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Monday, October 24, 2016

Tea Party Nation: George Zimmerman Would Have Stopped Newtown Shooting

Tea Party Nation: George Zimmerman Would Have Stopped Newtown Shooting

Tea Party Nation, the right-wing hate group behind such brilliant theories as “only property owners should be allowed to vote” and “even though Romney lost the election, we can still make him president” has a characteristically horrible theory about the Newtown mass murder: the horror could have been prevented if only George Zimmerman had been there with a gun.

The startling statement came near the end of a long, rambling essay posted by Timothy Birdnow on Tea Party Nation’s website, and sent in an email to supporters by the group’s founder, Judson Phillips.

Birdnow begins by hitting most of the standard right-wing excuses for gun violence — the moral decline of America, taking God out of schools, violent movies and videogames, and William Ayers (seriously) — before presenting a list of solutions that could prevent future attacks. The most surprising is certainly his call to empower the “neighborhood watch.”

“Had George Zimmerman been at the front door instead of some mechanical card reader, those children would still be alive,” Birdnow writes. Zimmerman, of course, is currently awaiting trial on a charge of second-degree murder for shooting and killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin last February.

Birdnow also cited the racially charged murder case as an example of how harsher drug laws could prevent mass shootings. “Drugs and crime and violence go together. Trayvon Martin, the youth shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain after he was assaulted, was likely high he was shot [sic] — and George Zimmerman has claimed Martin assaulted him, something backed by medical testimony,” Birdnow writes, citing a dead link to the conservative message board Free Republic as evidence. “Would Martin have done that had he been sober?”

That case wasn’t the only hot-button issue that Birdnow linked to the Newtown tragedy; he also urged Americans to “Back Right-to-Work legislation for the public sector,” because “Teacher’s unions have helped cement much of this” moral decay throughout the country. At least he isn’t pretending that so called “right-to-work” laws are in fact pro-union, like Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

The only solid conclusion to be drawn from Birdnow’s rambling essay is this: If you want a measured, reasonable response to a national tragedy, you probably shouldn’t ask the Tea Party.

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  • Has a mass murder in the U.S. ever been stopped by an armed civilian? Tea Party hero Zimmerman would have been cut in half by the AK47 that was used in the latest massacre.

    • durnovo

      Not AK-47, Bushmaster .223,get your manuer in one bag

  • As Douglas James has already pointed out Zimmerman would have have had his ass shot off. Seriously folks, surely you can do better than that.

  • Sand_Cat

    What can we expect from people who carried signs saying “Government hands off my Medicare”?

  • joeham1

    People kill..guns don’t. It’s like blaming my fork for me being fat! Maybe taking guns from people on medication would help.

    • Oh, please! A single bout of over eating never killed anyone… except maybe Mr. Creosote!
      This argument is so shallow that it is rejected by thinking people everywhere. A fork indeed…. fork you!

    • If guns don’t kill, then what exactly is their purpose?

    • ElRonbo

      On 9/11 planes didn’t kill people, hijackers did. Yet the answer was to reinforce cockpit doors and beef up airport security, because the planes made it easier to kill a whole lot more people.
      See how that works?

  • Crowminuteman1

    I’m sure he was dying to say that all those 6 and 7 year olds should have been armed with .357 magnums, but maybe his “judgment” got the better of him.

  • George Zimmerman, a self appointed Florida vigilante, shot and killed a teenager walking from a 7-Eleven to his house with an Iced Tea on one hand and a bag of Skittles on the other. His crime? The victims was black and he stepped on what Mr. Zimmerman believed was his turf. When Zimmerman notified the police that he was chasing a suspect walking through his neighborhood he was told to stop. He ignored the police, chased Trayvon Martin, confronted him, and shot him. He now claims self defense, apparently because the teenager tried to defend himself. I guess the best thing to do when confronted by a Tea Party executioner is to bend down and beg for mercy.

    Then again, that tactic did not work very well for the four teenagers in Jacksonville, Florida, who after watching a movie decided to stop at a gas station and were listening to loud music in their SUV, not realizing they were damaging the sensitive hearing system of a man who quickly approached them, told them to turn the music down, and when ignored fired 8 shots killing one of the teenagers.

    In most civilized societies, these killers would be tried and, if found guilty, would spend the rest of their lives in prison. Not surprisingly, the Tea Party is nominating them to be part of the solution against gun violence. Can you imagine people like these two guys guarding your kids in elementary schools?

    The problem is not limited to those who use lethal weapons to take their twisted interpretation of the law into their own hands, the problem are the enablers that support laws that allow people like them to have access to lethal weapons and use them day after day in every city and town in America.

    • johninPCFL

      Let’s see now…eight shots at close range to kill one teenager versus hundreds of bullets brought in to effect a massacre. Hmmm…each child shot in Newtown had multiple wounds.

      Seems to me that George would have gotten off a shot or two (likely hitting nothing) and would have received several wounds in return.

      • metrognome3830

        George would most likely panicked, shot himself in the foot and then got his ass kicked by the school principal.

        • joyscarbo

          If only that had been the way it really went down for both Trayvon and those at Sandy Hook Elementry. 🙁

          • metrognome3830

            Amen to that.

    • joeham1

      Dominick, it’s people like you that mess everything up. It’s a nice story you told about Zimmerman. It’s a complete fabrication however. Don’t act like you were there. I know it fits your racist theory.

      I like how you got the tea party involved with your left wing crazy talk!

      YOU MADE UP YOUR STATEMENT! Your a hater and a liar! Until people like you stop assuming and twisting things to fit your ideolgy, there can’t be fair dialogue!

      • july860

        Projection much?

      • joyscarbo

        what a sad, little man you are, joeham1

      • Ed

        The idea of anyone from the right calling ANYONE a hater and a liar is laughable! Unless, of course thet are applauding!

    • Yappy2

      Dominick, I like and agree with most of your posts but, I think you are wrong in trying to compare the Zimmerman/Martin case to the killings in Newhome. I don’t believe that Zimmerman had a military style gun or more than one gun. His wife had been threatened by a vicious dog and the police told him to get a gun. There had been trouble in his condo complex with breaki- ins He was on his way to a store to go shopping when he saw Martin wandering around in the dark in the rain. I think he had probable cause to be supicious. I don’t believe Martin was the innocnt child that he was first portrayed as.
      I think military style guns should not be availabel to the general public and the general public does not need 6000 rounds of ammunition.
      My question is if the schools are going to have armed gaurds at each school, who is going to pay for this? Next it will be churches. the Republicans want to keep government out of their private lives and want to cut the budgets, yet want to put armed guards in all schools.
      My grand-daughter is a first year school teacher and I sure don’t want her to have to have a gun on her desk.

  • 012647020451

    Is he serious? George Zimmerman should be behind bars. The tea party is composed of misguided individuals who promote fear with its halftruths, hatred and prejudices. How could anyone in his/her right mind say something so asinine?

    • progressiveandproud

      Most hardcore tea baggers aren’t in their right minds. Their hatred of the government and by extension America, prevents them from being able to think clearly.

    • joeham1

      Why should he be behind bars? Are you going to act like you were there and you can tell he’s guilty? The tea party is composed of people who know the Government is out of control and needs to be stopped?

      Your so smart answer this question: we pay 800 million a day in interest on the debt. How do we continue spending without ruining the economy?

      • 012647020451

        I choose not to reply to this noun who writes your so smart instead of If You’re so smart.

  • 012647020451

    Is he serious? George Zimmerman should be locked up with his ego and self righteous ,attitude.The tea party is composed of a group of prejudiced, misguided, hateful individuals who prey on the fears of the weak minded.

    • Ed

      Ah, I can picture it now. The shooter approaches, George spots him, Georges heart rate sky rockets, his mouth goes dry, sweat breaks out all over his body. the adrenalne fills his system, he grabs for his gun, his hand skaking; the killer shoots through the glass and kills George. And so it begins.

  • nobsartist

    Why print anything from the tea baggers? Why even acknowledge that they exist? They are a small fraction of our society with bad ideas and big mouths.


    • Replying to nobsartist –

      Because, if there is ever any doubt in your mind what is the right course of action to take, you can always read something from a Teabagger.

      Then you know that the opposite is the correct course of action.

    • DurdyDawg

      Problem is, too many of them are in office (scary red neck stuff) kinda difficult trying to ignore dog shit in the house..

    • Ed

      And they carry guns to political rallies!

  • WhutHeSaid

    Just seeing the words ‘Tea Party’ was enough for me. Any group that associates with, supports, idolizes or encourages a bigoted, lying, racist gaggle of selfish deadbeats doesn’t deserve any credibility whatever. The Tea Party is the vilest, most despicable group of knuckle-dragging, ignorant redneck thugs that America’s underbelly has to offer. What else can we expect from such a group but vile, cowardly, racist hate and astounding ignorance?

    • foolsdance


    • patuxant

      Whut we can expect is more of the same. The day Clinton got a concussion I predicted someone would accuse her of faking just to get out of testifying. And guess what? It happened. We can already tell what these yahoos are going to come up with before it leaves their pea-brains and makes it to their mouths.

      • Yappy2

        I love Hillary Clinton. I think she is one of the best things that has happened to this country.

  • joeham1…your right-on, that fork doesn’t create obesity….With all due respect!
    Lynda, Douglas James…what “chance” would you go with….A possible chance to survive or No chance of survival, at all?
    Give yourself a chance, read about USCCA…….

  • the tea party them self’s could of stop;ed all the shooting’s if thy was there with their brave body’s thy could of blocked the shot’s that murdered the innocent ppl. . with George of course in the head of the line

  • howa4x

    George Zimmerman almost got overcame by an unarmed teen. What if the teen was armed as well? I know, George Zimmerman would have been dead

    • If Zimmerman had done what the police told him to do, Martin would be alive and he wouldn’t be awaiting trial for 2nd degree murder. Zimmerman brought all his troubles on his self, he should have stayed in his vehicle and not confronted Martin since the police was on their way. Don’t forget he could have injured himself in order to justify his shooting of Martin.

  • Tigerdawg

    Zimmerman would have probably run for his life from a real threat, but the prospect of his being there would have increased the chances of his getting what he deserves.

  • If Zimmerman had been there, he’d be awaiting trial for shooting the black kids. Then the body count from the tragedy would have been even higher.

  • Had Zimmerman been there, he could had joined the killer as that is what both know. We could have been now grieving for the whole school.

  • patuxant

    These self-righteous gun toting bastards consider guns like a pacifier. Therefore, I suggest they suck on the barrel and pull the trigger.

  • He only shoots unarmed teen agers.

  • stcroixcarp

    Zimmerman would never, ever shoot an armed white guy.

  • phantomoftheopera

    but the kid with the weapon wasn’t black. would george have known to shoot? or just assumed he was another guy ‘just like him’?

  • Radical fascists,and the KKK are alive and well and hiding in the ranks of the T-Party. They will be the ultimate nemisis of the gop unless a return to logic and reason occurs. If my statement is a lie it certainly can be no worse than those that are floated by the t-baggers. Shame on them all!

  • flipsider

    I may actually have to agree,, at least in part,, with a tea bagger. A first for me, I think. Zimmerman was doing exactly what the vast majority of his neighbors,, black, white and brown,, appreciated his doing. That he was forced to shoot and kill a young man while doing that is a shame,, and something Z. never envisioned when leaving his home, that night.

    At the very least,, someone taking their own time to walk around their neighborhood being observant,, might have given those children a better chance at growing up. Gun hater or not,, one would think that is possible.

    • 113121

      Wrong on all counts.

      • flipsider

        Would you care to educate me? I thought i made a valid point,, but perhaps you might tell me where i went wrong.

    • Zimmerman was not walking around in his neighborhood, he was driving and was told by the police to not get out of his vehicle, to stop following Martin and not to confront him they were on the way which he disregarded continue to follow the teenager, got out of his vehicle and confronted Martin. What happened after that we only have Zimmerman’s version since Martin is dead and unable to defend himself. If
      Zimmerman had done what the police told him to do he would not be facing trial for 2nd degree murder and Martin would still be alive. If Zimmerman had been facing someone armed liked the mass murderer was he would have messed in his pants and been calling for his mama.

      • flipsider

        It would seem from your statements, Hillbilly,,and those of some others, here,, that you all have some personal knowledge of the actions of that night,, and the intestinal fortitude of Z. Perhaps you do,,, but,, somehow, I doubt it. You see,, I too followed the case a bit,, and read the descriptions of Z. from his neighbors. These don’t seem to mesh with the picture you paint. As far as why he is being held for trial,,, does the term,, Political expediency ring a bell?

        Yes , he got out of his car and followed M.,, that, alone, should lay to rest a certain allegations as to his personal courage. The 911 operator told him not to,, but given the response time of the police,, even after shots were fired,, might give anyone reason to do the same.

        It also seems that a number here, have decided he did wrong,, without any real knowledge of the facts. Does that seem fair to anyone?

  • ms

    yea he wouldnt have stopped anyone with a weapon t party nation says it all what a line of bs

    • flipsider

      Perhaps not,, but he might have done as he had done on “his” night,, and called 911,, and followed the guy,,, If he did nothing but that,, it would have been helpful.

      It dawns on me that you don’t believe his version of the shooting of TM. Have you some knowledge of the affair, unknown to the rest of us?

  • joeham1

    Fork you Bob. The analogy fits. If you take guns from law abiding citizens crime goes up. Don’t call yourself a thinking person Bob.!

    Are you going to call the second amendment a 300 year old document? Mr. thinking person?

    Oh. Look at the study done when they did an Assualt Rifle ban. NO difference is murders!

    The facts get in the way of you thinking people!

  • joeham1

    To hold your coffee mug! Self defense duh!!!! Today guns are also for mentally deranged, drug addicts!

  • durnovo

    you are a real Christian

  • rpg1408

    A sensible and cogent response to another right wing ignoramus. They blame everyone and everything except the virulent epidemic and easy availability of guns in this Country.

  • It appears Teabagger Nation will soon join the Rev. Phelps and his spiritually-incestuous family and attend the next funerals of first- and second-graders who ran afoul of our Hallowed Second Amendment Rights….

  • joeham1

    Exactly! great answer! beef up security at our schools! make it so a crazy person can’t get in!

    • metrognome3830

      And just how are you going to spot a crazy person?

  • RobertCHastings

    What would Birdnow have done had he been confronted by an idiot like George Zimmerman who, by the way, had been told by the police to back off. Oh, what a foolish question – he would have pulled out his Glock and drilled the sucker. So he would have killed his hero, George Zimmerman, if he felt threatened by him? WOW!

  • joeham1

    whatever! It’s bad for everyone when someone like Dominick slants a story so it fits a radical adgenda

  • joeham1

    It’s real sad when people like Dominick completely fabricate a story acting like he was there. But it’s ok joyscarbo..don’t talk about that just call me sad.

  • Ed

    Yep, George would have seen the gun and shit his pants. After the gunman stepped over Georges body he would have slipped on the shit, hit his head and died!

  • 1Greensix

    George killed because he wanted to see what it was like to murder someone. Plain and simple. So did Lanza. There’s no difference other than the death toll.

  • joeham1

    Ed. Learn! please learn! read Dominicks post and tell me he isn’t a hater! He has convicted Zimmerman regardless of the facts. The left are haters. You can’t deny.

    So go ahead call me names because it’s better than admitting your wrong!

  • Mimi2kool

    I have heard some crazy statements since this horrific event, but that has to rank as the craziest one. What genius thought that one up? Were they on drugs when they came up with this “brilliant” idea?

  • joeham1

    Wow! By saying your not responding, you responded! Moron!