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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

6 Responses to Texas Governor Jokes About Shooting Reporters

  1. It’s fairly obvious why GOP politicians have developed such a contentious attitude toward reporters – virtually all the political moves they’re now trying to make, from gerrymandering, to voter suppression, to taxpayer stealing legislation like Trumpcare, to Trumps insanely cruel budget, and more, are so underhanded and gangster-like, that they want as little of their clearly illicit actions made known to the public as is possible for them to prevent. So these Mafia type Republican politicians have waged open war on America’s media.

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      The contentious goes back 50 years. It’s the overt violence that is new. Equally humorous (?) is the fact that even Fox seems to be caught in the anti-media bias. They are under attack from the monster they helped create.

  2. The governor of my home state made similiar nasty jokes. When will republicans wake up from their dark dream? They were never like this before. It is truly disturbing to see how far they have devolved.

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