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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, Republican Saxby Chambliss, Georgia’s senior senator, was considered a steadfast conservative. The American Conservative Union has given him a lifetime score of 92, while the Club for Growth has scored him at 83. He earns an A from the National Rifle Association.

But a couple of years ago, Chambliss embarked upon an exercise that would merely have cemented his stature as a power broker as recently as the administration of George W. Bush: He joined Senator Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, to form a bipartisan group of senators working to come up with a deal to whittle down the deficit. In other words, he considered compromise with Democrats.

In our current warped political universe, that was enough to earn Chambliss a potential challenger from the right, and he decided not to seek re-election. Chastened by Chambliss’ experience, none of the Georgia Republicans running for his vacant seat wants to occupy the same ZIP code with the words “compromise” and “bipartisan.”

This is what the Grand Old Party has come to: It’s now led by nihilists whose only politics are those of destruction and whose only values are those of zealots. There may be reasonable Republicans remaining in office, but they’ve been bullied into compliance and cowed into silence.

If you don’t believe that, listen to the growing drumbeat for the impeachment of President Obama — despite the glaring lack of evidence that he has committed impeachable offenses. (Having the temerity to win a second term is not an impeachable crime.) While such talk was once restricted to the nutters — men like U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI), who has said the president’s impeachment would “be a dream come true” — it has leaked into the GOP’s water supply.

Witness the recent off-the-cuff remarks of Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), who, though a standard-bearer for the hard right, has been considered a thoughtful and rational man. At a recent meeting with constituents, Coburn declared that the president was coming “perilously close” to the standards for impeachment.

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  1. Those of us who remember his shameful campaign against Max Cleland are horrified that things have gotten so bad that this guy looks reasonable.

    • American politicans who forget this Rule of the Universe usually end up in the trash heap of history just like Senator Chambliss: “Whatever goes around always comes back around.” It has a biblical collorary too: “Whatever you sow, so shall you reap.”
      BTW, the tea party’s extreme anti-incumbant behavior and hatred towards others is not immune to this same Rule of the Universe.

    • I couldn’t agree more. By the same token, however, this is Saxby’s Karmic comeuppance. What he did to Max is now being done to him. What goes around comes around.

    • i remember Chambliss’s campaign against Sen. Cleland. I contributed to the latter. Saxby Chambliss is a filthy dirtbag–it’s just his current critics are ten times worse than he is.

  2. Just never lose sight of WHO the Tea Party is….Corporate financed mindless puppets used to terrorize the GOP…and the rest of the country….CORPORATIONS are too big to say no to, they have an agenda and that agenda is Theocratic Fascism….sounds like a heavy metal Christian band..

      • This Theocracy threat is what scares me to death. I am a Christian but I’m sure I don’t fit the Tea Party definition. I believe that ALL people in the United States have personal/individual rights that must be protected. They wag their fingers at the Muslim Governments in the middle east and yet they will do their best to set up a government in the same fundamentalist realm – only fundamentalist Christian government.

        • Me, too. First it will be a “Christian” nation (nothing resembling Christ) and then it will be the true religion must rule our government.

          • They can try. And they will fail. What we must do is defend the Constitution, and consistently point out the First Amendment, which specifically prohibits the government from having an official religion (or, for that matter, an official lack thereof).

        • Funny the republicans on the state level are passing laws opposing Sharia law. but then pass other laws against women that mirror Sharia law
          sometimes you can’t make this stuff up

  3. I think Obama and Reid started this era of no compromise during the healthcare train wreck. Neither of them would allow any Republican input on the plan. Reid refused to allow any Republican plans out of committee, and Obama told them he had won the election, get over it, and the healthcare plan was going to be what he wanted it to be. Since then the Republicans has dug in and are using the same strategy as Obama. We should remember how “transparent” our government was going to be. Well, healthcare was passed behind locked doors, using bribes, and special rules. I think this is what started to make Republicans not believe anything Obama says.

    • You must be a Fox watcher since what you wrote is completely false. There were 3 republicans on the finance committee that was writing the law. They got the public option removed and had the plan that Romney used in Mass. originally written by the Heritage foundation a republican think tank inserted in it’s place. Grassley one of the republicans walk out of the meeting and in a stop in Iowa used the term death panel even though he knew it was false. Mitch gridlock McConnell said a republican vote for the plan would be a win for the president and urged all republicans to vote no even though their plan was coming to the floor. We watched the republicans in the senate vote against their own plan. That is the way it really went, so start watching other channels than FOX

      • This itsfun claimed to be a senior when posting about another article but after reading his lies posted here it makes this senior wondered if he is or is he another paid poster for the far right like others that post lies here.

    • I assume you were there when the Affordable Health Care Act was being negotiated. Or are you mouthing what the far right was screaming back then. Most of us poor slobs out here in the hinterland outside the Beltline have been waiting for some healthcare reform for 20+ years like most of the rest of the world. The right got a big one – the Insurance industry is still in charge! This is not a “government run” healthcare plan! The Tea Party thinks it’s running everything everywhere. We sane people will change things in the next elections or I am getting the hell out of this country!!

      • Not when they have to compete and have had to reimburse to the tune of $4 Billion the first year. Premiums have come down by 50% in California and two other States. The Big Pharma companies got a two year reprieve but they too will have to compete in 2014. The baggers are scared down to brown wet socks that people are catching on that PPACA is working!

        • The Chicago Tribune ran a story today, detailing how the states will move forward, those that accepted the ACA working to get their people enrolled and getting benefits. The states that refused to participate, refused federal money to set up exchanges, refused to expand Medicaid, will still have a lot of uninsured people. The Feds will still help these people online if they go there, but the backward states are not putting that information out there. It may take a while for people in backward states to realize they have been bamboozled, but when they do, I predict some blow-back for the far right zealots who denied them access to healthcare. I can’t wait for that.

          • I like the idea, 4sanity. There are plenty out there that are seeing the light..with the reps saying they will help their constituents enroll in the LAW… It is pitiful that they are forced to say it, that should be a given.

          • I am waiting for that to happen in Tennessee. Our Republican governor said he could come up with a better plan and hoped that Washington would approve it so no one would be fined. Well, no plan from Governor Haslam has been approved because his plan wasn’t better and consisted of the people who could least afford it to pay a premium to get the state offered health care through the insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, so no OK. Maybe when the people realize what Haslam has done and how their insurance premiums are going while going down in the states that accepted the affordable medical act and the exchanges, not only will they raise hell but also vote him and all Republicans out of state office and federal office come 2014.

        • “Premiums have come down by 50% in California and two other States.”

          This is pure BS. I live in CA and have been paying INCREASING premiums since phase one implementation of the ACA. Our ACTUAL co-pays have increase from $35 to $60 for specialist care, and annual deductibles have gone UP from $250 to $400. Lifetime maximums have reduced from unlimited to one million. Keep denying yourself the truth and everything will continue to appear fine. THIS is why we still have this train wreck POS.

    • Ironically, the Affordable Care Act is, essentially, a Republican plan, based on Romney’s health care program in Massachusetts. As for bribes and special rules, can you give specific examples? It is well known that Republicans determined to block the president on every issue — that obstruction would be their principal tactic — and that this tactic or policy was established prior to his inauguration by McConnell and the Republican leadership. Facing this, I have no doubt the Democrats resorted to politics as usual. It would be good to know what deals were cut and what pork was barreled.

    • I went to a Town Hall meeting in 2009 where Sen Casey (D-PA) was there to discuss the ACA (still in progress). He is a member of the HELP committee in the Senate. He passed out a summary of the ACA so far. The Dems accepted 168 republican amendments. That doesn’t sound shut out to me. Single payer was taken off the table at the get-go, and the public option soon followed. Giving that up, in my opinion, was a big concession on our part. So the Repubs and their wholly owned subsidiary, Fox, are blowin’ smoke.
      And the era of no compromise started with Newt Gingrich’s speakership. Between Gingrich’s slash and burn politics and the previous decade of Reagan’s “government is the problem” mantra, the 2 of them did an inordinate amountof damage, providing the angry white man’s talk radio with a good start to the decline of our country’s IQ.

      • Hear Hear…well said, Latebloomer! 140 republican amendments were accepted for PPACA with the promise to vote for it..Not one repub did. McCaskill stated that was her committee.
        That is not shut out..That is breaking a promise and lying about it! The typical repub bagger MO!

      • If you were n’t so interested in casting blame at the GOP, we might actually be able to fix the numerous obvious shortcomings of the ACA. Maybe you really like that most can only find part time jobs.

    • I seem to remember a bi-partisan panel selected to come up with a healthcare plan. It was on C-span. All of the Republicans stated why health care reform should not be enacted. Until you study both sides with an open mind, you are just spouting talking points.

    • Boy howdy, do I disagree. No “Republican input on the plan”? It was cooked up at the Heritage Foundation and served as the basis for the plan Romney ushered in within Massachusetts, where citizens are very happy with it. A Republican plan was THE MODEL for Obamacare, no matter how cynical Republicans try to convince you otherwise.

      • According to those that implemented the Mass. universal healthcare plan, it was an experiment that failed. Obamacare is clear failure of a democrat-contrivced scheme. We see NO courage emerging from the Democratcs to fix their own screw-up. So, the GOP will have to do it for you.

        • Um, I live in MA, and the healthcare plan here, also known as Romneycare, has been considered a model for the rest of the country and a rather resounding success. Who are “those who implemented the Mass. universal healthcare plan” who consider it a failure? ( I might point out to you that it is not “an experiment”, but has been firmly, and successfully, in place here for some years now).

          • Who are “those who implemented the Mass. universal healthcare plan” who consider it a failure?

            Your then-Gov Romney. The ACA might have been ‘modeled’ after the Mass. plan, but it evolved into a completely different beast with minimal comparison and maximum intrusion. My Bostonian brother-in-law and his entire family feels your plan sucks, deeply. Hope you enjoy the conversion to Obamacare.

          • “The conversion to Obamacare”, as you put it, affects me not one whit. I already have very fine health insurance, for which I’m grateful. I hope that yours is as good as mine, and that everyone could have good health insurance (like those nasty old socialist countries, whose citizens enjoy better health and greater longevity than the US of A).

        • Time to check your facts. Again. Massachusetts is very happy: check polls. Built on a Republican model, Obamacare is anything but “a democrat-contrived scheme.”

          Last two sentences are just Fox News imaginings with no validity. No wonder you misinterpret the GOP state of mind. There is no willingness or capability among Republicans in the House to offer any improvements or workable replacements for Obamacare: they just vote for repeal.

          On the level of the states, especially Red ones, Republicans show an eagerness to refuse Medicaid dollars available under the ACA. This harms two constituencies in the kind of states that now vote Republican: millions of uninsured Americans (who will then require Medicaid) and the insurance companies that would like to sell them insurance policies. How much longer will these groups vote against their own self-interests?

          • You are confusing the majority’s desire for a complete repeal of the ACA with your desire to impose a plan. It isn’t as popular a want as you wish it was. We could use better funding for medicare than we need a huge government-controlled healthcare offering. So far, the ACA has transformed America into a part-time workforce. Nice going. Too proud to admit a huge mistake was made. Further denial doesn’t make the mistakes anymore palpable.

          • Not popular with you and others like you who want people that can’t afford medical care nor medical insurance to die and so you don’ t have to be reminded that it is a Christian’s duty according to the Bible to help those that need help and that the affordable medical act does just that.
            Medicare is funded right now and seniors are treated the way they need to be. Since Republicans in Congress are also trying to do away with Medicare , Social Security, cut pensions for retired government employees including veterans and do away with Medicaid what good is better funding going to do for something that won’t exist if the Republicans and Tea Party members of Congress get their way.

          • “…others like you who want people that can’t afford medical care nor medical insurance to die …”

            This is an absurd, if not insane, assumption. The ACA strips $800B out of Medicare, in the ‘hopes’ the states will pick up the burden. This is just one Another completely ignorant portion of the Obamacare scheme that has to be prevented.

          • I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of going into an ER (when I need REAL emergency care) and seeing all the people sitting there that my taxpayer dollars are going to pay for their care. I’d much rather they have the option of getting their OWN insurance so they can go to a doctor rather than crowd an ER and end up not paying for the visit so I have to do it! ACA is here to stay (and, by the way, I live in California also), my health insurance through my company, which is a very LARGE multi-national company, is actually going down this next year…..can you explain that one?

          • The figure is $700B, and it was not stripped out, it was a reduction in cost due to denying payment to criminals who were setting up offices that provided no medical care, and bilking Medicare using stolen information. So, one of the first things that the ACA did was clean up Medicare fraud; I would not call that stripping money. Stop repeating this far Right lie, it is old and tired.

          • Again, this shows you haven’t read or studied anything, but let the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch dictate your thinking via faux new. The 716 billion savings comes from closing loopholes and deterring Medicare fraud. Case in point: Before ACA, my husband was seriously ill. One of his hospital bills cost $700,000. He was in the care of several different doctors. Every doctor had to run the same tests as had already been run. One of them told me, when I objected to running test that had been run two weeks before, the doctor said he liked to run his own tests. Multiply that by every doctor seeing Medicare patients in the US and it could come to quite a bit. Now, tests cannot be redundant. They have to share the results. That, alone, could easily save $716 billion dollars. I know this information is probably over your head.

          • Corporate America and policies put in place for the last thirty years, principally by Republican administrations, “transformed America into a part-time workforce.” Note as well that it is the mandatory requirement for businesses to provide health insurance–one of the parts of the ACA that has Republican origins–which has allowed businesses small and large to neglect to pay adequate benefits for employees all the while giving CEOs and wealthy stockholders healthy compensation indeed. Unions used to put a brake on such exploitation, but Republicans have done all they can to limit their influence. I do agree with you, that universal coverage through expanding Medicare, for example, would have made the ACA much better, but Republicans would never have gone along with it. Finally, insurance companies were denying health care to people with disabilities, cutting off policies once people became very sick, and otherwise reneging on their obligations before the ACA. I would think no one wants to go back to those bad old days.

          • Accepting the medicare dollars binds those states to unfair and unaffordable mandates by the feds and NOT because Republican governors want to oppose Democrat mandates. You really get ought to over the party politics as the reason for governing. This point is missed by Obama, completely.

          • As far as I can see, the “reason for governing” that now influences elected officials, Republican AND Democrat, is the desire to fulfill the expectations of campaign donors and satisfy future ones, unfortunately.

    • Apparently, it’s still fun to be a dumbass. You never pass up an opportunity to demonstrate that you’re a complete f##king moron! You’re the poster child for Fox Noise, the opiate of the asses.

    • Wow. The 160 approved GOP amendments out of the 800 or so they submitted across months of debate is equivalent in your mind to “no input from the GOP”?

    • You sure have a bad memory. Republican ideas were included in the the health care plan because they told the President and the Democrats if their ideas were included they would vote for it. They were included and the Republicans still voted against the Affordable Medical act. The act was not passed behind closed doors. You may be a senior but that is no reason for posting lies when all you have to do is go back and read the information printed about the passing of the Affordable Medical Act and see how many of the Republican ideas was included and how it was based to a certain extent on the same type of medical insurance passed in Massachusetts when Romney was governor.So if you or anyone else are using the Affordable Medical Act as reason for the actions of the Republicans and Tea party members in Congress, you are senile.

      • What do mean it wasn’t passed behind closed doors? Were the bribes made in the open? Wasn’t a special rule used to get it passed? A rule that supposedly was to be used only for budget concerns? No body is posting lies, you just cant stand the truth. No Republican plans were ever allowed out of committee. I don’t like what Romney did in Massachusetts either. Maybe that is a reason he didn’t get elected. Did you see the AFL-CIO just lost 40000 members because of the so-called affordable care act? Already the department of Human Services is admitting you may not be able to keep your current health insurance or your current doctor. That is something King Obama promised. Just this last weekend Nebraska announce insurance rates will go up as much as 43% for residents. This plan is designed to destroy private insurance companies. Even Harry Reid says this plan won’t be complete until we have a single payer system. They still won’t allow private insurance to complete over state lines. This way when private pulls out of state exchanges, they are done in that state. If they could compete over state lines, they would be able to give competitive rates. The more state exchanges there are, the more private companies disappear. What about the jobs and careers of the folks working in private insurance companies. Do they go to work for the government, causing more and more taxes to pay for them. Do they go on welfare, get free housing, food stamps, bridge cards, etc. Obamacare only give the government more control of your life. Also, you being a senior may be affected by the death panels. They won’t fix your health problems, just give you pain pills until you die. This way they can save the cost of any surgery that may save your life. But you are a senior, so your life doesn’t mean anything to the death panels and Obama anyway.

        • As a senior my life means more to President Obama than it does to Republicans and Tea Party members of Congress and there are no death panels.
          There was no special rule used to pass the bill , the Democrats had the majority vote in both Chambers and they passed it on their votes after the Republicans won’t vote for it after saying they would because they decided it would make the President look good and they didn’t want that.
          Also there will be no loss of jobs in the insurance companies there should be an increase since there will be more competition for policy holders and insurance companies will need more people to handle the paperwork and make sales. No I haven’t seen where any department of human services have said that you may not be able to keep your present doctor or insurance policy just more lies that you are posting. Also I have not seen nor heard that the AFl-CIO has lost any members because of the act, and I would have since I am a retired union member. so another lie on your part.

          • In what is being reported as a surprise move, the 40,000 members of
            the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) announced that
            they have formally ended their association with the AFL-CIO, one of the
            nation’s largest private sector unions. The Longshoremen citied
            Obamacare and immigration reform as two important causes of their

            In an August 29 letter
            to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, ILWU President Robert McEllrath
            cited quite a list of grievances as reasons for the dissolution of their
            affiliation, but prominent among them was the AFL-CIO’s support of

            “We feel the Federation has done a great disservice to the labor
            movement and all working people by going along to get along,” McEllrath
            wrote in the letter to Trumka.

            The ILWU President made it clear they are for a single-payer,
            nationalized healthcare policy and are upset with the AFL-CIO for going
            along with Obama on the confiscatory tax on their “Cadillac” healthcare

            The Longshoreman leader said, “President Obama ran on a platform that
            he would not tax medical plans and at the 2009 AFL-CIO Convention, you
            stated that labor would not stand for a tax on our benefits.” But,
            regardless of that promise, the President has pushed for just such a tax
            and Trumka and the AFL-CIO bowed to political pressure lining up behind
            Obama’s tax on those plans.

            McEllrath also went on to say that they support stronger immigration reform than the AFL-CIO is supporting.

            One ILWU committeeman was even harsher on both the AFL-CIO and the
            President. ILWU Coast Committeeman Leal Sundet criticized the AFL-CIO
            telling that Trumka was marching “in lockstep” with Obama both on the “Cadillac healthcare tax” as well as immigration.

            Sundet slammed Obama’s immigration plan saying it is “designed to give [only] highly-paid workers a real path to citizenship.”

            Private sector unions have fallen to an all time low participation
            rate in the US workforce. Unionized workers now account for only 11.3 percent of the US workforce.

          • (Fox
            News Insider) – There is more proof that the ObamaCare “death panels”
            are alive and well. The former head of the Democratic Party, who also
            happens to be a medical doctor, is sounding the alarm. In a Wall Street
            Journal opinion piece, Howard Dean calls out a “major problem” with the
            health care law, known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Sarah
            Palin, who warned against death panels in 2010, reacted on Tuesday
            night’s Hannity.

            Sean Hannity broke down why this is important. First, a high-profile
            Democrat and one-time medical doctor is admitting that this board is a
            “health care rationing body.” Second, he pointed out that Dean is
            acknowledging that IPAB has the authority to “stop certain treatments.”

            SPECIAL: ObamaCare Must Be Destroyed With A Vote Of Congress!

            Finally, Hannity said it serves as another frightening reminder that
            the American people were misled by the president and other Democrats,
            including Dean, about ObamaCare. President Obama stated in 2009, “Every
            credible person who has looked into it has said there are no so-called
            death panels – an offensive notion to me and to the American people.
            These are phony claims meant to divide us.”

            Palin said she hasn’t read Dean’s op-ed because she wasted too much
            time listening to “liberal pundits” a few years ago when they slammed
            her claim as “the biggest lie of the year.”


          • What about these jobs? Also see where it says what keeping your own doctor and insurance plan

            By Elizabeth Harrington
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            (AP Photo)

            ( – Major health insurance
            companies–Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana–have decided not to
            participate in various states in the Obamacare health-insurance
            exchanges that will be the only place Americans will be able to buy a
            health insurance plan using the federal subsidies authorized under the
            Obamacare law.

            Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare),
            every American must buy a health insurance plan that meets minimum
            government specifications. If a person does not get health insurance
            through their employer, and is not on Medicaid, they can buy insurance
            through their home state’s insurance exchange (which, depending on the
            state, will be run by either the state or federal government).

            States will also operate exchanges where small businesses can buy health-insurance plans.

            Individuals and families making up to 400 percent of the federal
            poverty level will qualify for a federal subsidy to help them buy their
            government-mandated insurance–but only if they buy their insurance on
            the government-run exchange.

            Also under Obamacare, insurance companies are required to take
            customers with pre-existing health problems and to provide certain
            services mandated either by the law itself or by regulations issued
            under the law by the Obama administration–thus driving up the insurance
            companies’ costs.

            Aetna, a fortune 100 company with $34.2 billion in revenue, has
            pulled out of the government-run exchanges in three states, including
            the state of Connecticut, where it is based.

            Founded in Hartford, Conn., in 1850, Aetna withdrew its application to participate in that state on Monday, the Hartford Courant reported.
            The company said it was withdrawing from there and in Georgia and
            Maryland because limitations the state governments would impose on their
            rates would not allow them to make money.

            “We have spent considerable time identifying those states in which we
            can be competitive and add the most value to the market,” Aetna said
            in a statement. “As a result of our analysis, we have reluctantly
            concluded that we will withdraw certain Individual Exchange filings for
            2014, including filings in Connecticut, Georgia and Maryland.”

            “This is not a step taken lightly, and was made as part of a national
            review of our Exchange strategy,” the company said. “Unfortunately,
            we believe the modifications to the rates filed by Aetna will not allow
            us to collect enough premiums to cover the cost of the plans and meet
            the service expectations of our customers.”


            Aetna will also not participate in California’s exchange, and a
            spokesperson told that the company never intended to do so.

            (AP Photo)

            “We did not withdraw exchange plans in California, as we never
            planned participation nor filed [Qualified Health Plans] QHPs to
            participate in the California exchange,” a spokesperson said.

            Anthem Blue Cross has withdrawn its bid to participate in the California’s government-run Obamacare exchange marketing insurance to small businesses.

            United Health Group, the largest health insurer in the United States, has taken a pass on California’s individual health insurance exchange.

            Aetna will stop selling health insurance policies to individuals in California all together, leaving nearly 50,000
            existing individual policyholders to find new coverage by January. The
            company will continue to directly sell health insurance to employers in
            California–outside of the government exchange system.

            ‘If You Like Your Doctor,’ Hope Your Insurer Is Participating in the Exchange

            “No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise: If
            you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period,” Obama said on June 15, 2009.

            “If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your
            health care plan. Period,” he said. “No one will take it away. No
            matter what.”

            That promise, however, has been revised
            by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which now says,
            “you may be able to keep your current doctor” in the health insurance

            “Most health insurance plans offered in the Marketplace have networks
            of hospitals, doctors, specialists, pharmacies, and other health care
            providers,” HHS said
            on its website for the health reform law. “Networks include health
            care providers that the plan contracts with to take care of the plan’s

            “Depending on the type of policy you buy, care may be covered only when you get it from a network provider,” they said.

            President Barack Obama signs the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) into law on Mar. 23, 2010. (AP)

            With insurers opting out of state-run health insurance exchanges, individuals are left with fewer options.

            Following Aetna’s departure, only three companies remain in Connecticut’s “Access Health CT” exchange.

            Similarly, only five insurers are participating in the exchange in
            Georgia, after Aetna and Coventry Health Insurance dropped out last

            The Savannah Morning News noted that this will “leave residents of some parts of the state with limited choice.”

            Two of the three largest health insurers in Wisconsin will also not participate in the state’s Obamacare exchange.

            Though they will not participate in at least four state-run
            exchanges, Aetna said they “appreciate” the opportunity to work with
            state regulators on complying with the ACA.

            “We have appreciated the chance to work with the regulators in each
            state for the past months on a variety of key issues regarding ACA
            implementation,” Aetna said in a statement. “We will continue to work
            with them, and various Exchange leadership teams, as we evaluate
            exchange participation in future years.”


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          • What you don’t realize is that these companies (like Aetna) only mean individual policies. My company offers Aetna PPO and Aetna HMO, and we’ve been advised that these will be offered again in 2014 with no changes in deductibles, co-pays, services, etc. Aetna will still be offering policies to companies that currently carry them as a healthcare option. You need to really do more research on what you write! Additionally, I’ve checked out the exchanges and several of the policies they offer include my doctor. So, not sure what you’re talking about…’s the same with Medicare….you don’t always get the doctor you’ve been going to, but you have the right to choose another one. Fortunately, both my husband and I don’t have that problem, nor would we have that problem if we didn’t get insurance through our respective employers.

          • If you like Obamacare now, just wait until you get to pay for 11 million illegal aliens. You will have a ball then.

          • iTSFUN: Unfortunately, we already pay for them whenever they go to their local ER for an ingrown nail, etc. It’s my taxpayer money that pays that ER for their services…..can you explain how fair that is? AND, even if they do approve the immigration bill, I believe the Republicans have put a caveat in that states these people would NOT be eligible for the ACA insurance. How’s that going to help us? We’ll get stuck paying for their medical care again! Seems it would be a lot easier to also allow them to get insurance through the exchanges…..

          • You got that right. Quite a few years ago, I was working in a hospital. An illegal got into a bad car accident and was in intensive care 30 days. Then they started therapy on him. After all that, he was shipped back to Mexico. Guess who paid the hospital bill?

          • President Obama has deported a record number of illegal aliens. Stop watching only Fox news, so you get some actual news.

          • Are you saying if I rob a bank and only steal part of their money, its ok because I left some money in the bank?

        • Itsfun: You are totally incorrect…..I work for a very large multinational corporation. We just received a letter stating that we would be offered the SAME plans as we had this past year (and the years prior) and that the rates we’ll be charged will either (1) remain the same or (2) decrease slightly. I have Aetna PPO, and I’ll be able to keep the same insurance, the same doctor, etc. The same goes for my husband’s company….they got the same information. So, I’m not sure where you’re getting your inforrmation unless it’s from Faux News, but you are not totally correct!

          As for people losing jobs in the insurance companies….hundreds of individuals have been hired here in California to register new insureds into the California exchanges….people who were out of jobs for many years are now able to go back to work at these exchanges. It’s a win-win situation!

          • I am not the one that said that. The Department of Human Services said that. They said everyone may not be able to keep their current doctor or current insurance plan, because of the private companies that are pulling out of some states. Hiring people in California to work in the exchanges is just adding to government payroll. Anytime the government is taking over a private industry, it is not a win win in any way shape or form. The government taking over private industry could be called by some a socialist government or communist government. Read Karl Marx, you can learn all about the government taking over private industry.

          • I don’t need to read Karl Marx… isn’t my type of reading. As for hiring people in California to run the exchanges….how in heck did you expect them to be run? By osmosis? And, it’s putting quite a few people back to work who are currently being paid (by the Government, I might add) unemployment, food stamps (on occasion), etc. I think I’d rather my taxpayer money be paid to put these people back to work and becoming consumers than to keep them on the unemployment payroll, etc. As for a communist government… are terribly disallusioned. The GOP is the one that is sending us in that direction!

          • If we don’t have the trainwreck of Obamacare we don’t need to hire more government employees to pay. Instead we actually have private industry employees. I don’t want my tax money being spent on un-necessary government employees. Government should never ever compete with private industry. As Harry Reid admitted, the goal is a single payer health care system. That translates to the government being completely in charge of healthcare. The government has the resources to bankrupt any and all private insurance companies. After the government destroys the private insurance industry, it can then do anything it wants to healthcare. Such as the death panel denying care to elderly. Such as the government denying a lung transplant to a your person. After the government destroys health care, we will be getting the people’s car, the people’s housing, the people’s grocery list, etc.
            It is obvious you haven’t read Karl Marx because you don’t even know what Socialism or communism is.

          • Apparently, neither do you…..enough said. Not going to waste my time arguing with someone that seems to believe the GOP line about Obamacare. Once it’s proven to work, the GOP are going to stand there with egg on their faces, and that’s what they’re most afraid of! Get a life, okay? You don’t need to respond because I’m not going to respond back….it’s a major waste of my valuable time.

        • I know but the so called senior itsfun doesn’t or is posting like he didn’t know about any compromises made to to the Republicans. Lies like his make me angry.

  4. This is the work of the Koch bros and Dick Armey disgraced rep from Texas. They channeled rage over the bank bailout into rage against health care reform equating the mandate to buy insurance with tyranny. Koch’s funded the movement and Armey gave it shape and the issue. The collective intelligence of the tealiban is lower than the rest of society. Just look at their stars like Palin who didn’t know why Paul Revere made his ride or Bachmann who thought that the revolutionary war was fought to free the slaves and these two were running for president. They practice a form of simple-ism where no issues have any complexity and are distilled down to black or white. The right wing talking heads like Beck, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, Huckabee, and Palin began to paint the president as a Muslim born far from here and to demonize the democrats so any dealings with them would be considered treason. The Koch’s used the anti government fervor to push for a loosening of environmental laws and union busting to create the right to work for less culture. Wizards like Norquist tried to give intellectual backing to keeping tax cuts for the 1%. All of them realized that they found a population that could be easily misled. All they had to say was socialism and tealiban went raging about health care reform, or that unions were killing productivity. This was enough to get the tealiban to vote against their own interests and that of their children’s. Now the tealiban took on a life of it’s own with politicians going ever more to the right to out do each other.
    But there is a price to pay. Already seniors the backbone of the GOP see the tealiban as too extreme, and because of their 1950’s rhetoric, chased young people, women, Gays Latinos, minorities and independents away from the GOP brand. With the tealiban takeover of the republican party their chances for gaining national office are diming. The GOP opened Pandora’s box and now they can’t get it closed.

    • Good thoughts, howa4x. As I noted above — the only way the GOP will revive itself is to slam Pandora shut before any more slime oozes out. The leadership (McConnell & Boehner) still have enough votes to work out negotiated positions with the Dems in both the Senate and the House. Should the Tea Party nut cases throw yet another tantrum — let them. They are still enough of a minority that their brand of radicalism can be safely ignored.

      Sooner or later their constituencies may wake up and discover that if they vote in some slightly more intelligent representation, even if slightly more toward the center-right, they’ll get their voices back. Right now, I’d send the TP caucus back to their playpens to stew.

      • As long as leadership in the republican party is afraid of a challenge from the right they will not oppose the tealiban. There has to be a left of center/right of center coalition formed to govern the country. Question is do the republican moderates have the courage to do it?

        • No–they are so few and weak they are meaningless. If they want to accomplish anything they should do what I did 35 years ago and join the Democratic Party where thoughtful moderates and centrists have an honored place. They can no more change the GOP than “moderate” Nazis could have influenced Hitler once he took power. There is no coopting extremists/fanatics. Never was-never will be.

    • You make many excellent points I would
      disagree with only one thing, I believe that the poisonous partisan politics we
      have now owe their origin to Tom DeLay and the “K Street Project”.
      I would like to add that despite their inability to aspire to national
      political offices the Tea Baggers are wreaking havoc in states across our
      nation. One only has to look to NC, MI or WI for evidence of their destructive

      • You are correct. the Koch bros have turned their attention to the states for a greater impact. They formed and organization called ALEC which means the American legislative exchange council made up of business leaders and republican elected officials. What the council does is to write model legislation and hand it to republican governors to implement. This is where the right to work for less union busting legislation came from. Also the opposition to gun control and loosening of environmental safe guards. It is a Koch takeover on the state level. The tealiban takes it a step further with all it’s anti choice legislation. They are really creating a canyon between Red and Blue states

        • ALEC also gives laws to state Republican representatives and senators to present as bills to be passed into law, most of which the Republicans representatives or senators do not read before presenting it to their fellow law makers.
          There was a Republican representative in Tennessee sent such a law by ALEC and told that it would outlaw Shari Law in Tennessee, but the way the geniuses? at ALEC wrote the law it would outlaw all religions except the Muslim religion and make Shari law the law in Tennessee. There was a Democratic representative that read the bill when it was presented and pointed out to the Republicans what kind of law they were trying to pass. That law got loss and Republicans have been trying to get it forgotten ever since.

        • Taking over the USA state by state is the Koch brother’s “Plan B.”, “Plan A” being Romney’s run for the White House. The Koch brothers, and their big business CEO allies won’t be satisfied until the USA is back to the 1920’s, when big business controlled the economy and the political system.

      • Disgraced only by republicans who tried to impeach him. The economy was great, employment was high, and there was no deficit. He jailed more terrorists that the one who followed.
        What about GWB? He squandered our surplus and turned it into a massive deficit, lied about WMD’s in Iraq, started 2 unfunded wars, gave seniors an unfunded drug program and a tax cut for the wealthiest,
        all borrowed from China. Best of all the economy went into the toilet on his watch. Now you mean to tell me he is not the most disgraced president? Of course next to 2 other republicans, Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon he may not be the ultimate worst, but pretty close.

        • Disgraced because he lied under oath, committed rape and bilked others out of millions. The economy was good because he became irrelevant and a Republican congress passed a balanced budget and controlled fed spending. He never jailed a terrorist and refused to take bin laden when offered up by Sudan.
          W inherited a recession from Clinton, the difference was he was a man and took it on unlike the colored baby in the WH who has yet to reach puberty .
          Lied about WND’s?? No he used what our intelligence service provided him after having been thoughly gutted by clinton as well as our military. More Americans were working during W’s 2nd term than are working at anytime under barak.
          No the worst president in the past 100 years was Clinton, Until Barak took the mantle from him

          • These comments indicate to me you are mentally deranged. No point in arguing with you-like most people on the far right like you belong in a lunatic asylum. By the way, not that it matters, name one woman specifically that Clinton raped. Oh well, why do I even bother.

          • Your comments reveal that you don’t have a daily newspaper where you live and receive all your info from the State Run Media

          • DANMandinkaKETTER used read alot of newspapers at the Generals house, mainly Stars and Stripes, when he wasn’t serving him coffee and donuts, and carrying his golf clubs. All that servant work to earn a big fat pension funded by the U.S. taxpayers. GO Air Force!

          • You are getting there. It will do no good to point out anything to mandinka. Don’t confuse him with facts, his mind is made up. I met a dip like him a couple of weeks ago. He goes to a club that I go to. He stopped me and said it was awful about the forest fires, but they were Obama’s fault. I brushed the dipped-in off and went on my way. Later, he was at a table shared by a lot of people. One of the people asked me about a friend who has a debilitating disease. I told him the doctor wanted her to go to a neurologist, but none of our local neurologist would take Medicare. Dipped-in chimed in about how Obamacare caused this. As long as there has been Medicare, there have been doctors who won’t take it. These idiologues get tedious.

          • DANMandinkaKETTER don’t know nuttin about facts, but only how to make and pour coffee for the Generals, and freeload his military retirement pension with disability from the American tax payers. Must have tripped on the coffee cord to get that disability additive.

          • I don’t know about nutting, but DANMandinkaKETTER used to go puttin with the General, or at least was carrying his golfclubs so he could retire with a big fat taxpayer funded pension.

          • Also the only reason Clinton was impeached was so Republicans like Newt Gingrich and Pete Maxwell(R-New Mexico) wouldn’t be found out about their adulterous affairs, Gingrich with his 2nd mistress and Maxwell with the daughter of a Fellow Republican(they had a son which he just acknowledge this year). The economy was good before the Republicans took over the Congress, there were no rapes, no bilking but there were lies told about WMDs and Bush 2 and Cheney knew it and encouraged the lies. Also try telling all us Americans that lost our jobs when Bush 2 was president that more of us was working than than we are now under President Obama. You have drank to much Tea party tea and Republican kool aide, Everything you have posted is a lie and can be proven to be a lie including the fact that Sudan offered Bin Laden to President Obama. So go post your lies somewhere else, we know the truth.

          • He lied…lied under oath. The same thing that caused3 Republicans under W to go to jail. Not to mention his selling of pardons. He’s nothing but scum

          • You are another delusional republican who thinks all the countries woes can be blamed on democrats. During GWB’s term more jobs were shipped out of the country than any other president. Clinton jailed the blind sheik, and yussi ramsaf both responsible for the 1st twin tower bombing along with every other terrorist who was in on the plot.. It is amazing you deny the record of GWB. He was handed a surplus and turned it into a deficit. He started a war in Afghanistan then made the largest tax cut in history to the uber wealthy. then his administration lied about WMD’s in Iraq. Both Colin Powell and Lurch(Cheney) went on the air and to the unitied nations to tell Americans that there were weapons in Iraq. None of this was done by Clinton. His NSA advisor Richard Clark left the white house 2 months after Bush took over. the CIA rank and file told Tenent CIA director that they were skeptical about WMD’s in Iraq by Cheney over ruled them. As for the economy it crashed under GWB and no one else. A complete meltdown. YOu FOX watchers are the dumbest people in America. Most 10 yr olds know more than you. Read a book sometime!

          • another delusional Lib who can’t understand that their Messiah and the previous rapist in the WH aren’t people to emulate
            Next time read my post before making yourself look so childish

          • Stop watching fox and reading red state .Try a history book, or the history channel. I’m a registered independent not a liberal but definitely not a TP conservative. I was in homeland security as a job. Clinton never gutted the security apparatus. I read your post and it shows me you are living under a republican rock and can only blame democrats for republican failures. I’m not gong to respond to someone as one sided as you. You have absolutely no idea of what you are writing about. Again a 10 yr old knows more than you about current events. I’m not childish but a thinking person who know a lot more than you.

          • News to mars Homeland Security wasn’t created until 2003 and that activity has nothing to do with the CIA or NSA. Its shameful that you don’t know the difference between the agencies and their role. Having served in the military under Clinton I can assure you that he Gutted DOD and NSA. Why?? He called it a peace dividend…that term even some one as ill informed as you can google

          • News to the bubble. I started bioterrorism planning in 98 on a county wide level and had my country prepared for all hazards by 2000. that was the for runner to DHS. After I retired from govt I worked as a homeland security consultant. I know Clinton’s peace dividend. This is what usually happens after a war and its the old gun’s or butter argument. Ike also gutted the military after Korea. We will do the same after combat ceases in Afghanistan. Clinton didn’t gut the CIA or NSA. We were already fighting Al Qaeda, and if you remember he tried to take Bin Laden out in Afghanistan with a missile shot. Read Richard C Clark’s book about the intelligence failure leading up to 9/11. It talks about how the incoming Bush administration was un concerned with the intelligence already collected.
            The toss up is do we need more jet fighters at 1 billion per plane or do we need to repair 6000 bridges? Right now we need nation building at home and have an over bloated military budget. My son was stationed in Japan in the Navy. It cost 2 million per day to dock at Sesebo our base there. His ship was a diesel and burned 20,000 gals of fuel per day. Do we really need expenditures like that? Who is our enemy? Russia is a second rate power, and there is no one in the mid east. That’s why they resort to terrorism. China won’t fight us because we are their biggest borrower of cash, and we have the biggest market for them to sell to.
            We don’t need cost over runs in every advanced weapons system. There is room to trim with out hurting our ability to respond. Think it through some time

          • I think mandinka is probably functionally illiterate. He can read, but cannot process what he reads. Also, these idiologues do not read anything unless it reinforces what they already believe.

      • If he is disgraced how come is just about the most admired former political leader in this country? Once again you show you people cannot accept facts-I guess for the same reason you people can’t accept evolution and insist the planet is 5800 years old.

        • HUH??? A rapist , impeached and a crook. Maybe in your eyes that is greatness but to the avg individual he’s a sickness that needs to be done away with

          • Why don’t you stop lying, watch C-span or PBS news and quit playing with your pajama string. People can be sued for libel when they spout lies. Clinton erred when he allowed himself to be seduced, but he has never been indicted for rape. So, why do you point the finger for lying when you are lying. Pot-kettle.

          • I know that’s why I never say anything that isn’t based on fact. He did rape and many women came forward the problem was the statute of limits had passed them by. The reason was they worked in Arkansas State govt and feared for their jobs

          • You don’t know what facts are. Yes, Clinton was accused of showing his member to a woman. It was never proved. I could accuse you of being a child molester and that wouldn’t make it true. Now, your multitude of rape victims: Names, dates and places. Put up or shut up.

          • DANMandinkaKETTER is not a rapist, but in his military days as a caddy, he would occasionally drop the ball on the putting green so the General would score under par. Now that’s being dishonest!

  5. It is time for McConnell and Boehner to put on their big-boy pants and simply ignore the TP. If they, themselves (and anyone else in the GOP who cares to get something done), negotiate with the Dems and leave the TP over in the playpen, the rational members (who remember civics classes) of the GOP and the Dems can find common ground and solve the problems.

    If the kids in the playpen wish to throw a public tantrum, let them. It may be tradition that the Republicans seek a majority of their own votes before turning across the aisle — but, sorry, guys, it ain’t working. The Teabaggers don’t understand anything but foot-stomping and tears.

    • But I think that the problem is that the Tbags don’t operate in a vacuum. They have enough grassroots support in some places, because of redistricting after the 2010 census, to primary any republican incumbents who are not far enough to the right for them. So every republican incumbent is scrambling further to the right in order to save their seats. I think that we’re going to have to elect more moderate representatives over the next few years in order to develop large enough statewide pluralities in red states to do some more liberal redistricting after the next census in 2020. That, of course, is going to take super organizing, and will be a tall order. It can be done!

      • It can be done, but only if the moderate Republicans who see a need to compromise to get things done stand up to the rhetoric of the teabaggers. They have to appeal to their constituents with well reasoned arguments that refute the teabagger claims point by point. If they do not do that, the baggers win, and we all lose a few more years while people wise up to their unpatriotic, un-American thinking.

      • There was an European Country that had a great Democracy. Someone wanted to take over that country, along with several others. First that someone courted those he could convince by fear and hate. He organized them to help his cause. After he had destroyed the country’s democracy, they were no longer useful to him. The tea baggers are being courted today in much the same manner. Their fears and paranoia is being cultivated.

        • Ida: I agree with you. I think that the oligarchs (or plutocrats, or whatever one wants to call the Kochs and their 1% ilk) are playing the disadvantaged and uneducated masses like a fiddle. They pay to have disinformation planted which fans the flames of fear and hatred among these poor uninformed people. Rupert Murdoch is part of this group, spewing jingoistic bullshit in the guise of “news”. Through ALEC, the Kochs’ minions are doing all the heavy lifting for the know-nothing, do-nothing TPot politicians by actually writing legislation for these numb nut TPot loonies to take back to their state legislatures for passage. These TPot numbskulls are merely conduits for this legislative shit to pass through on its way to passage. Witness the recent surge of draconian anti-abortion, voter suppression and anti-minority legislation passed by various red states.

          • That is so true. They have also taught the unwashed to make everything political. Like angel in California. She is obviously not a well educated person so she just spouts rhetoric instead of discussing issues.

          • You’re right, Ida. Every one of her statements is straight from either a right-wing advertisement, from the Murdoch Mindlessness Machine, or a TBag playbook. No evidence of original thinking or independent analysis.

          • No, angels dear, I think that Ida is referring to Nazi Germany in the 1920s and 30s. Today’s 1%ers and their unwitting minions are analogous to the fascists of that era. Interesting note; the Kochs are of German heritage, their father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society, that late, unlamented (except by some of today’s T partiers) hate group. If at first you don’t succeed,….

          • I undestand the intended metaphor of the T.E.A Party to Nazi germany. However, the biased opinion more accurately relfects today’s Democrat party.

          • She wouldn’t know the difference. If the entire discussion was about the price of eggs in China, she would come in spouting hate.

    • This tea party Cult had better be disected soon before they turn all of congress turns into rotten apples and this Country into wasteland! They have already made some members almost as ignorant, and no good as them.

    • I don’t think the teabaggers can even be called conservative. They’ve gone completely past that and are full-blown reactionaries.

      *Real* conservatives, by contrast, would find the idea of shutting down the government to be far too radical to stomach.

      • Agreed, Suralin. Yes, I’m somewhere quite a bit left of center. But I have enough education, experience, and respect for this Nation’s history — to listen to, and consider well, what one might think of as Conservative viewpoints. The right wing genuinely deserves a voice in Washington, and it’s the right wing that keeps the left wing somewhere toward the center.

        But, having said that, you’re absolutely correct. The TP are reactionaries. They are also, for the most part (other than the organizers), the “unwashed masses.” Low information, low education. Easily persuaded, especially if the message is Fear. Totally ignorant of FDR’s famous line re “fear itself.”

        So, yes, while I disagree with “genuine” conservatives on many, if not most, issues, I do believe that they still have the interests of the Nation as a whole at heart. Which the teabags don’t. The Tea Party has no interest in anything except “What’s in it for me?” The absolute stupid part of their perspective is that they’re so easily swayed by the misinformation machine that makes up the majority of right-wing media. Yes, there are respected conservative media. Sadly, their voice is lost in the hype of Fox “News” and the AM-radio wingnuts.

        • I agree with you, the GOP has been taken over by radicals who care less about the Country, the people who vote for them or the Constitution. They are just well groomed thugs who easily compare to every other power hungry despot that has come before them. They need to go. I miss the old GOP, I may not have always agreed with them but I never lost sleep when they were in power because I knew that in the end they would do what was best for the Country.

  6. The radicalized Conservatives that fill the rake and file of the Republican Party are the biggest threat facing this Country today. Their goal is to destroy and take over. They are delusional and lack ethics and morals and think nothing of picking out the facts that prove their point while discarding those that do not. It does not bother them in the least to accuse an innocent President or Congressional of wrong doing that they make up. They stand behind their twisted values and their version of what their bible says no matter who it hurts or what it destroys. They need to go.

    • There is a hateful, venal, self-absorbed
      streak that runs through the Tea Party
      that I find very troubling One of
      them posted that he was fine with the shutdown of the federal government, if it
      meant that his next door neighbor would not get food stamps!

      • There is something very fundamentally wrong with anyone who is so lacking in empathy and so willing to watch others suffer even if it means the destruction of the Country they claim to love. I can not say it enough, they are very dangerous.

      • None are so venal and self-absorded as the vocal left, as evidenced by the comments made by the Democrat rank and file here and ALL other liberal blogs toward the conservative. Check your mirrors for the hypocritical flavor of the day.

        • There is no logic to your post, no statement of fact or proof, only a biased opinion. What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.

        • If you don’t like what you are reading go to your right leaning blogs and read what you enjoy reading. There are still good conservatives in this Country but they are over powered by people like you , members of the Tea Party and the Republican Party that is controlled by the Koch brothers controlled Tea Party. You are the one that needs to check your mirror for the hypocritical favor of the day. Everyone on here know that you are far right just from your post so why post?

          • Oh gawd, he we go with the dumb Koch brothers puppeteer theory. Don’t you people have anything real to stand on? BTW: I am not a member of the TEA party and only ocassionally vote for Republican candidates. Pull your head out. Having seen the Democratic constituent representation (you and your hateful liberal friends), I doubt I’ll ever vote for a Democrat again. You people are plum crazy.

    • We have those that know what they are doing and those that are duped into following. Even thought I know it sounds paranoid, but I think the threat is real. You are right.

      • When you have so many people following a cause that has so little concern about the suffering of others and has a us against them no matter what mentality – it is a problem and a dangerous one. They blame everything on the liberals, LGBTs, not being Conservative enough and use God as the reason. I do not think paranoid to recognize that I think it is smart. History has shown many suppressive and violent movements that use the same methods. I plan to work really hard to try and get Issa unelected next go around, I hope my feeling are replicated across the Country. That group needs to go. I have lived around Conservatives most of my adult life, I never found them dangerous, until the tea party entered the picture. The tea party has fundamentally changed what use to be the GOP.

      • Bingo, ida. The TP, as a whole, is grossly under-educated and mis-informed. But, believe me (us), the TP leadership knows what they’re doing. The propaganda spewing from Fox and AM radio is designed to appeal to gut-wrenching fear that “the government is out to get YOU!”

    • “The radicalized Conservatives that fill the rake and file of the Republican Party are the biggest threat facing this Country today”

      The term is “rank and file”. Your disregard of the threat posed by the radical left is more immediate and alarming than specualtions about the right.

      • Now what war has President Obama taken us into? Or are you now blaming him for the two wars started by our last President, who was a Conservative Republican (in case you forgot).

        • That’s why he is waiting until congress gets back from (yet another) vacation to confer with them before doing anything about Syria, that awful old warmonger. Bye the bye, unless you are not an American, he’s your president too, and will be until 2016!!!

          • So you admit that he actually has never taken us into a war and has actually gotten out of one and is on his way to ending the second one that your guy got us into. BTW, although I am well aware you will say it is not true, talking about a uncomfortable international situation, like the use of chemical warfare, and discussing how to react to it is what the President is suppose to do, it does not make him a warmonger. You guys just love making accusations, especially when you have no facts to back them up. But keep doing it, because it is helping those awful liberal more than it helps Conservatives. It is why our ranks are growing while yours are shrinking.

          • You know if we ALL just ignore Angel and not respond to her e-mails, she may just realize that her views, although it’s Freedom of Speech, are not actually wanted or appreciated here. I tend not to respond to people like her… shuts them up eventually.

          • I happen not to agree with you. I am not bothered by angle’s comments. I also do not believe in shutting up people as long as they are not doing personal attacks and/or using racially/sexually charged language. This is suppose to be a discussion not a love feast between people who agree with each other. It also saves me the bother of going to the site that they get their information from, I like to know what the opposition is saying and thinking. Anyway, you will never shut these people up, they will be shouting their BS all the way into the deep pit they are digging for themselves, why not help them along.

          • I agree, ELW. The more someone like angel posts, the more her ignorance is revealed. There is nothing wrong with ignorance if one is open-minded. It’s willful stupidity that bothers me; being presented with irrefutable facts and continuing to deny them, with no logical countervailing arguments.

          • disqus, I am glad that you agree, thank you. The good thing with willful stupidity is that it reveals itself. My approach to them is never expect them to be logical or to change their minds, it is part of the twisted thinking that rules their world and what make them so dangerous. it is also what will bring them down, especially with the hi-tech world we like in. There is a long list of characters and organizations just like the Tea Party in history that in the long run lost just like the GOP tea party will.

          • People who are gung-ho for war usually aren’t standing in line to enlist. And they think their children are exempt. They don’t think about the cost.

        • elw, angeslinca is another troublemaker that thinks she or he is the person in this country that is right no matter how often he or she is shown she or he is wrong. You could say that it cold because the temperature was 8 below and he or she would say it wasn’t because you are a liberal.

          • I am well aware of the type, only I am not as nice as you I call them crazy. I figure the more they talk, the more they help to ensure that President Obama is followed by another Democrat.

  7. And what was the deal they made?? Raised taxes by $400B and not 1 penny in spending cuts. That’s not a deal and spending our children’s money before they even earn it is hardly a family value

    • So are conservatives taking credit for the sequester this week or not? I can’t keep the flip-flopping straight at this point.

      • It sure was a God send cutting the red ink and as the public quickly learned there was no down side. So now its time for some gigantic RIF’s to get rid of the 60% of Feds that aren’t needed

          • DANMandinkaKETTER isn’t a paid poster, just the village idiot of the web. He kept us safe in the military by serving coffee and donuts to Generals, and caddying for them on the base country club. The working taxpayer have rewarded him with a big fat pension, along with disability, yet never he contributed a dime. A real war hero!

  8. Too bad about that great statesman Saxby Chambliss, who first made it to the Senate by impugning the patriotism of Democratic incumbent Max Cleland, a triple amputee (yes, you read that right! — a triple amputee) Vietnam veteran. So shed no tears for poor old Saxby. What he did to a fine public servant is now being done to him. Just think of it as his Karmic comeuppance. What goes around comes around.

  9. I fully realize what I now write will be derided by those who consider it unthinkable but I shall write it anyhow: if things keep going on as they now are–with the nutcase lunatic fringe arming to the teeth with their NRA frenzy, we will be facing some degree of a second civil war…and when we do the nutcase lunatic fringe will finally get what’s coming to them which will be their permanent end..not just politically but physically. And I mean by that just what you think. Once they start shooting they’ll learn the rest of us will not let this republic be transformed into some kind of fundamentalist/family values/evangelical/”Godly” American third reich with people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul turning the White House into a Reich Chancellery.

    • Some time ago, I posted that there have been circumstances throughout history which have led to thoughtful, realistic. patriotic people overthrowing narrow-minded, overbearing extremists. The French Revolution, among others, comes to mind, with the Kochs, Adelsons, Waltons and other oligarchs in place of the French royalty ( “Let them eat cake”), and oppressed masses finally snapping, bringing out the tumbrils, and giving the guillotines a good workout. These oligarchs merely use the TP loonies as unwitting mouthpieces for their ulterior motive, which is to totally control all wealth with no constraints whatsoever. The TP and their political “leaders” are too stupid to understand how they are being used and manipulated to help their masters achieve these ends. The oligarchs encourage these rubes to pursue their twisted fundamentalist evangelism, because they recognize the truth of Marx (Karl, not Groucho) that “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. Res ipsa loquitur.

  10. For at least 30 years now, Democrats have rolled over and handed the Republicans everything they’ve wanted. Now they don’t care about really governing because there aren’t any policies they want that they haven’t already gotten.

    It’s like giving a child everything they ask for. The left’s willingness to compromise has spoiled the right.

    • There was a whole lot of compromising went into the making of the Constitution and the making of this country. “So stuborn he is stupid” is a phrase that comes to mind. However, Obama’s efforts to bring together the parties for the good of the country led to giving up too much and it netted him nothing.

  11. Since you don’t have the integrity (or courage) to address the problems in your own party, Democrats find it appropriate to tear apart the opposition’s party. Ironically, the constant bantering toward the GOP is actually influencing positive change. Meanwhile, the Democrat party continues its backward slide into the darker recesses of unsavory politics.

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