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Friday, March 23, 2018

DeVos Sees Public Education As A Biblical Battlefield

Betsy DeVos is a doctrinaire right-winger who means to destroy public education, replacing it with a system of religious schools that serve the middle class and the wealthy. Implacably hostile to the public commons, she would rip apart a core asset of our democracy.

February 11, 2017
Trump, Right Wing, Empathy

The Breakdown Of Empathy And The Political Right In America

Donald Trump “empathized” with the traumatic losses and helplessness of the white middle and working classes. He helped them feel part of something bigger than themselves, a movement that combatted their isolation. And he helped restore their feeling of belonging by positioning them against demeaned others, primarily immigrants and countries on the other end of “horrible trade deals.”

December 23, 2016
was JFK socialist

Was JFK A Conservative — Or A Socialist? Let’s Ask The Right-Wingers Of 1963

Like Obama, Kennedy did much to earn that intended indictment from the right. And it is far too late to rescind the compliment now.

November 22, 2013