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Friday, April 20, 2018
AFP Photo/Justin Sullivan
AFP Photo/Justin Sullivan

Senator Thad Cochran’s come-from-behind victory in Mississippi’s Republican Senate primary surprised many observers, but it inspired a different emotion in many supporters of the runner-up, state senator Chris McDaniel: Rage.

McDaniel’s backers, most of whom proudly identify as Tea Party Republicans, were particularly infuriated by Cochran’s unorthodox strategy. Mississippi’s open primary system allowed any voter who did not participate in the June 3 Democratic primary to vote in Tuesday’s runoff, so Cochran spent the campaign’s home stretch reaching out to Democrats — specifically, African-Americans who have good reason to oppose McDaniel, an extreme right-winger with ties to white supremacists. It paid off, big time. But to McDaniel supporters, this amounted to stealing the election.

This left some Tea Partiers in the awkward position of arguing that, election law be damned, black Mississipians had no right to participate in choosing their representative in Washington. Here are five of the worst examples:

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