed to have a mind of its own. It knew that she learned best by watching videos and detected what topics she struggled to grasp.

November 25, 2015

LA Times Names Internet Strategist Nicco Mele Deputy Publisher

Nico Mele has helped politicians win elections through his technological expertise. He now joins the Los Angeles Times as deputy publisher.

November 18, 2014

Lewinsky Says She’s ‘Patient Zero’ For Cyberbullying

Monica Lewinsky speaks out against cyber-bullying, drawing on her personal experience to inform her position.

October 21, 2014

Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Aereo Online TV Case

By Vera Bergengruen, McClatchy Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Supreme Court justices seemed torn Tuesday as they listened to the arguments in a complex technological case involving copyright law, the rights of TV broadcasters and a video startup called Aereo that is upending how viewers access television. While skeptical of Aereo’s service, which is based on a […]

April 23, 2014

U.S. Marine Successfully Asks Mila Kunis Out On A Date… From Afghanistan

At least one Marine in Afghanistan won’t have to worry about dropping morale. Actress Mila Kunis has agreed to a date with a sergeant after he made a simple request online. Sgt. Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Afghanistan took a risk and posted a YouTube video last week to invite the […]

July 11, 2011