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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Texas Offers Freedom From Northeastern Gun Controls

Texas Offers Freedom From Northeastern Gun Controls

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13 responses to “Texas Offers Freedom From Northeastern Gun Controls”

  1. YES, WE TEXANS TAKE IN MORE REVENUE FROM THE FEDERIAL GOVERNMENT THAN WE PAY IN. Which explains why we have poor schools and very poor health care.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Nope, you have poor schools and very poor health care because you’ve got a self-serving nincompoop for gov’ner.. For over fifty years I was proud of being a texan in a great democratic state, then Dubya and his henchmen came to town and turned it all into crap taking away everybodys humanity.. I had to get out.

  2. jstsyn says:

    Texas has what they voted for. Right?

  3. highpckts says:

    Yeah, let every gun nut go to Texas and shoot at scorpions or is that Washington?

  4. Landsende says:

    Yes, come to Texas with an education system that’s graduating illiterates, has the highest percentage of people on welfare, someone being shot every day and a moron for a governor and attorney general. But hey, you can carry a gun and raise your chances of being shot by some of the other trigger happy gun toting idiots.

  5. I have a bit of a history question for everyone. In the old wild west where everyone was packing and carrying a concealed weapon, be it gun or knife, how were the towns and cities civilized? Would I be wrong in suggesting, from what I have read and seen, that it was by LIMITING those who have weapons to Law Enforcement only and the process was by strict gun control? Why do we expect anything but that will get us (US) the same results now?

  6. Doctor T says:

    See we haven’t heard from the ‘cartoon man’ today. Maybe he had a hard time coming up with something relevant.

  7. ObozoMustGo says:

    And now…. the REAL Cartoon of the Day!

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “Liberty, in the most general acceptation of the word, is nothing else than the power of executing the will, and accomplishing your desires; now the nature of every being endowed with will, is such that this faculty of willing causes his happiness or unhappiness; he is happy when his desires are accomplished, and unhappy when they are not; and happiness or misery are proportioned in him according to the degree of his gratification or disappointment. It follows that his liberty and happiness are the same thing. He would always be completely happy if he had always the power of executing his will, and the degree of his happiness is always proportionate to the degree of his power.” — Antoine Louis Claude Destutt, Count of Tracy (1754 – 1836), in his book “A Commentary and Review of Montesquieu’s “Spirit of Laws,” translated by Thomas Jefferson in an edition first printed in Philadelphia in 1811.

    • metrognome3830 says:

      GEEZ! OMG, the Count of Tracy sounds like a spoiled brat! Surely you can find a better representative of “liberty.”

  8. Texas has alot more than just guns and mexican resturants. In fact it has everything that the rest of the U.S. has. Mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, swamps and lots of other great things. I could do without the traffic in Houston. It is terrible.

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