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Friday, December 15, 2017
 “To the Bernie or bust people,” Sarah Silverman said, “you’re being ridiculous.” The comedian, a Bernie Sanders supporter, had taken the stage at the Democratic National Convention. She and Senator Al Franken, the former comedian and longstanding Hillary Clinton booster, were doing a shtick about bringing the party together. As the Bernie chants rose, a frustrated…

Photo: Delegates wave Michelle Obama signs as she speaks during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. July 25, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

19 Responses to The Democrats Are Actually Unified

  1. Bernie is old enough to know that you should never raise a power you can’t put down . . . However, the impression I’m getting is that the OWS and professional leftist agitators (the ones who just live for demonstrations and travel around looking for something to carry on about) are trying to take over Bernie’s movement. They’re not democrats. They have never been democrats. And most of them won’t be democrats after the convention is over. They’re just nihilists wandering around looking for things to burn down.

    Which seems to be the theme of this cycle, interestingly enough. Drumpf came in from the outside and made a successful hostile takeover bid for the GOP, Bernie attempted the same with the democrats but failed, and now you have the outside radical leftist fringe groups making a hostile takeover bid of Bernie’s movement. This is just vulture capitalism transferred over to the political realm. Welcome to the new normal.

    But I think that in a week or so, the democratic party will be unified after the pouty children have gone off to other distractions. The main event is about to start, and this is where we really start to see who has what. To be honest, I really don’t think Donnie Littlefingers is really aware of or up to the next few months, which will be grueling. He’s never really had to campaign before; the primaries are a summer camp compared to a general election campaign. Both Clinton and Kaine have done this sort of thing before and are set for it. He’s older than Hillary, is not in very good physical shape, and wears a hot, heavy bulletproof vest whenever he’s out in public. It’ll be interesting seeing what he looks like a couple of months from now . . .

    • Wishful thinking. With the Wiki leaks the Bernie or Bust movement is even stronger. Now that they have confirmed that the primary was rigged, millions will be withholding their support for HRC and other establishment dems. Time to turn off MSNBC and get into reality. The worst emails have yet to be released. This is bad, really bad.

      • Keep dreamin’ maybe your fantasies will come true and the unicorn will sweep down, pick you up, and take you to wherever it is that disgruntled, uninformed Trumpsters go!!!

        • Let’s see what the next batch of emails say. You just nominated the only candidate that Trump can beat. Totally stupid.

      • Bull. What the leaks revealed was that some people didn’t like Bernie and discussed ways of shutting him down, None of it ever happened, But if you want to sit there and whine, hey, be my guest. The rest of us are moving on. Bernie is moving on.

        Oh, and at this point, given that we know the e-mails are coming from the Russians, why would anyone believe them now? Putin has been caught red (heh) handed interfering with American elections, trying to get your candidate elected. This isn’t looking too good for you DrumpfDroids right now.

        • Then why did DWS resign in disgrace. Why did the the DNC apologize to Bernie for not being impartial. Typical Clinton BS. What comes around goes around. Can the karma be any worse. What a shame. What could have been. Now we will all the pay the price and watch the GOP take over our govt. You deserve what you get. I am embarrassed to call HRC our nominee. Disgusting.

          • DWS got canned in order to appease Bernie. And to be honest, I think she should have been canned LONG ago.

            Oh, and seriously . . . you DrumpfDroids running under false flags are really amusing. Yeah, ‘our’ nominee. Riiiight . . . go try that line on someone who hasn’t seen your posts over and over. I’m sure you think you’re being really clever, but sorry, no. Not even buying that ‘indignant democrat’ bullschtick.

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  2. The Democrats are so divided within that there is little chance they will offer the kind of effort that will lead to any positive results come November. The problem is that most Democrats in Philly this week are holding their nose when they see who their party’s candidate is for president. No one likes her. No one trusts her. No one wants her at the top of their ticket. No one knows how she got there.

    In fact, Hillary Clinton is so unpopular with men, that her VP running mate, Tim Kaine, is said to be the very first man in Hillary’s life not to have left her before the evening was done.

    • Oh please. Get over yourself. You don’t speak for me. I like Hillary and I respect Hillary and I trust Hillary and I’ll gladly vote for her at the top of the Democratic ticket.

      And I believe that Hillary got to the top of the ticket by getting more votes than any other candidate during the Democratic primaries and caucuses.

      So there goes your “no one likes her” meme.

    • Gee, but isn’t it amazing that after the roll call (which the Republicans wouldn’t allow because Trump was afraid he’d lose), she got the nomination??? Apparently, some people like and trust her….at least a lot more than Trump!!!

    • Oh please the dems are always divided until they miraculously get it all together. They were always like that. And Hillary, she will be fine.

  3. The Democrats are the grownups and can work out their differences. The Republicans are the junior high crowd, picking fights and calling names. Bernie’s people will vote for Clinton but will Cruz and the other candidates supporters vote for Trump?

    • I have to somewhat agree; however, the Democrats for Bernie were a little raucous yesterday and that didn’t look all that good. Hoping that the rest of the convention will be great and show how Democrats can act vs. the childish actions of the Republican nominee and his party.

  4. Hillary is an inept money grabbing hack.

    She’s a menace to national security and the greatest friend the big banks will ever know.

    BTW how’s that Goldman Sachs transcript coming along?

    Think it will be in the next batch of wikileaks emails?

    We will be able to get that and more from the North Koreans, the Chinese, the French, the Germans etc etc etc.


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