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Monday, February 18, 2019

Being the American Ambassador to Russia is no fun.

All politics — no, really, all of it — is shaped by racial bias.

Does Friday’s jobs report mean the Fed will have to step in again?

Americans think America has many more gays than it actually does.

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3 responses to “THE LIST: Everything You Need To Know, June 2 Edition”

  1. DurdyDawg says:

    I disagree with the gay appropriation.. Gays have been around since the signing.. There are many, many gays in the arts and entertainment industry of which we would not have been as entertained without them. No straight is looking behind them or sneaking around corners looking for them, if anything it’s the media that’s giving you that false belief that we think there’s more gays than there really is. This may be so in some States but over all their no different than cigarette smokers, simply another minority.. nothing more.

  2. montanabill says:

    re: jobs. When the Fed’s step in they usually step in it.

  3. joyscarbo says:

    The jobs problem continues and who expected things to get better with a congress that won’t do anything but disagree with the president?
    I’m a nurse. Everyone knows that there’s a nursing shortage, yet for the past 2 years newly graduated RN’s are not getting jobs at all. This year’s June grads won’t either.
    I was unemployed for more than 9 months and I’m an RN with 17 yeras of experience. Hospitals had to do “group interviews” because there were so many applicants- as many as 200 applicants for one RN position. It’s not, however, unprecedented. When I graduated from nursing school in the mid 1990’s, RN’s weren’t being hired into hospitals either. It’s the unfortunate rhythm of healthcare.
    I’m working again but I’m working in Public Health now. I love it and it’s vital to our community. More than Obamacare, we could use more government funding for public health. We’re cheap, we’re effective and we’d like to provide care to more people who are in need. Right now most of the people we SHOULD be helping are using the expensive revolving door of our ER’s. (I’ worked in ER’s too in the past 6 years, so I know!) I’m proud to say that I give better healthcare services than my own insurance-paid clinic. There’s nothing wrong with citizen-funded healthcare delivery.

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