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Saturday, March 24, 2018
DC statehood vote

Freedom Or ‘Fool’s Errand’? D.C. To Vote On Statehood Referendum

Invoking the colonial-era demand of “no taxation without representation,” supporters say becoming a state would end Washingtonians’ status as second-class citizens because they lack representation in Congress.

November 5, 2016

Palestinian Authority Leader Takes Step To Press Issue Of Statehood

By Maher Abukhater and Paul Richter, Tribune Washington Bureau RAMALLAH, West Bank — Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced plans Tuesday to press the issue of Palestinian statehood by applying for membership in 15 international agencies, despite strong Israeli opposition. The move apparently spoiled plans by Secretary of State John F. Kerry to announce a breakthrough […]

April 2, 2014

Not Ready: Palestinians Leaning Against Resuming Talks

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas strongly suggested Saturday that he would reject a peacemaking blueprint put forward by international mediators, saying he would not agree to any proposal that disregarded Palestinian conditions for the resumption of peace talks. Abbas, who returned to the West Bank on Saturday after submitting a statehood bid […]

September 24, 2011

Palestine Formally Submits Bid For Statehood To UN

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Defying U.S. and Israeli opposition, Palestinians asked the United Nations on Friday to accept them as a member state, sidestepping nearly two decades of failed negotiations in the hope this dramatic move on the world stage would reenergize their quest for an independent homeland. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was greeted by […]

September 23, 2011

Abbas’ UN Offensive Might Be A Step Toward Peace

Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) — Just what is Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas thinking? At the new United Nations session, he has announced, the Palestinian National Authority will ask the Security Council to recognize Palestine as a state. The application will be dead on arrival: The U.S. has already said it will veto. Abbas, in other words, […]

September 20, 2011

Palestine May Win A Vote, But Won’t Be A State

(Bloomberg) — The Palestinian national liberation movement has arguably been the least successful such movement of the past 100 years. The Arabs have tried on many occasions to defeat Israel militarily, and to break it through terrorism and boycotts, and have failed each time. Even so, independence was within reach of the Palestinians at many […]

September 20, 2011