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Saturday, June 23, 2018
world economy

Thomas Piketty: Germany’s Position On Greek Debt A ‘Huge Joke’

Thomas Piketty is calling out Germany, describing the country’s strident moral position on Greece’s debt as hypocritical and a “huge joke.”

July 7, 2015
The worsening economic outlook presents a serious challenge for President Vladimir Putin, whose social compact with Russians has been based on years of economic stability and relative prosperity (AFP Photo/Alexander Nemenov)

Putin Manages To Stabilize Ruble, But Russian Economy Still Staggers

Russia’s ruble has been on a roller-coaster ride, posting the second-biggest drop in value of world currencies in 2014, then bouncing back this year with the highest rise against the dollar, euro, pound and yen.

June 25, 2015

Greece’s 2014 Deficit More Than Double Forecasts: Official

Greece’s budget deficit was 3.5 percent of GDP in 2014, the official statistical agency said Wednesday, more than doubling forecasts.

April 15, 2015

Message To Obama: Go Big, Long, And Global

WASHINGTON — President Obama has only one option as he ponders a world economy teetering on the edge: He needs to go big, go long and go global. Obama should not be constrained by what the tea party might allow subservient Republican leaders in Congress to do. He should state plainly, eloquently and in detail […]

August 22, 2011