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Monday, March 19, 2018
Pete Sessions

Rep. McCarthy Likely House Majority Leader As Sessions Drops Out

By Michael Doyle, William Douglas and Maria Recio, McClatchy Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — The race for House majority leader abruptly ended Thursday night when Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas, one of two Republicans seeking the post, dropped out. Sessions folded his campaign almost as quickly as it emerged following the shocking primary defeat Tuesday of […]

June 13, 2014

Race For Eric Cantor’s Post May Be Between Californian, Texan

By Evan Halper and Richard Simon, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — California and Texas bicker over so many things — who has the better scenery, the better jobs, the better quality of life. Now, the quarrel between the most and second-most populous states is shifting to a bare-knuckle battle over who can claim the more powerful […]

June 12, 2014

Cantor To Resign As Majority Leader; GOP Leadership Scramble Begins

By Lisa Mascaro and Richard Simon, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — A battle royale emerged Wednesday among House Republicans jockeying to move up the leadership ladder after Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning primary defeat to a tea party newcomer. Cantor, a seven-term Republican from Virginia, is expected to resign his post as the No. 2 […]

June 11, 2014

Will Tea Party Fall Flat In Texas Primaries?

When Texas voters officially kick off the 2014 election season with Tuesday’s primaries, there won’t be many competitive races on the ballot. That doesn’t mean that the results won’t be signficant, however. The outcomes of several Republican primaries will paint a clear picture of the Tea Party’s power — or lack thereof — in one […]

March 3, 2014

Another Republican Accidentally Reveals The GOP’s Stance On The Safety Net

Republicans’ opposition to social safety net programs is unpopular with average Americans — and they know it. But, every so often, GOP politicians just can’t keep their views about cutting unemployment benefits or gutting government programs that combat inequality to themselves. From perceived moderates to the most radical right-wingers, it’s an issue that unites conservatives […]

February 6, 2014