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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Just as the ill-conceived crusade to defund Obamacare peters out comes word of another Republican foofaraw in the making. Tea Party zealots are gearing up to make a grand stand against immigration reform.

Here is my humble request: Please, God, do not make us withstand another bogus filibuster by Sen. Ted Cruz, unless this time he promises to read Huevos verdes con jamón to all the little anchor babies whose parents he wants to deport.

Obama set the stage for the next battle royal even as Congress was holding hearings on the bungled rollout of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance website. “We should pass immigration reform,” he told the White House press corps. “And we should do it this year.”

There he was again — Obama the dreamer.

Immigration reform is not going to pass through the House in the next two months — and is unlikely to get anywhere during this session. The Senate’s bipartisan immigration bill passed in June. However, it has already been labeled as toxic by Tea Party activists. They sent a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner in October warning that even considering the Senate’s positions “would lead to disaster.”

And Cruz, the boldly arrogant senator from Texas, can be expected to puff up and perform for the Tea Party faithful, judging by his conduct in the Obamacare/debt limit fiasco. The stage is set. He will not be able to resist.

Cruz, widely touted as a hopeful presidential candidate in 2016, is himself an immigrant. He was born across the border in a country that could until recently claim him as a dual citizen. Ay, caramba! What’s a red-white-and-blue (albeit foreign-born) patriot to do?

Luckily for him, his country of birth is Canada, which, apart from its Marxist health care system, raises few hackles of U.S. nativists. Still, as an immigrant of sorts, and as the son of a Cuban immigrant to the U.S., you’d think Cruz would exhibit more understanding of those who come to our country and the best policies to deal with them.

Instead, he has endorsed some of the most discredited schemes for stopping illegal immigration, such as the construction of a massive physical wall at the nearly 2,000-mile-long U.S.-Mexican border. Stretches of wall at the border have already cost $21 million per mile. (The debt! The debt!) Never mind that, for years, experts have pointed out that other measures, such as air surveillance, would be far more cost-effective. Especially if coupled with reforms that address the labor market needs that draw migrants here in the first place, namely aiding the legal migration of high- and low-skilled workers.

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  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    It is ironic that a Cuban-Canadian-American who benefited from our open door policy to any Cuban capable of landing on dry soil (and by being an anchor baby to an ex-pat American mother) would be the one who opposes immigration reform. Then again, why should he support changes to a system that would pretty much grant the same courtesy to everyone else that it does to his father’s co-nationals.

    • TZToronto

      This seems to be the way with those on the right. Clarence Thomas, for example, while having benefited from affirmative action, is opposed to it. Once I get mine, who cares about other people who may be in the same situation I was in? I have health insurance, so why should I care about those who don’t?

      • latebloomingrandma

        So much for the mean-spirited “values” party.

      • mandinka

        so which is it?? Quotas are good or bad?

        • TZToronto

          Well, that’s a good question. We all know the issue. One part of the issue is the de facto segregation of elementary and secondary schools. Even though segregation is not legal, schools in minority (read as black or Hispanic) neighborhoods tend to be virtually segregated. Do these schools receive the same level of funding that schools in more affluent neighborhoods? We know what separate but equal used to mean–“white” schools get funded, black schools get ignored. So it is still the case that children who are the products of minority schools tend to have a poorer level of education than those who are the products of more affluent schools. Thus, some very bright minority students are less well prepared (not less intelligent) for college than non-minority students. To deny them the same opportunity that non-minority students have is to accept and perpetuate the unequal starting points. So on balance, affirmative action is the right thing to do. The question is, which non-minority students are being hurt by affirmative action? It is unlikely that those non-minority students being denied admission to colleges because of affirmative action are the cream of the crop of applicants. They do have other options for college.

          • pisces63

            As the grandmother of 5, ages 11, 7, 5, 4 and 2, I can attest that black children do not get the same treatment. From black people, especially. As products of Cleveland metro Schools, 12/12 of us are graduates. Now, I have a 7 year old granddaughter who has been published, was tested in kdg to read and comprehend on a 6th/7th grade level but they refuse to test her for advanced placement. I have gone to the administration, letters to editors, etc. and we are categorically ignored. She is now a 2nd grader who read Poe and Robert Louis Stevenson last summer and is relegated to some 10 page pamplet called a ‘book’. She is becoming angry and hates school where before she loved it. We finally put her older brother in a charter because of bullying which they did nothing about after lying about no tolerance. He is a 6th grader and doing well. As a 4th grader at Wade Park Elementary, he was dragged around the room and kicked while a male, black teacher turned his back and did nothing. My daughter fought for her son and because of this, the then white principle refused to have her daughter tested as retribution. We wanted to stick with cleveland Public schools but the people are failing us and ignoring our children for children who do nothing. Black parents get so angry at my daughter because of her children’s progress that teachers have to whisper their progress, so as not to offend a bunch of idiot nobodies.

          • TZToronto

            Of course, I’d guess that white kids often get the same treatment as minority kids–but not as much. Stereotypes drive a lot of thinking, and it’s the observant teacher who recognizes the raw material for genius. But when you have 40 kids in a classroom, it’s hard to observe each child’s unique gifts. Still, when the cream rises to the top, it’s pretty obvious.

    • mandinka

      Except that his father did it illegally and Barak wants illegals to get in front of all other immigrants. With no requirement for all the benefits that they received

      • Independent1

        Yeah! I guess that’s why in 5 years his administration has deported more troublesome illegals than any other president!!! With each post – you add just one more proof to your astounding stupidity!!!!

        • rbgintx

          The deportation numbers have been found wanting. The administration puts out a number and would have you believe they represent separate individuals removed from the country and nothing could be further from the truth. Ever heard of reinstatement of deportation? One person is deported. Sometime later they are apprehended illegally in the country again. Rather than deport them again, Officers can simply reinstate the original order of deportation. In San Diego, where I used to work, this could happen several times and each one could be counted as a deportation even though it is the same individual. This is an example of what I call press release journalism. A government agency puts out a press release promoting a certain point of view and the media reports it, without investigation, as fact.

          • Independent1

            I’m sure what you’re suggesting occurs, but to suggest that it’s rampant is purely ludicrous. And whatever is happening, hasn’t changed over the past 3 decades, so my statement still remains factual – the Obama Administration has deported more illegals, especially criminal types, than any previous president; And here’s an article from NPR on that:

            Although President Obama supports setting a path to citizenship for many illegal immigrants, his administration deported a record 1.5 million of them in his first term. In addition, the latest data released by the government in recent days show that an unprecedented 409,849 people were deported for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

            The increase from the previous year occurred despite policy changes ordered by Obama to reduce the deportations of otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants. Roughly 55 percent, or more than 225,000 people, deported in the past year were convicted of crimes such as drug offenses and driving under the influence. Immigration officials note that they deported nearly twice as many convicted criminals as in the year before Obama took office. That year, in 2008, criminals made up about a third of all deportations.

            The administration says the figures demonstrate that the shift in enforcement to focus on criminals is working.Priority cases include felons, repeat violators of immigration laws, people who have recently crossed U.S. borders illegally and those who pose a national security threat, the White House says.

            But immigrant advocates, including Latino politicians and civil rights groups, criticized the figures as evidence that Obama’s policy changes don’t sufficiently protect unintended targets.

            “This is nothing to be proud of,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., said in a statement. “In the 409,849 deportations are hardened criminals for whom I have no sympathy, but we must also realize that among these … are parents and breadwinners … that are assets to American communities and have committed no crimes.” Some 90,000 people in this category are deported every year, Gutierrez estimates.

      • pisces63

        It would mean something if ‘illegals’ did not apply to only latins, Mexican specifially. Illegals cover the gamut of all countries, including Canada, Great Britain, France, etc. If it were just about them, we would not have this argument. it falls within the purvue of eugenics movement that America and all of europe believed in. They even went so far as to hint at extermination of people they considered less than. You would be surprised and who falls under that category, too. In fact it was America’s eugenics plans that he implemented in Germany but included extermination of the least, unfit, sick, ethnicity. We sterilized.

  • JDavidS

    Cruz…Rand…Lyin’ Ryan. Is this what the RepubliCONS have come to? Put all of their brains together and they still wouldn’t have the intelligence of a house plant. Republicans like Eisenhower must be spinning in their graves when they see what idiots like these three have done to the GOP.

  • Buford2k11

    I object to calling Ted a “Patriot”…He is NOT a Patriot…He has shown that he cares not for our country…He ignores the Oath he took…He may be here legally, but has proved he hasn’t earned nor deserved the full citizenship reserved for folks who work for the betterment of our nation…

    • highpckts

      Well that can be said for most of the House!! Patriots is not the word I would use!!

      • Independent1

        The word traitor seems to fit better to the GOP members of the House.

        • mandinka

          Cruz is a bastard SOB who should be sent back to Canada.

    • tax payer

      You are confusing Obama with Ted.

      • Buford2k11

        No I am not…your buddy ted is the ENEMY…

  • blyvl

    I’m no fan of Cruz, but I disagree with the author. I’m a retired immigration officer (Border Patrol) and under the law, Cruz is a citizen, not an “immigrant”. That is, if we accept his BC (birth certificate) and his and his mother’s claims at face value. “The right”, many of whom were convinced that President Obama wasn’t a citizen, are silent on the issue of Cruz’s citizenship. You’d think that they’d at least want to do “due diligence” and to verify Cruz’s claims. A good investigator could do it in a day; s/he’d have to verify his birth through Canadian records and would have to investigate his mother’s claims that she had sufficient residence in the U.S. to pass on citizenship at birth. Well, maybe a couple days.

    I imagine Cruz is a citizen, and I hope he’s the GOP nominee; I don’t believe a majority of Americans would vote for him.

    • Independent1

      Despite the fact that Obama has PROVED his natural born citizenship on numerous occasions, that hasn’t prevented a large percentage of the Republican electorate from continuing to believe the ‘birther lies’ even today. Especially in politics, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • mandinka

        Your just another birther

  • charleo1

    The, “No way but our way,” faction in the House of Representatives, makes taking up immigration reform as ultimately useless as as the 43 votes they took to repeal ObamaCare. John Beohner is aware, no one else in the Government shares the
    T-Parties’ views on immigration. And of course, they will not compromise. And of course, he will not bring to the floor for a vote, any bill the most hardline, and extreme elements in his caucus will not support. And thats on Boehner, not the T-Party. It is this little insane, and luny bin situation, that has made this House, and this Speaker, the most dysfunctional, and least productive, ever. Outside of shutting down the government, and threatening the World economy. They have managed to dodge every major issue, every urgent challenge, and every attempt made to move them off square one, since they took their seats in 2010. Government, for the T- Party, is never the solution, but the problem. Remember? The problem is also, that the GOP has managed to Gerrymander districts so thoroughly, their constituents back home think they are doing a marvelous job of doing nothing at all. So, the reality about the T-Party is, they are but a symptom of a much larger problem in a subset of voters, with their own power bases, fashioned, and set up, especially for them. And, while there is much debate on why these people see a much different America than everybody else, suffice to say they do. And their influence, far exceeds their numbers. They have been the, “No,” in the, Party of no. The gloom, and doomers, and because of that, the non-compromising, absolutists. The ones warning, “To stop the spending.” Because they believe we’re hopelessly destitute, due to the shiftless’ refusal to go to work. And, that we’re being overrun by lawless gatecrashers, intent on changing the culture, and values, that for them, defines America. And immigration reform is just the Federal Government’s way legalizing all that.

  • daniel bostdorf

    “and Cruz, the boldly arrogant senator from Texas, can be expected to puff
    up and perform for the Tea Party faithful, judging by his conduct in
    the Obamacare/debt limit fiasco.”

    How can you take this guy seriously?

    • Independent1

      Daniel, how do you get a jpg into a reply space?

  • howa4x

    Cruz is the gift that keeps on giving. If there wasn’t a Cruz the democrats would invent him. He is the new whirling dervish of the GOP, constantly spinning from issue to issue trying to create a gravitational pull of elected representatives into his crusade. He had become the de facto speaker of the house during the shutdown having more sway with it’s members than Boehner. Now he wants to drag his loyalists down a new path of destruction as if sinking poll numbers don’t seem to register with anyone. Cruz wants to make sure that no Latino ever becomes a republican much to the horror of the establishment GOP. Even the once esteemed Chamber of Commerce has lost its position with Cruz’s minions. Now you have the unholy alliance of Cruz and Jim DeMint who at Heritage is pumping out bogus immigration numbers for the base to swallow . He will single handedly deliver every Latino voter to whoever the democratic candidate is. Lucky for the democrats his ego won’t allow him to move out of the spotlight. To the GOP, Cruz has become the character Freddie in a cross between nightmare on Elm st and groundhog day.

  • Stuart

    Fund-raising rhetoric. Palin and Cruz and, I suspect, most other conservatives just want to cash in on the conservative media and donor circuit. Their personal wealth comes first. Everything else is irrelevant.

  • GOP: ‘We Support Our Nation’s 11 Million Latino Criminals’

    ‘These Lawbreakers Are Part Of Our Country’s Rich Tapestry’

    Republican lawmakers say they stand behind the nation’s estimated 11 million undocumented, law-breaking crooks.

    WASHINGTON—As the debate over immigration reform continues in Congress, members of the Republican Party on Tuesday voiced their unequivocal support for the nation’s “more than 11 million Latino criminals,” emphasizing that much of the foundation of American society rests on these hardworking Hispanic lawbreakers.

    “Today, as we consider these crucial changes to our country’s immigration laws, let us once again reiterate our party’s tremendous respect and advocation for the legions of dedicated and persevering Latino wrongdoers who are such an important part of this country,” said Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), speaking on behalf of a group of GOP lawmakers who have pledged their support of the estimated 11 million “flagrant and obtrusive offenders of the law.” “And so I would like these utterly felonious men and women to know that the Republican Party respects you and your corrupt, blatantly illegal interests. We stand with you, wanton transgressors.”

    “After all, you and your lawbreaking ilk make up a vital part of our nation’s rich tapestry,” McConnell added.

    Emphasizing the important role played by the country’s 11 million undocumented miscreants in the nation’s neighborhoods, schools, and businesses, Republicans from both the Senate and the House came together in solidarity today with what lawmakers called “the proud, resilient Hispanic crooks seeking to make a better life for themselves and their criminal families by taking what is not theirs.”

    Specifically, GOP legislators highlighted the countless contributions made to society by the millions of job-stealing Latino factory workers, incessant federal fund wasters, violent gangbangers, and unassimilated, non-English-speaking foreign interlopers who they said make this country great.

    “I, for one, am proud of these lawless foreigners who drain vital resources from our nation, irrevocably alter our national identity, and punish law-abiding immigrants who play by the rules,” said House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), noting that several of his own constituents are steadfast, patriotic delinquents who openly defy our nation’s rule of law and believe in America. “Despite anything you may have heard to the contrary, my fellow Republicans and I are fully behind these outlaws, and we believe in making a better life for these villains’ children and their children’s children, who will someday become enthusiastic criminals in their own right, if they aren’t already.”

    “These parasitic monsters should be given a shot at freedom and opportunity, because diversity and acceptance are what America is all about,” Boehner continued. “And they are what the Republican Party is all about, too.”

    • Vernon Sukumu

      Dose this group of outlaws remind you more of the Mass. or Virginia settlers, I remember reading in grade school that they all had proper documents, got their visa’s from the native or was it from the Washington “Redskins”

    • ObozoMustGo

      Great post, Zheet!

  • mandinka

    Cruz filibuster = bad according to the State Run Media, the filibuster by a female State Senator in Texas = Good. Filibuster by Barney Sanders = Good

    • charleo1

      Grover Norquist described Ted Cruz’s actions as, “Leading his Party out into
      traffic, and then, wandering away.” As Norquist, the President, and Founder
      of the powerful, corporate backed, Citizens for Tax Reform. Most notable for
      the 96% of Republicans now serving in the Senate, and House, as well as all but one of the recent Republican Presidential candidates, including Mitt Romney, as being signers of “The Pledge.” To never increase taxes, unless given the O.K. from Grover. Now, that’s kind of embarrassing, that voters put their guy in office. But he’s gotta ask Grover what to do. But, that’s not state run media. That’s a corporate run political party. What the GOP should do,
      instead of voting for individual Right Wingers. Is just write Grover, and tell
      him, “American Idol,” style, who they would like Grover Norquist to pick.
      Wendy Davis, on the other hand, was not filibustering to deny the 50 million
      or so, uninsured Americans access to a doctor, or protection from the
      financial ruin of medical costs, like Ted Cruz. But, was filibustering because her Governor, and the GOP lead Legislature, were voting to close Planned Parenthood Clinics, and cut off some 200,000 women, most with children living below the poverty line, in the Southern Rio Grande Valley. If we even had state run media, I wouldn’t need it to tell me which politician was grandstanding, (because Cruz actually did vote for the bill he was filibustering.) And which one Grover Norquist has no control whatsoever over. And was standing up for her principals. As was Bernie Sanders. He also makes his pledges to the people of Vermont, and not to the head of a lobby group.

    • Independent1

      You’re questioning the fact that the media would call a filibuster done by a creep who lies 75% of the time bad??? That’s really funny!!!! I’m guessing that the media concurred with more than 90% of the American population.

      Irrefutable Proof That Ted Cruz (R-TX) is Congress’ Biggest Liar
      April 10, 2013
      Ted Cruz (T-TX) calls himself a Southern Baptist, so he should know the Ninth

      Yet a full 54 percent of Ted Cruz’s statements have been rated “false” or “pants on fire” by PolitiFact. Another 20 percent are only “half true.” That’s 74 percent of Cruz’s statements failing the truth test.

      We’re used to politicians lying to us, of course. But the frequency of Cruz’s lies is actually staggering. Compare Cruz’s 74 percent lying rate with Rick Perry’s 48 percent and John Cornyn’s 56 percent. Cruz is in rarified with Michele Bachmann as one of this country’s biggest political liars. Whenever Ted Cruz opens his mouth, there’s a 3/4 chance he’s lying.

    • old_blu

      What Ted Cruz did was not a filibuster, because he wasn’t stopping anything, and couldn’t have changed a thing, all he did was get up and babble to hear himself babble.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Zheet and the anonymous posters who hide because they cant post real names and of course, the distinguished Obozo and a half dozen others…..all of you and Ted Cruz said what?

  • tax payer

    If it passes it’ll be an injustice to every American citizen in this country. To reward these illegals for coming as illegals is not what this country is suppose to do, but Democrats and a few Republicans may go against the wishes of those voters that put them in office.