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Sunday, September 25, 2016

  • This is for OMG. Please spare us your “real cartoon of the day”.

    • RobertCHastings

      Let’s face it, OMG is the online incarnation of Ted Cruz, getting his information from the same sources, following the same taglines and talking points, wiping his bung with the same used TP, and rinsing his moouth at the same bidet.

  • Folks like Cruz and Perry are bought and paid for politicians, ensuring their best donors get at least a 10x return on all their campaign “contributions.” In Texas, any rule, law or policy don’t get done what don’t put money in some “Good Ole Boy’s” deep, and Ah mean, Ah mean, DEEP pockets. The only more corrupt state I can think of is Texas. Oh, dang, I was already talking about Texas. New Joisey and Nuh Yahk got nuttin’ on Oily Politicians.

    These guys put the Mafia to shame. All hat and no cattle, these guys.

  • Now we really know what is in Texas TEA.