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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mitt Romney’s economic plan could kill 360,000 jobs in 2013 alone.

Former President Bill Clinton is headlining a high profile fundraiser for President Obama.

The Republican backlash against a USDA recommendation to eat less meat has been swift and stunning.

Egypt made Al Jazeera — and Syria’s destroying it.

It’s official: undecided voters don’t like Romney.

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  • The centerpiece of Romney’s economic plan is to increase corporate profits, and since one of the easiest ways to achieve that is to reduce staffing, benefits, or outsource it does not take a genius to discern what is going to happen to American workers if he becomes President. I believe the key to sustained employment and prosperity is a robust private sector, but I also know that an uncontrolled private sector – especially one dominated by multinationals whose main focus is profit margins and growth – will invariably put their interests ahead of those of their employees.

    • onedonewong

      The obama economic plan is to increase the size of the federal govt , continue to pay the average Civil Servant $130,000 a year. Continue adding trillions to the national debt and insuring that no business adds workers unless they are government subsidized. Right now he’s managed to insure every new born has a debt load of $150,000 the day they hit the ground
      Government does grow the economy or add jobs it only takes from the producers, socialism has never worked anywhere its been tried

      • It may surprise you to know that one of the largest increases in the Federal government workforce occurred when President Reagan was in office, and it increased again when President George W. Bush was in office. It declined dramatically during President Clinton’s tenure and it is down slightly under President Obama. Don’t confuse budget deficits and the subsequent increases in the national debt with the size of government. Our fiscal imbalance is influenced, to a great extent, to a reduction in revenues caused by the effects of the Great Recession, while government outlays have remained constant.

        • onedonewong

          its no surprise that the workforce grew BOTH inherited a hollow military and had t rebuild it. Yep clinton called it a “peace dividend” and the military was cut beyond minimum safe levels, those were the ONLY jobs that clinton cut,
          How on earth can you justify the spending increase under obama. Federal spending in 1997 as an example was $1.5 Trillion and now its $3.7 trillion. How can you justify that increase?? Are you better off?? Safer?? have more to show for it??? Of course not federal spending simply takes form the producers and gives it to those who don’t

      • BTW, the $130K you mentioned is slightly above the top of the GS scale for a GS-15 Step 10, and it is often the pay of a Senior Executive Service (SES) civil servant. People in that salary bracket usually have at least a Masters degree, are often responsible for multi-million dollar budgets, and manage hundreds of employees; or are highly paid professionals such as medical researchers at the Center for Disease Control. If you want to compare the salaries they earn make sure you compare apples to apples; this may surprise you, but their salaries are quite often lower than what their counterparts in private industry earn. I am not a fan of socialism, in fact, I support capitalism as long as there are effective regulations in place to at least limit abuses, but your claim that socialism has never worked is debatable when you look at countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland among others.

        • onedonewong

          BYW the $130,000 figure comes from MULTIPLE independent sources Cato ,Heritage, wall St Journal, MSNBC to name a few. More than 1/2 of SES have only a GED and the govt continues to advertise openings that don’t require a degree.
          Responsible for million dollar budgets?? HUH?? they are civil servants they by defination have jobs for life and ZERO accountability.When salaries are compared as you say apples to apples CS are always over paid..why because their work week is less than 40 hours, they can never make a bad decision and they receive pay raises and bonuses based on attendance.
          The 4 countries you named are all have a homogeneous population but even then they don’t compete in the market place in ideas, innovation

  • onedonewong

    We know that Obama’s war on women has eliminated 800,000 of their jobs from the economy. And we know that there are fewer US citizens employed today than at any time during W’s 2nd term. So I assume there was a point to this article

    • rbrtdun

      We also know that our country is in the deepest recession since the great depression 80 years ago and this recession started….Dec. 2007 while George was still in office. So it is not Obama that has eliminated 800,000 women’s jobs but this stiffling recession. And every effort that Obama has tried to make to help the situation has been shot down by the Republicans. You don’t believe that? Check the records for the past 3 1/2 years. Time to put aside all this bickering and nonsense and start working together for the good of America. Forget Democrats and Republicans, we are Americans!

      • onedonewong

        Yes W was in office but the disaster started with Dem’s taking over both houses in congress and their legislation that was passed during the Clinton era.
        Obama has always had a war on women, he went out of his way to ensure that women and blacks were the most affected in his recession. Just like he is trying to suppress the military vote in key battle ground states.
        Obama and his Dem’s have added $10 Trillion to the debt results = U6 unemployment rate of 16%. Every job added via the stimulus cost $286,000 and every green job cost $450.000
        If you check the records you’ll find the Senate under Harry Reid hasn’t passed a budget in over 4 years an all time record. Obama has been the most polarizing president ever. He relishes the idea of class warfare, mooslims VS Christians, black VS white, green energy VS non

        • I realize that when someone or a party does not have anything to run on the best approach is the old adage “the best defense is a good offense”, but in this case your claims are so bizarre they don’t even merit a response.

          • onedonewong

            I certainly agree barak and his Dem’s are afraid to run on their record and are doing everything they can to pretend the last 4 years never happened. Thank goodness all the polls say He’s toast and he’ll be sent home on a rail to Chicago

          • Are you reading polls in Zimbabwe? Most recent polls in the USA show President Obama ahead, even in states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania which, until recently, were considered battleground states.

          • onedonewong

            Sorry their hasn’t been 1 unbiased poll in the past 2 months that has Barak ahead. The closest that Obama has been to Romney is 2 points. Barak has spent the Majority of his campaign funds already and he’ll be going into the next 90 days on a shoe string and forced to run on his record hahahahah

          • Dominick – arguing with onedonewong is as effective as trying to reason with a 2 yr old…he’ll only be happy when Mitty wins, so, we can at least find some solace in the fact that he’ll NEVER be happy….OBAMA wins in a landslide !!!

        • You must get your facts from Faux News because this is the facts as listed Jan. 1, 2009 by the US Treasury:

          “Public Debt

          Intragovernmental Holdings


          Increase in Fiscal Year 2009 (Oct 1, 2008 – Dec. 31, 2008):

          Interest payments:
          December 2008

          Fiscal Year 2009

          I believe that shows the debt at almost $11 trillion while as of 31 July 2012 it stood at $15.87 Trillion.

          Your other statements posted without any facts to back them up are also as bogus as your debt statement. I suggest that instead of making of lies or repeating lies you do a little research as the results may surprise you. You also show a total non-understanding of where the debt comes from and how it really impacts us (US). The largest component of the debt is what we owe ourselves and is also something we could cancel and it would not impact us (US) in the least. It is the money we owe to the SS system and we could easily replace it in years to come without it impacting us (US) by making minor adjustments to the SS system as a whole.

          • onedonewong

            Of course you’ve left out the $10T that the Fed has on its books from Obama’s mortgage rescue plan.
            Of course you also conveniently forgetting who generated the debt under W 2007-2013 is all on the democrats watch. They controlled congress and the debt will top 17.5 T before Barak leaves as a 1 term president

        • bobblues4ever

          You are not correct in anything you just said … all. Prove any of it. Cant be done. You probably believe Rush Limbaugh too.

  • mariorivasfrance

    La creacion de emleos es la unica manera de relanzar la economia y soprepasar la crise. Al contario, la predominancia de lafinanzas no hace mas que aumentarla. El ex-Présidente Lula declaro hace poco timpo”Nosotros comenzamos por relanzar la economia y ahora nos encontramos en una situacion optima”; Esta idea del Présidente Obma es esencial. A la inversa el candidato Rmmey hace discurdos “facistoides” y sin ningun contenido.

    Dr Mario Rivas Espejo (google/ yahoo france )
    Economista y sociologo

    • onedonewong

      I agree the French can’t pour piss out of a boot. Just look at their wine and cheese

    • No soy un economista, pero en mi opinion, la creacion de empleo depende principalmente del nivel de inversiones, tanto gubernamentales como del sector privado. Opino que las dificultades economicas que estamos experimentando en los Estados Unidos y en Europa son causadas, por lo menos en parte, por la decision de resolver nuestros problemas economicos con programas de austeridad en vez de invertir para estimular la economia y crear empleo.

  • onedonewong

    To the great unwashed that refuses to even pick up a paper and gets all their info from the union goons. Sorry I get paid to teach so unless you have the tuition payment nothing is for FREE

  • bigspender7

    Here in Texas most people I talk too are intending to vote for Romney — yet none of them think he’s a good candidate or has any worthwhile ideas. To a man they just don’t like Barrack Obama. When you ask them why, all you get is the same BS about Guantanamo and out of control spending. As usual, republicans are forced to choose the candidate they hate the least. Hypocracy is name of the game in Texas.

    • Here is the answer as to why some texans dont like PRESIDENT OBAMA. RACISM, RACISM, HATRED FOR ANY ONE BLACK OR NON WHITE they think white people can be president they won’t tell you that.