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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

5 Tea Party Republicans We Won’t See In Congress In 2013

Frank Guinta

Featured in a “Most Corrupt Members of Congress” report from a Washington-based non-profit, Rep. Frank Guinta (R-NH) “fudged the numbers and cooked the books to buy a seat in Congress,” according to CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington). Leading into the election, Guinta loaned his campaign $355,000, claiming the money was his own. His financial disclosure forms showed that, based on his income, he could not have covered those loans himself. Guinta refused to reveal the true origin of the funds. He lost his seat to the previous incumbent, Carol Shea Porter.

Photo by US House of Representatives via Wikimedia Commons

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82 Responses to 5 Tea Party Republicans We Won’t See In Congress In 2013

      • I think that these people vote for candidates they see as most like themselves. George W. Bush was “every man” for a lot of people, and they trusted him–even though he was intellectually challenged, anti-Constitutional, and, frankly, lazy. By comparison, President Obama is, first and foremost, only half white, but on top of that he’s intelligent and he works hard. So those on the right like to call him a fascist socialist, even though they don’t know what either concept means. But it sounds like a good insult for someone they see as unlike themselves. One key to the liberal way of thinking is that liberals are very willing to criticize President Obama for his failures or less-than-complete accomplishments, like the ACA. When Dubya was President, conservatives shouted from the rooftops that he was Commander in Chief and deserved to be followed into . . . whatever mess he was prepared to get the country into.

          • Carring on the fight with misinformation and lies. There is no red flag and no red conspiricy. just get something straight for once.

          • Red rag? What the hell is that? are you referring to Socialism? When I was in school 50 years ago were were taught about the evils of Socialism and were basically taught that it was one step away from Communism, the greatest of all evils. Hey, let’s face itt We’re all Socialists. If you don’t believe me, pull your kids out of the socialist public schools. Stay off the socialist-built highways, don’t collect Social security when you get old enough. Don’t sign up for Medicare. Go ahead and pay your $1000/month healthcare premiums to a private company, and when you get sick and the drop your coverage, hell, you can die without ever becoming one of those evil Socialists!

          • He’s a red rag communist, just like his communist father, mentor Frank Marshall Davis. Red rag had plastic surgery so he wouldn’t get questions about his father, but younger pictures of red rag look just like Frank Marshall Davis!!!! He’s a liar and a fraud

          • R.J., trying to tell the truth and explain things to lana ward is impossible. No matter how logical and truthful you are, he holds his hate of President Obama and Democrats close to his cold heart. He believes that he and a few others that post on this site are only truthful ones on it, while he wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him up the side of head. He sees conspiracies all over the place.

          • You have your direction confused. He’s getting us OUT not in. And what with all the rightist sedition, it hasn’t been pretty.

          • Give it afew months, were worse off than 4 years ago-watch how much WORSE things are going to get!! Red rag wants things to get worse-not better

        • Yeah, Obama sure is a Constitutional follower, like Executive Order Amnesty for 1.7 Million Illegals that was voted down by the American People & Congress 3 times. Like seeking permission form the U.N. to wage war, not our Congress as clearly stated in our Constitution. And BO is so transparent, ramming through 2500 page Obamacare without anyone reading it at midnight on a weekend. Bush “was” heavily critized from the Right when he expanded Medicare D with no money for it, but Liberals rarely is critized by MSNBC, the Media or most Liberals and the Democrat Congress.

          • Read up sometime instaed of getting your news from Limbaugh’s butt. DHS has the authority to sort deportees, and they’ve chosen to fast-track criminals instead of high-school students.

        • They also shouted Bush should all ways be treated with respect because he was President. President Obama came into office and the conservatives have never treated him with respect. President Obama has earned the respect given to him by everyone except so called conservatives.

    • Hey Diogenes: I agree with you my friend because these are the same loons that put BUSH back in office even after knowing he started war and KILLED over 4000 of our kids during that war (for nothing) all made up nonsense he tried to bleme on everyone and everything accept himself where the real blame belonged.

  1. Good riddance. Anyone that starts a political party and names it after a sex act without knowing it (tea BAG party) deserves the constituency that they get.

  2. We can only hope that the media in its quest for ratings lets these idiots sail off in the sunset with little fanfare. They already received far more coverage than they ever deserved. Defeat has its consequences and an ignoble exit is number one.

  3. There are still plenty of them around. That means that they are supported by many of their constituents. That is the sad thing.

    • Yes there are. I am always amazed, even through I shouldn’t be, how many vote for a candidate not for what they stand for but because the party they belong to. This is a question that maybe off the subject, before the election I checking out the people that running for the US Senate in my state and one of them , called himself a blue Republican, what is a blue Republican?

  4. Ah, poor Alan West. As delusional as the rest of his party… at what point does he get forced to step aside? Is he able to just refuse reality indefinitely?

  5. We need to keep reminding people that today’s Tea Party has much more resemblance to the Mad Hatter’s version than the patriots of the 18th century.

  6. All extremes are bad. B. Clinton had to move towards the center to be able to work with a GOP Congress. Some people still have to learn to read the handwriting on the wall!! Jack Marlowe, Buenos Aires

    • Clinton can think three separate thoughts at the same time. Dubya had trouble with one. Clinton clearly has superior intellect, but he had the good sense while President to hide the most obvious aspects of it under his “aw shucks” accent. So while he was a Rhodes Scholar (I’m sure many on the right have no idea what that is and would have condemned him for it), he at least sounded like a good ol’ boy–but one of the smart ones, kinda like the guy down the street who can fix everything.

  7. i think west got what he deserved. he is not only a racist, he is a real hypocrite. the GOP only helped him into office to bring in black votes. it’s like when any of the GOP blow their ”DOG WHISTLE”, he doesn’t believe it’s about him. one reason he didn’t get black votes, is because his views are too extreme. he doesn’t see the real picture. he always said what the GOP wanted to hear, thinking he was one of THE GOOD OLE BOYS. in reality he is either real stupid, or real stubborn. that cost him his seat in congress. the GOP didn’t come running to help him, like he expected. instead they let him know what they really think of him. bottom line is, to the GOP he is just another black man. as far as a future in politics for him. not good. people don’t forget when their own kind tries to screw them as bad as he did. so, mr. west please take your place UNDER THE BUS. it’s been waiting for you for some time. if you are looking for a job, call NEWT, he can get you a janitors job in some white’s only school. after all, NEWT is a fellow republican. when the dust finally settles, you will be joined, under the bus by, McCain, graham, McConnell, cantor, and numerous others. of coarse, the die hard losers, like palin, romney, ryan, walsh, atkin, limbaugh, and many others will continue to try to hang a stink on mr. obama, but to no avail. the numbers 334 to 203. shows where america is on the important issues facing our nation. the mid terms should be interesting. if the GOP wants to servive, they need to stop hindering progress, and start
    co operating with the people in charge. we the majority elected them, and we will back them.
    outside of the military, racism is very real. that’s something you failed to acknowledge.

    • We (blacks) don’t vote for someone based on color or race, contrary to popular belief! West wouldn’t have gotten black votes even if he was sane (even his relatives don’t like him). He belongs to the republican neo-cons. The neo-cons hate blacks. No, we would not have voted for this guy even if he was good. I wish people would stop under-estimating black and latino people. Believe it or not, we do pay attention to politics. We pay attention to the issues. I believe more of us are informed than a lot of republican constituents are.

      • good morning stelle53, i apologize if i offended you. i should have explained my statement about NEWT a little deeper. i was referring to one of the many statements that NEWT spouted out during the GOP nominating debates. he said ” instead of wasting money on trying to educate black people, we should give them jobs as janitors in schools”. the way he said it offended me also. i understood him to mean that if black people were janitors in these schools, that the schools students were white. this is the kind of crap that most GOP, the tea party, and fox news. dish out. ms. stella, i am an old white man living in louisiana, where racism still thrives. i see it almost daily, and it sickens me. skin color has no role in the way i live. i believe that mr. west will still continue to deliver his hate, and racist messages on fox news. just like palin, huckabee, and many others. anyway, i hope this clears things up a bit. were are on the same team, and i’m proud of that. sincerely karl Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: 5 Tea Party Republicans We Won’ t See In Congress In 2013

    • I can not stand West but at the same time the way you have said somethings in your posting come across as you being racist like West. The one that struck me the most as being racist was about Newt getting him job as a janitor in a all white school, it is like you are saying because of his skin pigment the only job he could do was to be a janitor. I do agree with the largest part of your post and may be I read into that statement something that wasn’t there.

      • good morning hillbilly, i probably should have explained my statement about NEWT a little more.during the GOP nominating debates, NEWT said ” instead of wasting money trying to educate black people, we should give them jobs as janitors in schools”. you can find this video just about any where on the net. i’m assuming that if black people are the janitors in schools, that the schools are for white students. i am not racist. i’m just an old white guy living in louisiana, where racism is alive and well. i see proof of this every day. the media doesn’t say much about ole NEWT anymore. probably because just about everything he has to say is irrelevant. and most of his language has a racist overtone in it. if you listen to WEST closely, he sound just like NEWT. that is why i call him a racist, and a hypocrite.i try not to judge, i’m just stating facts.i believe i did some good in helping to get MR. OBAMA re elected. skin color is not an issue with me. i hope this clears things up a bit hillbilly. Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: 5 Tea Party Republicans We Won’ t See In Congress In 2013

  8. I love when stupid people prove their idiocy to others and doom themselves to exactly what they deserve….that is the main reason I was fairly confident that the Romney Ryan ticket couldn’t possibly win….every single time they opened their mouths they proved exactly how out-of-touch and what imbeciles they were and remain to this day….Paul Ryan’s days are numbered….and, I, for one cannot wait for the day when he and his Dopey grin hit the road.

  9. Can anyone rid us of Michelle Bachman?????????? And I don’t mean the way Henry II did with Thomas a’Becket. Although Thomas was a lot saner.

  10. The problem with the tea party is that they were origionally formed as a reaction to Obama care. Now as more people understand the law, there is less reason to elect them. Also their obstruction to anything Obama tried to get the economy moving got people upset. The slash and burn tactics on the budget made no friends, and the infusion of religious fervor scared people.
    The anti women comments were just the final nail in the coffen.

    • They were formed as a reaction to Obamacare? No, they were formed as a reaction to Obama period. Obamacare was just a shield to try and hide their racism. Didn’t work though. We saw right through the baggers. The signs, posters, threats and spitting on black Congressmen said it all.

      • Yup, the Tea Bigots are just 2012’s incarnation of the KKK. Like cockroaches, no matter how much you do to eradicate them they are always waiting for the opportunity to spring forth with their vile and despicable agenda.

      • They origionally rebelled against the wall st bailouts and came out of Texas where a defrocked fromer congressman Dick Armey gave them a new cause health care reform which got them get national converage, for disrupting the meetings on it


    Sadley we also lost some very good politicians along with some of these. There were some great state and local political leaders who lost their positions becasue they voted against totaly radical Tea Party candidates. The Republican party would rather see anyone backed by the Tea Party win regardless of ther qualifications for the office. They are more dedciated to party dominance than they are in the best interests of America!

    We need to insist that America is Always number one and the party (neither party) NEVER becomes domonate – regardless of what Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove thinks!

  12. The problem is not with the idiots who vote for the tea party. The real problem is with the idiots who do not vote. Participation was only 40.1% in the 2010 midterm elections. For the general election in 2012 60% of the voters made it to the polls. The Republicans took over a number of state legislatures and governorships and were able in part by redrawing voting districts to their advantage to maintain their majority in Congress with fewer votes than the Democrats.

    • The redrawing of state districts is why a sleazeball like Republican Dr. Scott DesJarlais geo reelected. When he was first elected in 2010 on the not kept Republican jobs promise, his district 4 was comprised of 8 counties mostly in East Tennessee around the Chattanooga, Hamilton County area, his district now starts in East Tennessee crosses the state to West Tennessee, and he got reelected because of it.
      When most of the local daily and weekly newspapers in the 8 counties that were District 4 in 2010 gave the results of the election, majority of them printed that DesJarlais upset his Democratic opponent by winning instead of just saying he won reelection, and they wrote about his reelection like they were shocked he won reelection after the type of person he was and probably still is came out after the 2010 elections, his having affairs with some of his women patients, smoking pot and taking pills with one of his female patients and giving her prescribations for pills she had no medical need for,claiming he is Pro life even after tape was made public of a phone call between him and a former female patient he had an affair with where he is pressuring her to have an abortion.
      If we checked it out, we would probably find out that is why people like Bachmann and Ryan were reelected the redrawing of Districts.

  13. If you want to thin out the Tea Partiers in Congress, pick some of their opponents to support in the next election. I sent contributions to candidates from states other than my own to help them defeat Tea Party members. Other people did the same thing and most of the candidates who received those contributions and awareness of that support won.

  14. Now is the time to change the date of our election. Please tell congress, to move the date from November first Tuesday, to Columbus Day . This was a holiday and the weather was good. unlike November the weather are cold and rainy. Please start a movement,so that every body are able to vote. thanks.

  15. Allen West is one of the most decent, honorable men there is!! Shows there are more gutter snipes in Florida than not. The lying communist snakes did a job on him!!! Voter fraud stole his seat just like Red rag stole the White House!!

  16. I think they are gone forever because if they become more open minded, we can create a video having them argued both sides of the same issue… just the way we did it with Romney. I am sure they will find a job at Fox News where they can continue the campaign of disinformation of their low information-mentally unstable listeners, these includes also right wing radio hosts such as Mark Levin, Larry Older, etc.

  17. If Michelle hangs on to her seat that tells you that Minnesota people are STUPID to keep her. Her light bulb gone out long ago, now the Minn people will have flash light. LOLoLOLOLOL Don’t blame us the sane peole with common sense.
    Not enough Repukes was kicked out of Congress so it will be Business as usual, Filibuster, filibuster, filibuster. It was time to clean out the house and pick truly people of both parties who have COUNTRY well being at heart, not their personal gain, fame and glory.
    SAD. 🙁

  18. Once again it shows that when a election official wants to cook the books they can but you will never see Justices involvement when its done by democrats

  19. Exactly!! The Tea Bag Party was the new and updated version of the KKK
    Created because they are Bigots who hated that an Afro-American (bi-racial) was the President of the United States, and you were right…They were totally transparent….The disrespect shown the President was disgusting..But The President handled the hate and bashing with a tremendous amount of dignity.
    Well Done Mr President… ::clapping::

  20. And if the rest of the republicans keep it up (the party of NO) they will lose the House at mid-term election. They will soon be gone.

  21. Christmas came early this year, with these extremist fanatics being defeated. In a perfect world, Michele Bachmann would have been among them but we do need to keep some entertainment around.

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