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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Some recent headlines from the alternate universe of modern conservatism:

Rush Limbaugh claims the bad guy in the new Batman movie was named Bane to remind voters of Mitt Romney’s controversial tenure at Bain Capital.

Michele Bachmann, citing zero credible evidence, accuses a Muslim-American aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio’s crack investigators announce that President Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a fake.

In other words, it’s just an average week down there in Crazy Town. And that lends a certain context to a tidbit brought to national attention last week by Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” Meaning a plank from the 2012 platform of the Republican Party of Texas which, astonishingly enough, reads as follows: “We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.”

Holy wow. That is, without a doubt, the most frightening sentence this side of a Stephen King novel.

The Texas GOP has set itself explicitly against teaching children to be critical thinkers. Never mind the creeping stupidization of this country, the growing dumbification of our children, our mounting rejection of, even contempt for, objective fact. Never mind educators who lament the inability of American children to think, to weigh conflicting paradigms, analyze competing arguments, to reason, ruminate, question and reach a thoughtful conclusion. Never mind that this promises the loss of our ability to compete in an ever more complex and technology-driven world.

Never mind. The Texas branch of one of our two major political parties opposes teaching critical-thinking skills or anything that might challenge a child’s “fixed beliefs.” So presumably, if a child is of the “fixed belief” that Jesus was the first president of the United States or that two plus two equals apple trees or that Florida is an island in an ocean on the moon, educators ought not correct the little genius lest she (gasp!) change her “fixed belief,” thereby undermining mom and dad.

That’s just … just…

Holy wow.

  • Critical thinking is the bane (sorry for the pun) of GOP existence. How are you going to keep down on the farm once they’ve learned to think? There are many possible jokes to be used regarding dumbing down the dumb, but that would be redundant. In fact it is no joking matter, and so surreal that it defies reason. One would have to suspend all logic in order to believe such action could be understood in a positive manner. It is hard to believe that these people are serious, but they certainly are. Freightening in its implications and application as well. Such believe, let alone action, demands release from reality and reason and into the realm of intentional stupidity. It is not ignorance, it is surely intentional stupidity and there is no excuse. They’ve moved beyond ideology, and to a radical departure from the real world and into some kind of fantasyland. I feel sorry for the future of the children being reared in that backward environment. It is clear that Texas is way past time for a house cleaning of it political leadership. November will tell us all.

    • Sadly, November will tell us all. I live in Houston & I spend 1/3 of my take home income to send my kids to private school so that they can learn critical thinking skills.

      I also have to say I’m deeply disturbed by the state of the GOP. “Grand” used to mean great and respected. Now it means $1000–a party up for purchase to the highest bidder, Bain Capitol, the Koch Bros, etc.

      Let me also add that I have huge admiration for Richard Nixon. OK he was more than a bit paranoid–a critical flaw that lead to his downfall. He’s a classic tragic hero, almost right out of a Shakespearian or Greek drama. Raised a Quaker, brought himself up from poverty & served in the Pacific theater WWII as a logistics officer. VP under Ike.
      His administration (and Ford’s afterwards) gave us the EPA, OSHA, DOE, DOEd, NRC, SALT, and opened diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union AND China. We landed on the Moon, got out of Vietnam, and prepared for launching Skylab. We also have the Equal Rights Amendment and the Clean Air Act. All this is coming from a “Conservative” president! Take away Watergate and Nixon would be regarded as the greatest US president of the past 40-50 yrs and possibly one of the most successful of all time.

      I don’t see the Tea-Party taking us back to that level of “Grand” any time soon.

      • Shargad

        I have said pretty much the same thing about Nixon for years. I was a “liberal” college student during his tenure, and thought he was getting the shaft even then. Several times I’ve likened his downfall to the “tragic flaw” of Shakespearean characters. My father, a life-long strong Democrat also thought Nixon was a decent president and said (as many of us said of President Clinton) that he should just have said “We screwed up” and then moved on.

        • jarheadgene

          Well Of course Nixon was doing his best to be a good President. He was probably partially responsible if not 1/2 for the assasination of JFK, or at least the cover-up. After the Zapruder film does anyone really believe Oswald acted alone. (Or was Oswald even involved). And how logical is it that Nixon gets so worried, that his men break into Watergate, just to find out what the other parties election strategies were? Come on! There is a strong possibility that what he was afraid of was Cold Hard evidence of his complicity in the assasination and that it was going to be revealed. Why else would he resign in shame over a little late night break in? He was already in a lame duck term so it wasn’t like all of this was going to cost his next election. You go down for breaking and entering what do you get 1-2 years max? You go down for assasination you get hung. His VP goes down
          for Tax evasion. Next thing you know Nixon appoints…..TADAH Gerald Ford a Republican’s Republican – member of the IDIOTIC Warren Commision – as his VP, insuring his pardon and all thoughts of Watergate being no more than a simple breaking an entering. Even Lyndon Johnson was pissed off to see what the Warren Commision’s final conclusion was, because it was so unbelievable. Lyndon Johnson is on Tape stating that. Well Played Mr. Nixon wherever you quaker soul landed.

          • RepentantRepublican

            The Watergate break-in happened before the election. It was CREEP (committee to re-elect the president) that tried to pull it off. The subsequent effort to cover up the President’s involvement (or appearance of involvement), just as in the Clinton dalliance case, seems to have been what caused the dragged out uproar, leading, in Nixon’s case, to his resignation. Nixon had character problems, but was not involved in JFK’s assassination. I’m not convinced Oswald worked alone, but that’s another matter. I do remember that some folks speculated that either LBJ or the Mafia was behind the assassination. Coming back to the original topic concerning critical thinking, speculation does not equal evidence. See Michele Bachmann’s recent contentions.

          • DurdyDawg

            Well, if it was the mafia then they had the C.I.A., S.S., (that is the secret service, not that other group) and the FBI in their back pocket.. How come there was no S.S. even near the president (in the car behind them) the limo slowed to about 5mph during the most advantageous area while the car behind slowed even lower.. the route was changed at the last minute in order to allow the people to see them (the regular route would have been just as good).. No watcher/snipers in surrounding buildings, no precautions retrieving evidence and the most ridiculous, science can not accommodate being shot in the back of the head and falling backward.. you would instead project forward and to the left.. gravity does not work that way and if you look closely his, ‘first leaning forward then being whipped backward’ (according to some disputers) is just not there.. then the gathering, someone in a dark suit yells that it came from the depository yet no one else confirms, even contradicts. Could it have been LBJ? Not likely else he would have been willing and able to go for another term and would have won. What about Nixon? Doubtful he would have been the mastermind, hell his own party disowned him several times in his many losses. So much confusion, so many details..Only the S.S. in conjunction with the CIA and FB of I could have pulled this off and so successful they were that they found two other patsy’s and repeated the same trick on MLK and RFK.. Give the bastards another chance and the next target will be O. After all, as long as their OWN people investigate, who’s gonna find the truth?

          • Wow…..You wrote what I have thought happened…not to that detail…. but thank you. A sad day in our country that was.

          • DurdyDawg

            Indeed Mary, and there’s so many other gaps and situations that are highly suspicious (at least to me).. Like the movie theater.. Was Oswald attempting to make an alibi? If so why not just head for the movie house from the book depository, pay his way in and no one would be the wiser.. Instead he went back to his apt. (his land lady could attest his arrival shortly after the assassination, she even brought it up to him as he was frantically dressing and retrieving his hand gun) change shirts (for what reason?) then accost and kill a cop, continue on to the movie house, NOT pay to get in (arousing the management to call the cops who didn’t arrive like normal procedure.. one squad car) but en masse as if they knew they had found their man, and how did they know? He didn’t pay to get into the movie house? (chuckle). No way to establish an alibi in this manner, any other ‘killer’ (or at least professional) would have scuttled the plan (that who? somebody else set up?) slipped out the back exit and find some other way to check in to his handlers.. Very suspicious.. Even if it was a meeting place that was pre-arraigned, it was blown the moment he failed to drop a half dollar (or whatever the cost was in 1963) and enter the theater like any other normal customer.. I think it was a safe house that his handler(s) set up then called the cops on him telling them that their suspect was seen entering the movie house. Instead, we were to assume what? That he was an idiot? That what went down was how it happened? Why did he kill that cop when it was obvious (at least for the moment) he had escaped being caught? I think (if it happened and some evidence points to two other men that were spotted by witnesses) the cop was there to assassinate him and failed.. Nothing was ever said if the officer had his weapon un-holstered at the time. Mary, to me it just doesn’t add up. I’ve been on this since it happened (I was eighteen) and to date I still think the warren commission were a bunch of lackey liars and truth pirates.. Did you know that there were two official reports by these mutton heads which contradicted each other? (one discounting the conspiracy and the other affirming it).. Crazy world.. Well, not really.. Only crazy people.

          • catball

            I was there that day. I was standing on the grassy knoll. The last bullet came from the fense. I saw the 3 guys and their guns. The warren commission told me that it could’nt be true, but it was. I tried to contact edward kennedy to tell him what I saw and the secretarys wouldn’t let me through. After a few years I gave up.

          • DurdyDawg

            That’s fantastic cat.. Although I was in Fort Worth at the time, I watched the entire thing on TV and on that original broadcast I heard witnesses say things that was later eliminated or else they changed their tune. I don’t care about the bullet, my concern was on the kill shot.. I was once involved in a particular science and I can tell you that the kill shot did not come from behind.. Their using the grad hole as the evidence, that as it goes in it’s smooth then blows out the other end which is true but you do not lurch back and to the left.. It’s also a reality that the same effect will occur with an angled side shot and not one of those Dallas doctors ever mentioned a hole in the back of the head, just the side that was blown away.. I would like to hear you’re side of the story Catball, just to confirm my suspicions. Thanks.

          • catball

            I really didn’t see much. I was scared to death. I had my son with me and he was only 8 yrs. old. When you know bullets are flying around you hit the ground. I was lying face down and when I raised my head I seen the guys behind the fence. It was very quick. Within a instant I seen them and they turned and started running. A couple of the guys had hats on. The hats looked like 1940 hats. When I sat up I seen the presidents car go by fast, toward parkland hospital. Several people seen what I saw and I talked to them. It was nuts around there. One man on the grassy knoll ran up to the fence but they were gone. One shell was found and given to the police. The police was trying to get everyone to leave that site.

            I heard later that 3 vagrants were caught and later released. Nothing more was said about it. I do agree with you, the presidents head did move backward, but I seen that on TV. The Warren commission did not want to here anything about the grassy knoll. They acted like the people were seeing things.

          • DurdyDawg

            Fantastic! Were you the person who later did an interview on air or was that someone else with young kid(s)? Were you ever followed or interviewed by the s.s.? I don’t mean to bring up dreadful memories cat but I’ve been fascinated with this subject since it’s beginning and very, very disappointed in the bogus results that the commission gave.. Do you know that there were two reports by Warren commission? One denying conspiracy and a later one confirming, or is that just more rumor? Physics just can’t cause me to believe JFK was shot in the head from behind and those dummies who tried to convince us it actually happened the way they said is ludicrous. I will understand if you don’t reply.. Thanks for sharing you’re story.

          • jarheadgene

            Sorry, you are right I meant to say he was about to be in a lame duck admin. There are a lot of conspiracy theories re JFK…that gives me hope. People that do not take the Warren Commision’s findings as fact are at least thinking and questioning authority. Magic Bullet my arse.

  • Critical thinking requires an ability to rationalize thought logically. That attribute has been absent from the GOP statements and political positions since the emergence of the Tea Party. What characterizes GOP discourse nowdays is infantilism, hyperbole, deliberate distortions of the truth, outlandish claims, and non-sensical proposals. I think this is actually wonderful and I believe the DNC should encourage the RNC, and the TP in particular, to keep up the good work.

    • jhkim

      It’s not just the “Tea Party”.
      As a former educator, this reminds me so much of the same attacks on critical thinking that occurred in the 1970s. Critical Thinking was attacked by the same fundamentalist mindset groups. At that time the code words were “values clarification” and “secular humanism” as a religion.

      • Efforts to suppress critical thinking – and keep the masses ignorant – has been the key used by the elite to preserve and advance their interests since the beginning of recorded history. Emperor Constantine, the Inquisitors, Hitler and Goebbels, bankers, business leaders and every other element of the elite have taken advantage of our innermost fears and prejudices to advance their agendae for centuries. The distribution of wealth in the USA is so skewed, and the probability of turning into a plutocracy is so great, that the only recourse left is to lie, scare, and manipulate a naive electorate in hopes that enough of us will obediently support our nemesis even if doing so is against our best interest.

      • onedonewong

        Yea that critical thinking that goes on in public schools has been a real god send. Notice that when ever there is a terrorist that causes mass deaths in this country they all were educated in public schools…sends a real message

        • jarheadgene

          People have been killing people since Kane and Abel. But to prevent less mass killings…why don’t we take away some of the tools mass murders can get …..WITH EASE. Start with 100 round clips. We went to war with an entire nation over SUSPECTED mass murderer tools…WMD’s. But Saddam wasn’t giving gobs of money to Bush and Cheney’s campaigns; HOWEVER, we have done nothing to stop manufacturers in the U.S. from making weapons of mass destruction – 100 round clips. Oh but isn’t there a lot of gun lobbyists and the NRA giving monies to GOP campaigns?

          • onedonewong

            More than 1,000,000 babies lose their lives every year in this country thanks to the likes of barak, peelosi and reid but in your mind the 12 killed in CO are a larger issue??? Where is you sense of balance??
            As to the 100 round clip that’s a good thing if you had been in the military you would know they have a huge propensity to jam. And that’s what happened in CO

      • You Know It And So Do I The GOP Is Full Of Shit Also And Some Democrats!! They Seem To Think They Can Stop Progress, But They can Think Again When We Unite And Vote Their Butts Out Of Office!!

        • onedonewong

          another profound comment from the occupy cretins


          • onedonewong

            The only thing I saw was written in Ebonics and only colored people understand it

          • only colored huh! read your other comments. so blacks and niggers must not understand ebonics.

          • onedonewong

            Thanks I rest my case

          • You’re both disgusting, knock it off.

    • If anyone wants further proof of your remarks they should look to today’s comment from Rep. Louis Gohmert. Contempt for logic, reason and just plain common sense clearly shown by that idiot. He got in trouble for his remarks a couple of days ago and today he tried to cover his ass. That ass must be very large for he covered nothing. He that the temerity to try and shift the blame to someone else. Accordingly his remarks on the shooting were ‘grossly taken out of context’ and apologized to those who he may have offended. When they apologize to those they ‘may have offended’ the translation is you caught my big ass lie and it is clear to all that I’m deceiver of the first order. What a shameful gentlemen to have as one’s congressional leader.

    • onedonewong

      Yea Barak is a real thinker we need more govt and an ever increasing deficit so that we will soon rival Haiti for the worst undeveloped country

      • cljohnson5270

        Do you know that when GW took office that there was a 5 trillion dollar surplus in the Treasury ( that means there was no deficit). Eight years later when he left office there was a 9 trillion dollar deficit! that means your lying GOP, went through 14 trillion dollars in give aways (lowering taxes for the rich, tax rebates checks to the rich, and wars that reasons to fight were never found). He also strated the big company bailouts, and President Obama followed suit.

        • onedonewong

          No Johnney there wasn’t a surplus in the treasury and no the moon isn’t made of green cheese either. Maybe when you go to school tomorrow ask your 3rd grade teacher to help you with reading comprehension it isn’t your friend

  • Texes,….says it all,……embarrassing for America.

  • JohnRNC

    This is not “news”. This is at least as old as “No Child Left Behind” and probably older than “Creation Science”. When we’re not “teaching to the test” we’re making sure that our kids stay in line and respect their authority figures (especially the ones on Fox News and Talk Radio). It is so much easier to control a stupid population than to be in real dialog with an educated one.

    Bravo Dominick – I think you hit the nail on the head!

    • willnotgoquietly

      Well said, JohnRNC. Your comment is a superb example of critical thinking. No wonder the GOP hates and fears it. However, I don’t believe that everyone in the GOP is necessarily stupid. At least one of them is a student of the Third Reich.

      • JohnRNC

        No, the GOP leadership is not stupid. They are very shrewd politicians who benefit from a poorly educated populace. The more they undemine education the easier it is for them to mislead the public with falsehoods or gross distortions of fact. The problem with that logic it that they “slay the goose that laid the golden egg” – the poorer our educational system, the further behind we fall in the context of global competition in a myriad of environments and the weaker our standing in the world. If they continue along this trajectory, they will soon be the proud owners of a former world power.

  • A timely example of critical thinking – or lack thereof – was provided by former President Bush who, when asked to comment on his presidency, he summarized his record by stating that it was “awsome to be famous and powerful”. That says it all.

    • The Only Thinking It Seem They Want You To Do Is getting Rich And No Matter What You Have To Do In Order To Gain Wealth!! Nothing Should Stand In Your Way Not People, Country Nor Morals Should Stand In Your Way!!

      • onedonewong

        At east W’s was earned his $$ and wasn’t tax dollars like barak’s

        • Just In Case You Didn’t Get The Memo SCREW YOU Don’t Troll Behind Me With Your Bullshit!! You Can Suck The Wealthy Ass Behind Someone Else!! Fuck Off!! Troll!! G.W. Bush Is A Asshole He Ain’t Earn Shit!!!!! Do Your Self A Favor An STOP Talking To Me!! GO KISS KOCH BROTHERS ASS ELSE WHERE CAUSE IT”S ONLY GOING TO GET WORST!! STFU TALKING TO ME!!!

          • onedonewong

            Typical low class afroamerican


          • onedonewong

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          • onedonewong

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          • onedonewong

            Its a shame that you don’t know who your dad was just like barak, and that his mother was a street crack ho. Michelle hails from that same camp

          • DurdyDawg

            (place one dong here)

    • Though I’m no Bush fan, you took his comment out of context. The former president was telling an interviewer that he now wants to stay out of the public eye, even though it was “awesome to be famous and powerful” for a while. I saw this interview on TV, and Bush appeared to be simply tired of the whole circus.

  • William Deutschlander

    The honest base of the Republican Party are those individuals that can not think for themselves, mostly generational Republicans who vote Republican because Great Grandfather voted Republican.

    These non-thinking Republicans vote the party line even though they are voting against their own self interest. I have noted this for years in rural Pennsylvania, that is dieing economicaly, where the Republican registration advantage is 2.5 to 1.

  • …and this is NEWS?

  • AlfredSonny

    It proves that the Republicans and Fox News rely on the ignorance of the voters.

  • AlfredSonny

    In GOP we distrust

  • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

    “Don’t want my kid learning to think for himself, he might get uppity. Next thing you know women will be voting and n*****s will be riding in the front of the bus and drinking from the same water bubbler as me. We might not even be able to just grab a mexican girl off the street for a nights fun.” (Sic)
    Reminds me of those old movies where a teacher goes up into the hills and no one wants her to teach their kids.

  • Don

    Unfortunately, these are the tactics of dictators and czars of the past. Outlaw higher learning (or in this case, free thinking) in a effort to suppress the minions into believing our way is better. It’s almost as if there is an understanding that once you grow to a point of being able to think outside the box, it becomes a forgone conclusion that you will outgrow the GOP. They might be right. There’s a 60% chance that if you don’t finish highschool that you will become a lifetime member of the Republican party. Now you know why that I’m always saying that pulling the “R” lever on election day is a vote to return the US to the dark ages…

  • ELATeacher

    I cannot fathom what Texas Republicans think critical thinking skills are. It is evident the platform writers don’t know or they wouldn’t have made such a non-sensical claim. I am a classroom teacher. I struggle all year long, every year, to teach critical thinking skills. The higher up the ladder of rational thought I can move my students, the better teacher I consider myself to be. If I am a parent and I learn that my student will not be taught higher order and critical thinking skills, I want another teacher for my child.

  • Welcome to Texas, where we keep ’em simple, stupid and obedient!

    Ain’t it easier that way?

    Dang, let’s post this on every highway leading into our willfully ignorant, dumba** state!

  • bobblues4ever

    Very well said…. we ought to send a copy of this to every conservative who still exhibits the ability to think for themselves, there are smart ones out there, so that they may start to change their own from within,,,,, I don’t want anyone to grow up systematically dumb…. the current state copycat blind belief hurts the US people collectively. And our competitive edge in the world profoundly…. the rest of the world laughs at us. Do you like that? I’m embarrassed by it.

  • Don’t see how these non critical thinkers can “believe” in electricity. after all, you can’t see it or touch it. No different than the Muslim societies that force men to have the exact size beard, and for women to wear burquas.

  • howa4x

    This does not bode well for people who live in states controlled by a tea party governor. We see the anti science of Niki Hailey governor of SC in recent rulings that sea level rise be removed from state documents. Not to be out righted the Republican dominated VA legislature is considering the same. But there is an underside of this that is pushed by right wing pundits, and polls. It’s called unquestioned obedience. If you lack critical thinking skills you won’t question, and if you can’t figure it out you won’t understand that we are fast becomming an oligarchy ruled by the few at the top. It requires complex understanding to see the financial connections that are being woven worldwide by the job creators who must be revered. In their mind Jesus wants the corporate elite to dominate the world, munipulate interest rates that we all pay, control crop,production, energy, and in monsantos case to control all the seed we use. All to lavish the bounty of the world onto the 1% who are greedy beyond anything we have ever seen. They have already packed the court with their people who could come up with a citizens united decision that will allow the super wealthy to buy the elections, wipeout labor unions and to fund only reasearch that will benefit them finacially. Why cure disease when there is so much money to be made treating it. Why care about the enviornment when there is money to be made destroying it. why care about children, when there are too many anyway.
    This is the new world order , and the the right wing has become the pawns in the larger game. One that with their limited thinking skills they can’t understand.

  • Let me put this in simple terms: Regrettable as it is to use the Third Reich in any argument, I find myself forced to, as that old homily about the Big Lie is the core of opposing critical thinking.

    Big Lies are a constant of political maneuvering, and it is the expose of the facts to those that can reason that explodes them every time.

    Using fear, ignorance, and disinformation to make that exposure irrelevant is therefore the only real means to keep a Big Lie active. It’s just a lot easier if the audience is incapable of working out what is true, even when presented the facts.

    As one song put it: “What a fool believes, he sees; a wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be. It’s always that or nothing, or nothing at all.”

    And the Texas GOP wants you to have nothing, think nothing, know nothing, and believe whatever you’re told.

    Where the hell do you think you are, a free country? Not if *THESE* clowns have their way.

    • catball

      You are right. We lost our freedom when we buried JFK. Stop and think about it. When did people stop trusting the government? When did they lose respect? The government is not for the people, by the people. Its for the rich and I don’t believe were no. 1 in anything. Are freedoms have been disappearing one by one for years. When I see the GOP, I see war. We couldn’t be more devided.

  • 1standlastword

    What’s the fix?

    • Teach.


      Think for yourself.

      • 1standlastword

        Hopefully some brave independent souls will 😉

  • stsintl

    Welcome to Christian Taliban country. We don’t need to go to Afghanistan/Pakistan. Just go to Texas.


    Welcome to Texas where the Repukelican’t party has taken over our once great state. We are so smart down here that we not only elected Dubya Bush as Governor, we followed it with continued repeated re-election of Perry. And to think this is the state of LBJ. What an embarassment it is to tell people I am a Native Texan.

    • jarheadgene

      I can relate to you.

  • They hate Presidend Obama with such passion that there is no pleasing them, even when he agrees with them.They lie and quote the president out of context constatly.He has avoided a depression,saved the auto industry,created health care, killed Bin Laden. Tell me one thing they have done for the American people!!

  • That is why this Party should be named the Repugnant Party! And Texas returned to Mexico! And George W. Bush banished to the bushes in Australia! Of course none of these will ever happen and nothing will ever change in Texas. And the Republican Party will become repugnant by the day.

  • ococoob

    God help us here!

  • Melvin Chatman

    There are some REALLY SMART people in Texas, we are just smart enough to “Shut Up or Get Shot”
    Can’t blame a person for wanting to LIVE!
    The rest of the USA is just now noticing – where have Y”ALL been all these years?

  • Two

    I am a native Texan, but haven’t lived there for 38 years. I have, for years, been embarrassed by the actions of some Texans, today I am ashamed…

  • America is DOOMED. It was a nice short run. Not exactly equaling the 800 years of the Roman empire, but longer than communism. I just read a report that College costs are exploding. Soon the only people with a college education will be the very rich. Just the way the Corporate masters of America want it.

  • sleeprn01

    When a frog is placed in cold water and placed upon a heating source and the heat is slowly turned up; the frog is not aware that he is being boiled to death until it is too late. Are we that frog? I’m depressed!!

  • imabrummie

    To achieve critical thinking assumes the ability to think at all which is obviously lacking in modern day Republicans such as Rush Limberdick & Co. Kinda scary that anyone would buy into such incredible illogic as is being broadcast by these morons!

  • maryjcorliss

    Republicans have always had an anti-intellectual tinge to any of their thinking but, as you say…WOW! Stating it explicitly is just unreal.

  • Dustybunsnelson

    When people are ignorant, they tend to agree more with the GOP!
    GAME PLAN: Make people stupid so the GOP can rule them!

  • sheilab2

    And we wonder why we are falling behind the rest of the world, i.e., China. One only has to sing, “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You” to realize that there is a whole state full of nincompoops headed by a loopy dope. As this stupidity spreads throughout the South, fueled by idiotic evangelical religious theories, are we to become just another third world banana republic? Afraid the answer is yes. The likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, Bachmann, etc. are poisoning our minds and we are doing nothing to stop it. How the people of Minnesota can keep electing this loonybird is scary. And that state is in the Northern part of the country, so obivously, this stupidity plague is spreading beyond the South.

  • rustacus21

    America is hurt each time a conservative Republican steps in2 elective office. So it comes as not a surprise at all that the state that sent ‘Bush’s’ to the executives of FL, TX & the U.S. presidency (twice) & look at the outcomes? Deterioration, degeneration, regression; it all points to us citizens however, as ‘SOME OF US’ are unable to resist the “Pavlov” affects of catch-words & phrase ‘triggers’ that incite voters to do the stupidest things – like voting against their economic mobility, their safety & security, their future (quality, ENLIGHTENING & COMPREHENSIVE education!!!), in exchange for enslavement to some selfish, barbaric elite w/money enuff to pay people to think being abused equates to being loved!!! THIS is the ‘coded’ message tucked deep w/in conservative rhetoric – don’t compete w/elites – be their slaves instead!!! In Texas, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, etc., they’ve embraced this message & are taking it to the next level – total acceptance…

  • altogal

    My daughter is a grad student and teaching assistant at UT in Austin. She has mostly taught in freshman courses in American Studies, and most of her students are products of the Texas education system. She reports that not only are many of the kids lacking in facts (e.g. “Slavery was an important issue in the early 20th century…”), many are also unable to construct a cogent argument and come to logical conclusions. I fear it will only get worse.

  • altogal

    My daughter is a grad student at UT Austin. She is a teaching assistant for some freshman courses in American Studies. Most of her students are products of the Texas education system. She reports that not only do many of the students lack factual information (e.g. “Slavery was an important issue in the early 20th century”), but many are unable to construct a cogent argument or come to logical conclusions in their essays. This will only make things worse.

  • howler65

    Rick (can’t remember anything he thought he was going to say) Perry is the right idiot to lead the state of Texas. What boobs.

  • ajjohnson31

    I guess the whole idea of having a ‘liberal education’, meaning learning about everything in order to learn to think critically, to have knowledge of the world, NOT a vocational training – that’s down the drain. These RWMs believe schooling should only train children for vocations; there is no other reason to be educated, I guess, because the kids should not have their fixed beliefs challenged.
    So the Republicans want to dumbify America some more. Probably, their constituents are more tractable when they’re ignorant. Bush43 was all about this, dumbifying the rest of the class or school when some students were found to be below standards, keeping all of them back until the below-standard students made their grades.
    What happened to the love of knowledge for its own sake?

  • Here in Texas the religious right doesn’t want thinkers, they want teabaggers.

    Gosh I wonder if I could become a member of the TEA PARTY. I have no meaningful education, no scruples, no sense of morality, low self esteem, and I’m functionally illiterate. I like to disrespect anyone who doesn’t believe in creationism or who thinks mankind is contributing to the global warming myth. I believe that all non-white or mixed race people are inferior to me and that only poor people should pay taxes. So am I qualified to join?

    • jarheadgene

      Qualified to JOIN…you are qualified to LEAD !!!!!! 🙂

  • WHAT THE HELL? I thought I had heard just about everything, but this simply tops the cake. I live in Arizona and I’m surprised that it wasn’t the first state to come up with this idea. It’s hard to believe that Texas is filled with more extreme right-wing Republican kooks than Arizona. How on earth are the Republicans getting away with such jaw-dropping laws? I shiver when I think that they might be controlling the entire country soon — I’m afraid we are quickly moving toward a Nazi state with these kinds of outrageous goings on — and what is really scary is that a lot of Republicans think that this position that Texas is taking is a good idea!

  • There are 2 kinds of education: SUBVERSIVE and INCULCATIVE. The inculcative variety is useful in the transmission of a specific set of technical skills, such as nursing or social work, whose primary functions are those of IMPLEMENTATION. In the analytical and adaptive arena, it becomes a curse, due to its intrinsic rigidity.
    The subversive variety is useful in the education of anyone aspiring to a policy-making, improvisational, or analytical role, where ‘thinking out of the box’ is the only kind of thinking that is of any use. WITHOUT BOTH KINDS OF EDUCATION, THE STUDENT IS CONDEMNED TO BE ONE EXTREME OR OTHER: A ROBOT OR A SCATTERBRAIN.

  • emadis41

    That is why I called the GOP and the Republicans Neanderthals? Think Mr. Perr of Texas, the guy who wanted to get rid of three US Gov. Dept. which he could not name? Do you want the GOP to think? Then you want the people to think properly and kick them out? Only illetrates will elect illetrates to represent them?

    It does mattrer realy if peole earn a degree; it is more important that they excercise what they learn to decern the complixity of the issues they face in life; not every problem would be solved by the priest, there are many problems the church has no solution for it, and not every parent knows it all. That goes also for the school books these non-thinkers approve for the Texas children.

    Unfortunatly, the GOP has consolidated its grip on the South, using racism and false believe of citizens independance (Anti-US Gov. that is) to stay in power, which they may keep for as long as we have a segment of the public who share their hypocracy.

  • Landsende

    Texas, the state that gave us the worst president of all time, George W. Bush, and one of the biggest idiot governors, Rick Perry. But all those so called teapublican Christian conservatives seem to love idiots and buffoons, Bachmann, Palin, Ryan, Groehmert, McConnell, Boehner and Romney. Texas is also 47th in education. Maybe it’s because of the dumbing down of education there.

  • the facts are the GOP is nuts,period

  • Well, what else were you expecting? This has been going on the south since Scopes and the Monkey Trial. It seems to me that “southern ` good ol´ boy´ mindless Monkeyism” is as alive and well as it ever was. And,the monkeys are winning again. I know what that and the `Romney syndrome´ is like. I was raised as the brat kid of Pennsylvania Republicans in the state of Maryland, straddling the Mason-Dixon line to get the best of both the worlds of Rick Santorum and Rick Perry. (only then it was Richard Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew decades ago.) The other
    kids were secretly sticking up the centerfolds of Playboy magazine together and guffawing together about Alfred E. Newman in Mad Magazine, perhaps the most “subversive” magazine in the U.S. at the time in its ridicule of McCarthyism and the cold war “American Way of Life.”. But I was raised “somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan on a steady diet of “The Wall Street Journal” and “William F. Buckleys “The National Review” where William F. Uckley used “cold war rhetoric” incessantly calling for “purging the Republican Party of Rockefeller Liberalism.” (It got purged all right.) The syndrome even worsenéd when I was sent off to a Republican religious jr. college near Philadephia- in a posh suburban community and was personally exposed to machiavellian types such as “Uncle Bill”- William R. Kintner, Robert-Strauss Hupe, and Samuel Huntingdon. They made a a later to come Dick Cheney look like a nice guy. “The Lord was looking after me”- some giggly dumb blond snuck into my dorm room, and I was lucky enough to get expelled because of a drinking incident followed by a giggly dumb blond sneaking into my college dorm room. That mean “bye-bye- student draft deferment” and “hello U.S. Army!” I was fortunately stationed in a town in Germany near the French border where I took to a steady diet of “Bier und
    Wunderfauleins” and “Vin et les Mademoiselles”, no longer being a Christian devil in disguise, just a devil. It was a “culture shock but the kind of culture shock I loved. That tour of duty with the Army was a veritable “holiday from hell”.

    it was around 1969- and one of the Wunderfrauleins with whom I was involved was into the “student revolution” of 1968 which started exposing me to a different kind of thought. And, after discharge, I decided to make my temporary “holiday from hell” a permanent European vacation. (and slowly, the Buckley bulls–t was emptied out of my mind.)

    Sometimes I encounter tourists and business people from “the great south” here, and our conversations sometimes turned political. I recall a funny incident where a “redneck” at a sidewalk cafe heard me speaking English with a black American ex-pat – an ex-member of the Central Committee of the American Communist Party of all things. We were cracking jokes about the absurdity, and the “redneck” forgot where he was- and loudly yelled in his best Texan drawl- “If you don´t love America- you´d better leave it” which only drew howls of laughter from everybody else there when Don quipped “we already did, Bozo”.
    Goodness, when I encounter those types here, I always ask them if they consider themselves to be well educated, which usually draws a positive answer. The next question is somewhat like- “Well if you are, you must know of a postwar study contracted by the American Jewish Society- “The Authoritarian Personality” – headed up by Theodore W. Adorno- and published under the title “The Authoritarian Personality.” If I drew a numb stare on that one: “Oh but you may know of a later critical rationalist work by Christopher Lash “The Culture of Narcissism.” Getting another numb stare, I usually follow with another: “Well at least you´ve read Herbert Marcuse´s “One Dimensional Man?” That usually draws another blank stare- ” Ah yes, those critical rationalist titles are all about “The Authoritarian-Narcissistic- One Dimensional Man”.

    • jarheadgene

      Loved your little bio. My wife and I get perturbed when we hear rhetoric like Willard Romney’s yesterday. How unapologetic America should be about it’s power. And other GOP crap like how unpopular Obama has made the U.S. to Europe…..REALLY, when we were in Paris and London, Bush was still President and there were posters everywhere about what a dumbs**t he was. Not that all of Europe has it together. Some of their countries (i.e. Greece) are suffering what could very well be our FATE if we elect ROMNEY. Their rich lied to not pay taxes and they are broke…broke…broke.

  • America blinded by an authority figure of the 1500’s – Martin Luther

    “Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but — more frequently than not — struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.”

    “I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.”

    Some wonder if the German meme that accepted the authority figure Hitler was seeded by Martin Luther.

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Long time ago I said that Romney’s candidacy for president is a visit of daddy-long-legs to America. Massachussetts knows how dangerous Romney is. Romney is suspected to have contributed money indirectly for financing Warren Jeff’s defense to the rape charges he committed against underage girls.

  • mugwort2

    I wonder how many Texans think critical thinking should be banned. Heck how many Texas Republicans for that matter feel that way. I wrote since it seems at least with some Tx Goppers thinking is passe.

  • WilliamGoldstein

    Cue Torquemada!

  • Republican/Mitt Romney policies: Education = Keep people as stupid as possible so that they keep voting for Republicans who hate them. Military policy = War for profit, and I don’t care how many innocent people die so long as my war stocks go up. Health care = die. Jobs = outsourcing. Unemployment = Hurry up and die. Women’s rights = get back in the kitchen and poop out some more babies you can’t support, and we’re not going to help you with them either. Mitt Romney = death of America. Unemployment will do nothing but increase wherever Republicans have power. I made a video about unemployment, and how we can fix it. It’s at my YouTube channel Zarrakan, and here’s the link:
    2012 6 5 ZOC Job Pyramid
    Watch it, share it, and join the fight against those who want to kill all of us with destructive social policies.

  • onedonewong

    Obama has already made critical thinking a crime. Any one critical of him will be jailed on sight and called a racist.
    Of course every expert who has looked at Baraks “bogs Certificate” has said its been photo shopped no different when Dem’s tried to photo shop W’s AF records and got caught

    • ExPAVIC


      Bushie admitted he didn’t attend “many” reserve meetings. No one had to photoshop that stuff, clod.

      • onedonewong

        Dan Rather did, lets remeber W was a jet fighter pilot something the community organizer can only wish he had accomplish. Maybe if he had he wouldn’t be such a loser as a president. Thank goodness he’s a 1 termer

        • ExPAVIC

          YOU WISH

          Trouble is THE PEOPLE hate RoMOney’s guts, they love Obama cause he is middle class like them and cares about THEM and not his elitist, country club squatting buddies.

          Check current polls and see for yourself.

          Close down Planned Parenthood? Now that will improve the economy just like Bain Capital improved the economy.

          Get real.

          • onedonewong

            Obama is a quota recipient that has never had to compete for anything in his life. It was handed to him because of his color.
            Current polls now have Romney leading barak by 4 points and his popularity is growing.
            Close down Planned Parenthood no Romney just wants to end taxpayers going there to pay for abortions. Planned Parenthood before no other medical service than abortions.
            Bain Capitol was able to save many business that were foundering and fix their union problems. Barak has exported more jobs over seas than any other president in our history all with taxpayer $$ funding them. Eve Chuckie Schmer has said that 85% of all the stimulus $$ spent on green industries went over seas

          • ExPAVIC


            Put away the American Taliban Republican manure spreader. Bain Capital vulture capitalists destroyed jobs.

            The latest polls show people HATE Romney and his American Taliban Republican plutocratic, obstructionist anti-everything stance. And, ask any female about Planned Parenthood.

            You are trying to pass on all of the standard negative crap from the Romney camp.

            Your figures are as twisted as you are. I hope November isn’t too much of a disappointment to you. Of course you can leave the country. Feel free to do so.

          • onedonewong

            Ask any woman about Planned Parenthood?? Do realize that 60% of AMERICAN’s are against abortion on demand??? Planned Parenthood only provides Abortions nothing more and the taxpayers have said they don’t want to fund it.
            Obama has destroyed MORE jobs than Bain ever thought of. 85% of all the stimulus spending for Green jobs left THIS country and went to China, Japan, Finland with the jobs. the GM bailout has resulted in 70% of GM vehicles being produced in FOREIGN countries. GM is in the process of moving the majority of their R&D from Detroit to China.
            PS every one of numbers are based on FACT something you’ll never be able to claim

          • ExPAVIC


            Unless you are packing one, best leave that info to those it applies to. Your link to Karl Rove is clear and gets rather boring. Face it, you people are out of date, useless and on the way OUT.

          • onedonewong

            I didn’t know that murder can only be condoned by 1 sex

          • ExPAVIC


            Tell that to your niece or granddaughter who gets nailed on a date with a Division 1 wide receiver.

          • onedonewong

            Is that what happened to your MOM an abortion that failed from a black wide receiver

          • ExPAVIC

            News for you.

            Obama created more domestic jobs in 2011 than Bushie did in eight years.

            Of course Obama has been busy ask Iraqi vets, Osama’s buddies, and Gadhafi’s buddies.

          • onedonewong

            Really?? did you take cyphering in school?? The total # of americans working during Barak’s reign is LESSSSSSS than at anytime during W’s 2nd term.
            I realize adding and subtracting is a difficult concept for the socialist brain but if you apply yourself and study 4 years at Harvard “you can do it”

          • ExPAVIC

            ONCE AGAIN

            Check Bureau of Labor Statistics. You are another American Taliban Republican that uses Karl Rove’s Bureau of male bovine fecal matter stats.

          • onedonewong

            Exactly BLS shows that W had MORE americans employed from 2004-2008 than at anytime from 2009-2012.
            You attempting to use Kenyan math that’s been photoshopped

          • ExPAVIC

            Another plop from the Rove desk

          • onedonewong

            You may want to try a new feature for computers. If you type in Google and when it comes in type in BLS and then you can get the data yourself. Then you can come back and apologize for being a cretin

          • ExPAVIC


            You a vet and an American Taliban Republican plutocratic, obstructionist? Making about as much sense as Limbaugh hoping for a failure of the people’s government.

          • onedonewong

            You left out intelligent and well versed on a lot of topics with a 98% accuracy in my postings

          • onedonewong

            Reliable polls are constantly showing Romney ahead by 4 points.
            Barak is middle class no barak is part of the dependency class who has never held a job in his entire life and the ones his wife held were typical Chicago No Show jobs.
            Close down Planned Parenthood…why not other than abortions they don’t perform any medical services so why should the taxpayers condone MURDER???

        • ExPAVIC


          Bushie was never good enough to make it to Vietnam where they needed pilots. He couldn’t carrier qualify is one reason.

    • rmarqua2921

      You must be from Texas! I can clearly, with my critical thinking skills, understand that you are “anti-science, anti-reason, anti-intellect”. In laymen terms, that means you are a joke!

      • onedonewong

        Unable to discuss the merits of my posts we succumb to ad homonyms. And no I don’t live in Texas but based on your comments its obvious that you either live in CA or NY the 2 states that are the arm pits of the country

    • Um, the article was about the Texas GOP — did you not read the article?

      • onedonewong

        Sure did and just like the site is nothing more than liberal PAP and hogwash

    • Will you stop parroting the brainless, faithless, and soulless, already?



    No Wonder

    With Mittens getting clobbered at every turn, no wonder the American Taliban Republican plutocratic obstructionists are reaching out so far. Wait until November 6th, you will see how bad you are.


    Texans can hardly keep track of all the minorities they execute by mistake.

  • They’ve done it! They’ve actually done it! They’ve actually made it official that they are opposed to anyone using their brain!

  • Wake up America. If the republicans assume power of all the offices of government, then look forward to the reality of the novel 1984, and the mindset of the people of this country will be reduced to Zombies walking around in a daze. There will be no need for jobs, since no one will know anythingt about anything. Like the current republican party, the zombies of the future will be in lock step with, as the republicans like to say, with their Gestapos and Hitlers

    • ExPAVIC

      You mean the American Taliban plutocratic, obstructionist, anti-everything (including birth control), rich old bigoted white guys.

  • Some of that is *not* *true* critical thinking thinking skills, but silent indoctrination. That being said, I think that it is silly to oppose higher learning of any sort. The true critical thinker will eventually challenge even those thoughts with ones of their own.

    This is hysteria at its worst, on both sides of the aisle, I might add. But I seriously doubt there are enough truly critical thinkers here to realize that and convince the community that this rag supports.

  • I remember hearing some time ago that most, or many, of our textbooks are produced in Texas. If this is so, one has to wonder how much of the above thinking is making its way into the textbooks that are educating (indoctrinating?) our school kids.

  • If you have a population largely incapable (or afraid) of critical thought, democracy is dead. Is that the goal of the people now in charge of the Republican Party? If so, they need to be fought for the traitors of the Constitution and the American People they are.

  • Plese tell us this is a joke, some sort of fib. They didn’t really say any of that did they?

  • You’d think that the Republicans would be smart enough to keep this kind of thing under wraps until after the election — but no, they completely lack critical thinking — which is what they want to spread across the rest of America. They do not believe in evolution and have succeeded in keeping it out of their text books. Plus, Romney thinks it’s a good idea to make public school classrooms LARGER. I wonder how large his classrooms were in his expensive, private schools — probably only 8-12 students. He thinks it’s fine for all the rest of America’s children to sit in classrooms with 40-45 students. Again, the Repubicans only want the top 2% to have the best — the rest of America will just have to make do with what “trickles down” from the top 2%.

  • Steve Singleton

    Is it too late to let Texas secede and go back to being its own Republic?

  • Steve Singleton

    I say we let Texas secede (again) and go back to being its own Republic.

  • onedonewong

    Can’t fool you!!!! Just in case you have time try a new internet feature its called Google. Amazing what you’ll find, maybe the fcat that W was in the AF was the reason he wasn’t car qual, but that would mak you look dumb

    • ExPAVIC


      The jokes on you ALL Phantom pilots had to carrier qualify, AF and Navy. Ask any pilot who was there. I was a Navy air controller in the Tonkin Gulf in 1967. Ha Ha the joke is on you.

      Like Thumper’s mother said, “If you don’t know what you are talking about fhut the shuck up.”

      • onedonewong

        I flew RF4C out of Shaw AFB and no one there EVER had to qualify. Better post on something yo know something about

        • ExPAVIC

          Oh another stay at home jet jockey.

          Too bad you never made it to Vietnam. What they couldn’t find you either?

          • onedonewong

            2 years at Clark as well. The issue at hand though is your stupid comment that AF pilots had to be car qualified what a BOOOB

          • ExPAVIC

            Vietnam what years? Mine 1967 and 1968 Yankee Station with Forrestal and Oriskany squadrons, plus AF FLY INs

          • onedonewong

            70-72. The Oriskany is on the bottom in case you didn’t know. I saw a clip when they sunk her

          • ExPAVIC

            I Know

            We were on Yankee Station when they had a huge fire in fall of 1967 and then saw her in Subic Bay later with her fantail all burned out. That’s when guys were throwing bombs off her during the fire.

          • onedonewong

            70-72. The Oriskany is on the bottom, I saw a show when they went ahead and sent her to the bottom as a reef

    • jarheadgene

      I looked at some of your posts….you seem to have anger and race issues. I’ll give you something to be ANGRY ABOUT….REAL ANGRY…..During the Vietnam war Dick Cheney took 6 draft differments…the last one was questionable as to it’s legality….too late to do anything about it now. SAME TIME frame …. WILLARD mitt ROMNEY took a draft differment to go to PARIS, FRANCE and ride around on his bicycle playing super mormon missionary. SAME TIME frame… President Obama was in Grade School. SAME TIME frame my oldest Brother had just been HONORABLY Discharged from 4 yrs Active Duty Navy. My 3rd oldet Brother was in the USMC Active Duty 3 years, and my cousin, whose dad fought in WWII, was USMC and KIA in Viet Nam. I am the Presidents age I served 4 years active USMC under Carter and Reagan. SO WHAT should make you ANGRY is what set me off yesterday……Willard going to the VFW and puffing out his chest and talking war and Dick Cheney last week visiting the Pentagon and talking war. CHICKEN HAWKS that are so willing to send Americans to war (IT MAKES THEM AND THEIR CRONIES RICH), really PISSES me off. How many of Romneys 5 boys served in the Military? I expect that you like many BRAIN(less)WASHED GOP’ers will VOTE for THE DRAFT-Dodger anyway.
      Where is your loyalty to 0ur troops?

      • onedonewong

        If you were really being honest you would be venting about the level of casualties that our troops have sustained since your messiah took office. We have had RECORD casualties since the great war leader has instituted his rules of engagement. He has placed more value on his moooslim countrymen than on our troops. Where is your outrage over our troops being killed or maimed for life.
        Its your messiah that wants to quadruple the cost of Tricare on the troops so he has more $$ to spend on illegals.
        Time you rethink YOUR loyalty to the folks that allow you to make these foolish statements.
        PS Romney is a Mormon and we have allowed conscientious objectors to by pass the military since the founding of this country

        • ExPAVIC

          Oh NO

          No conscientious objectors for Commander in Chief, no way.

          This writer used to be a Republican until I noticed only poor and middle guys were fighting while the rich guys were in college and their paps were making millions off the war.

          I became a Democrat then and there. Even ran for PA State House in 1994 and damn near won in a 60% Republican District 26 against a freaking Republican lawyer.

          • jarheadgene

            Thank you….I was a Republican myself for 30 years…then Cheney and Bush and alike kept turning my stomach. And now we have
            Ann “Let them eat cake” Romney and her husband Willard…..YUCK.

        • jarheadgene

          First there is only ONE Messiah…Jesus Christ (the one of the Bible, not the book of mormon or any other book). I will check your “facts” on casualty rate, especially in since the President prefers Drone Attacks over troops.
          Secondly, In spite of FAUX news reports the President has talked plainly about his Christian Beliefs. He is a Christian. But I suppose like the Birthers,
          you’ll want verification ….Another group…the Re-Birthers. One problem the only one that can verify that is GOD. Conscientious Objectors are not allowed across the board…..ALI served jail time for not wanting to go to VietNam. As he said, “No Yellow man ever called me Nigger. But go ahead be stupid with your vote……Romney and Cheney have been all over D.C. the past week promising more defense dollars for the next war……THE NEXT WAR……How many good American kids have to die for the Rich to get richer? Conc…Obj….not when it comes to kids other than his BRATTY 5 boys. And our country will be further in debt because they won’t want the rich to pay for the war….they’ll strap the middle class with it.
          I am tired of people who HATE OBAMA ….and when I ask they really have no good reason. Because they really hate to admit how deep down they are racists and nothing he does could ever be good enough.

          • neverworked

            Tell that to the State run media and the obummer followers.
            He’s talked about his christian beliefs??? Hmmm that the most beautiful music in the world is the call to prayer of the Crayon, that he only attended the moooslim day of prayer and stopped the annual joint faith day of prayer in the WH…only a fool would believe anything that comes out of his mouth.
            Ali went to jail because he refused to do any service and only became a CO when h rceived his draft notice.
            I’m glad that Romney plans on adding to the defense budget, I’ve been thru 2 administrations that refused to fund the military Carter and Clinton and they become a hollow force. That’s why Iraq and Afghanistan was such a cluster the troops didn’t have what they need.
            Barak has no problem strapping the unborn with a $150,000 debt load once they leave the hospital.
            Why do I hate barak?? Because he is over his head, has no experience refuses to man up and say he screwed up, everything is W’s fault.The guy has no shame that’s because he’s a boy and not a man. 4 years in office $10 trillion in new debt and unemployment of 10% name a single accomplishment that hasn’t broke the bank

  • PeterMack

    Leonard Pitts, Jr. is a “WOW” journalist. He’s a tell it like it is writer, and for that, thank you, Mr. Pitts.
    Back in the 1960s comedian Mickey Sharp told the story of his drive through Texas from a date in California, to get to his Hollywood, Florida Diplomat Resort engagement. “I was stopped by a Texas highway patrol officer who said, ‘ I hate when you New Yorkers speed in those big ass Volkswagons through my town. Here, take my book and pencil, and write down what I tell ya.”

  • You see it all the time on posts. Writers who don’t know the difference between, to, too, or two. There, their, or they’re. No or know. Bear or bare. Sun or son. Do or due. Cents or sense. Plane or plain. Die or dye. For or four. Bee, or be. The list is endless, and many writers don’t seem to care.

    You see it on interviews conducted in the streets. People who can’t name a nation in Africa. People who can’t tell you who is on a ten dollar bill or why. People who can’t point to their own state on a map. People who are stumped when you ask them to name a country that begins with a “U”…

    You even see it with our elected officials. President Obama saying he’d been to all 57 states. (Hopefully he was just tired, but I wouldn’t bet my life on what he hopefully meant.) Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin… I won’t even go THERE!

    Some Americans take pride in their ignorance- “What do i need good grammer fer? I’ll take me a heap of common sence over a mountain of book learnin anyday.” Alrighty, then. Let’s jump in the car, kids, and head down to Mickey-D’s…

    Is it any wonder we seem to stumble from one crisis to another?

  • Send Sam Houston in there to kill those republicans they are worse for this country then the Mexacans.

  • Send Sam Houston in there to kill those republicans they are worse then any Mexacan.

  • They’re from Texas… what can you do