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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Occupy Wall Street is intent on surviving the winter months, the stubborn encampments sprinkled throughout America having become a symbol of the constant need to push back against the powerful corporations dominating a broken politics in Washington.

But social movements in the United States have rarely expressed themselves in sustained public occupations quite like this, which makes the next few months critical — and tough to predict.

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  • ceverettham

    People who have real jobs are to busy contributing to the economy and society to waste their time trying to get something for nothing from the very people who create their jobs. In other words these occupy people need to go to their low income housing and take a bath. Then get a real job or starve.

  • ed Clemensen

    All the republicans would have to do is pass Obama’s present Jobs bill, and fast track it, that would fix the problem, But, and i am happy about it, they won’t and i figure that it is highly likely that they will loose fifty to eighty percent of the the election

  • purfact

    The thing is this is a progressive movement that refuses to take a political side. Both sides are caving to the 99%. Maybe you should do some research and come back with the story no one tells. What are their ‘values’. What are their incites into how to fix this country. On c-cpan last night occupy DC had many speakers with specific agendas to recreate a government for the people.
    Who caused this recession and benefited, who lost the most ect. The people there definitely did not have the get a job or starve values. If this is the American value system I,ll have no part. What are values. Is it who ever can get the most money wins and losers be damned in the US. It would seem that it is. Under this rule there will be very few winners. If you have a ‘job’ you are probably not one of them, you are part of the host from which they feed.

  • SteveHanken

    When one gets beyond the early days of J. Edgar Hoover, and sees anarchists for who they are really, if anyone can function on a local level it would be anarchists. Their central theme is get smaller and take care of your own without benefit of massive centralization and overarching power structures. To consider anarchists unable to handle things is regurgitating the propaganda of the past, that socialists, communists and anarchists are all bomb throwers who need to be tossed out of the country, and largely were. Fear of the IWW and the “one big union” concept, really brought the house down, and all it took was the word “sabotage” which the IWW interpeted as work slow downs and foot dragging on the job rather than dynamite and bombs. Organizing within the IWW was always handled locally and democratically, they sustained strikes far longer than anyone expected because they financed their own strike funds with constant fund raising efforts and passing the hat. To even suggest anarchists are incapable of keeping a movement alive does a dis-service to the memory of those who struggled when murder and mayhem were constant themes brought to bay by the government, the courts and the corporations.

  • tellmehl

    The occupiers have the tenacity and physical ability to make a long term impression. I want to support their idealism both financially and with my prayerful commitment because they represent me in every way. How can the 1% survive without us?

  • marjorym7

    You are seriously uniformed about the Wall Street Occupiers and you should check yourself before commenting. Most of them are college grads who are unable to find jobs and whose college loans are exorbitant and coming due. Many of them are not poor and have homes to live in and are there to protest Wall Street Greed and the failure of government to regulate it. Of course there are always a few who may be homeless. I don’t see how terrible that is however. The homeless are humans too and need the help that the OWS people freely give them, help that no one else seems to want to provide.
    You should be ashamed of your attitude. I would like to know who is creating jobs with our soaring unemployment rate?. Our president puts out a plan to get some people back to work and the GOP filibusters it. At the same time our president is busy making trade deals with other countries which will affect the US negatively as to jobs and products. Wake up and smell the coffee. Unless you are in the 1% (and I am guessing you either are or you are just plain dumb)you better be sure that there will be a day that this wall street greed grabs you by the b=== too. Go back to your cave where you can fantasize and point fingers at those who are putting their health and bodies on the line to try and fix our broken system. And by the way, no bath will ever get your soul clean!


    Winters are’nt as bad in D.C. and people hanging out on the steps of Congress could have a better outcome. Disabled vet’s, homeless, jobless, people who care about our
    broken state of affairs in masses to let them see first hand the carnage of the day.

  • Tom Camfield

    Winter will be a real test, just as with Washington’s Army. Shelter will be difficult for protestors in various cities, and police activity in enforcing no-tent restrictions, etc., will be of prime interest. I hope stay-at-home sympathizers will turn out to assist by providing encouragement, sustenance and comfort as best they can. There also may be hope here of contributing to the prolonged life of some of our homeless who have been relegated to the streets.