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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

President Obama says that his opponent’s tax proposals are like “Robin Hood in reverse…it’s Romney Hood.

In a less catchy comeback, Romney says the attack is “Obamaloney.”

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin won the Republican Senate primary, and will face incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill in November.

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg says that, if President Obama lets all of the Bush tax cuts expire, he will be rewarded at the polls.

Here are five reasons why the rumor that David Petraeus will be Mitt Romney’s running mate is bogus.

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13 responses to “THE LIST: August 08 Edition”

  1. The only difference is that Robin’s focus was on helping those in need…Mitt’s goal is to help people who do not need help on the false pretense that if they become richer we may get a few crumbs. Judging by what happened since the Bush tax cuts were put in place those crumbs either turned into dust or fell on a distant land out of reach of its intended target.

    • 13observer says:

      As montanabill stated; Robin hood took back from the government and gave back to the “working class” from which it came. Obama wants to give it to illegal aliens and folks you couldn’t GIVE a job to.

      • I guess we rad different versions of this story. If I remember right, Robin Hood was a contemporary and supporter of King Richard the Lionheart. He became an outlaw, in part, because of the abuses perpetrated by John, while Richard was engaged in a crusade. Robin did not steal from thee government, he and the “merry men” stole from the rich and gave their bounty to the poor. Since the rich, in those days, were the oligarchy a case could be made that he was stealing from the ruling class, but to imply that he was stealing from the “government” to give to the poor, is a bit of a stretch considering the structural differences between medieval governance and our modern day government system. In the history, Robin did not care if he attacked a nobleman or a merchant, his goal was to give the poor the money he felt had been stolen from them by the elite.

        • berrysoeto says:

          and barak doesn’t care where the tax money comes from as long as it goes to illegals foreign countries and his Dem base that don’t pay any taxes

  2. montanabill says:

    Actually, Robin Hood stole from the government and gave to the people. So to reverse it, shouldn’t it be Obama Hood?

  3. 13observer says:

    Obama has given away so much in welfare etc to illegal aliens that he needs more tax dollars to pay for it. The legal “working class” Americans are tired of paying for it so he pulls the “class envy” card to divide the country piting the poor against public workers…public workers against the system, everyone against the rich, the unemployed against illegal aliens working…..all because he wants a second term to further divide the country.

    • I was wondering how long it was going to be before the illegal alien issue showed its ugly head again. Illegal immigrants do not receive welfare, don’t confuse Hispanics living legally in the USA with those who enter our country illegally. The overwhelming majority of Hispanics benefitting from our school systems, healthcare system, and other social programs are here legally. As for the class envy class, whatever that may be, the first shot was fired by the GOP, and now by Romney, when they passed or proposed legislation that benefits the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor. Most Americans admire success, what many of us despise are arrogant, greedy, and uncaring elitists.

      • berrysoeto says:

        Are you that naive??? Let me provide you with just 1 example it was in all the newspapers. Barak’s Aunties from Kenya was in this country illegally living in Boston MA she was in public housing receiving foodstamps and medicare, even though her application to get a green card was denied 3 times. It was only after obama intervened did she get the green card.
        Illegals also get SS benefits

  4. 13observer says:

    So how did the rich steal from the poor today? More like the rich worked harder, made better investments or it was dropped in their lap….nonetheless, if it was made on the backs of their employees I ask; why didn’t the employees form Unions to get their fair share? Answer, they did but American workers gave up their Union cards thinking everything was ok, apparently it wasn’t. Too cheap to pay Union dues and now they are paying for it. Some think wages should be LEGISLATED but we all know they are NEGOTIATED by Unions. We can’t just tax the rich to “give away the farm” to illegal aliens who pay little, low or no taxes at all or to pay for the lazy to go fishing and do drugs.

  5. 13observer says:

    Please do a little more research before you answer these blog strings as you should know all children of illegal aliens are being educated on our taxpayers dime. Free lunch, after school programs and the like. Prenatal care for expecting mothers, WIC and once born… everything. By the way, how did I confuse legal and illegal? Illegals are on more programs than you could imagine as stated previously. I know because I sit on boards that dole out the benefits. There are so many non-profits giving aid to these people to supplement their lack of decent wages from jobs taken from LEGAL Americans.

  6. berrysoeto says:

    Compared to Baraks Hitler fetish… lets remember that both barak and hitler are socialists and both ruined their countries.
    Their only goal has been to line their own pockets

  7. DurdyDawg says:

    Too many mouth breathing door knobs.. Too much..

  8. Plznnn says:

    Robin Hood actually stole from the authoritarian Government that took all the money from the Peasants, and gave it back to them. Now we need Romneyhood to do the same thing, get back all the Trillions Obama took from us Peasants.

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