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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

National Review senior editor and writer Jay Nordlinger is refusing to stop using the racial slur “wetback,” telling his critics to “get a frickin’ life.”

Watch Ben Bernanke explain the perils of the “fiscal cliff.”

Flashback: Ed Gillespie — now famous for claiming that Mitt Romney “retroactively retired” from Bain Capital — pressured John Kerry to release more of his tax returns in 2004.

Rush Limbaugh is convinced that the new Batman movie is actually an anti-Romney conspiracy.

Republican lawmakers are now trying to block funding for an effort to reduce black lung.

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18 responses to “THE LIST: July 18 Edition”

  1. The abundance of bigots, loonies, and intellectually deprived members of the Tea Party is the best thing that could happen to Democrats. They are ambassadors of everything that is wrong with the world; their messages of intolerance, lack of compassion and overt hatred is worthy of the anti-Christ and should have no place in American politics. Hopefully they will keep up the good work, the more the merrier.

    • You are the sleazist anti-american to ever suck up good air. Get off wellfare and be a human you pond scum sucking puke

      • davefleu says:

        Let’s break this down:
        “You are the sleazist” – not a word
        “anti-american” – since when is an American an anti-american for expressing their opinion ?
        “to ever suck up good air” – don’t worry, Repulicans are trying to kill every EPA bill so there will not be any good air.
        “Get off wellfare” – wellfare ?
        “pond scum sucking puke” – do you want him to suck pond scum or puke it ? You need to be clearer or you might be considered a demented illiterate idiot

      • I agree with you, Richard Holmes–corporate welfare is about as anti-American as it gets! Governor Romney hides his tax returns and lies about when he stopped running Bain Capitol so that it looks like some underling caused the bankruptcies by encumbering newly acquired companies with new debt greater than the income of the company could manage, paid Mitt his “cut” and then laid off workers and sold off any valuable physical assets, laid off workers leaving them without any health insurance and when bad things happen to his workers he just makes up a lie that he had stopped running the company years before! But did he give back his big payout? No, he feels that these types of “welfare” is perfectly fine! Just PLEASE don’t tax the “earnings” at the same rates as you and I, these are calculated as capitol gains thus paying only a fraction of the taxes because he risked so much to make this whole deal happen!

        Keep up the vigilance, Rich, it is people like you who are going to tip the scales away from the black hole of trickle down taxes and clear the way for our President to coast all the way to a second term! We have seen the world-wide economic disaster caused by 24 out of the past 30 years of Republican presidents, why in the world would we choose to reverse course just to be taken down the same path!

  2. 13observer says:

    People using drugs don’t like to be called “druggies” however, if you are engaged in illegal activity, why shouldn’t you be named whatever society deems appropriate. Nothing says “illegal alien” like the title “wetback”. If you think that is racist…then count me as one too because I’ll not let you soften titles to suit your “politically correct” agenda! Oh and P.S….I don’t give a sh*t like most LEGAL citizens of America who will take Barry O. to task for not enfircing our immigration laws. After he loses the election, his campaign stratigists will determine the so-called hispanic voting block was not as “significant” as they thought. Besides, Barry screwed LABOR by not getting EFCA.

    • actually he has done more about illegals than bush did in 8 years.BTW he is PRESIDENT Obama not “barry” too bad you don’t listen or look at facts before posting you disgusting propaganda but then what can we expect from some one whose brain has been washed completely away

    • 130, the problem for the GOP on this issue is that President Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any previous President and that the influx of illegal immigrants is at record lows. Admittedly, the latter is influenced mostly by an improving economy in Mexico, a low fertility rate during the last 20 years, and the fact that they are aware that the current President is enforcing the laws in ways former President Reagan and the Bushes never did. The irony is that the largest influx of illegal immigrants to the USA occurred during President Reagan’s tenure and, to a lesser extent, when our “simpatico” and misunderestimated former President W was in office. Is that what the Tea Party has in mind for the USA when they say they want to take America back? Back to what, the pre-civil rights era, trickle down economics, unfunded wars?

    • Here try this one on for size then, I personally think you are a dumbF**K. When all you can do is call other people names and offer no evidence that shows you have any sense of what it takes to be intelligent, such as, learning how to look up info before you just spout other people’s uninformed views then you are truly stupid. Not mentally challenged because it is your choice to offer trash opinions as facts. When you learn, if you ever do that is, come back with research showing the progress you have made.

      • 130, More illegal immigrants have been deported by the Obama administration than the total number deported by Reagan and the Bushes combined. In fact, the largest influx of illegal immigrants occurred when Ronald Reagan was President, and solutions such as the “guest worker” program, amnesty for those that have been here over 20 years was proposed by Newt Gingrich, and college tuition assistance for children of illegal immigrants was made law by Texas Govrnor Perry, a Republican. You may want to educate yourself before you repeat empty Limbaughesque claims without evidence to support them. The GOP supports illegal immigration because they understand it is vital to keep inflation and prices down. I am sure President Obama is fully aware of that fact, but he also feel obligated to uphold our laws and has been doing a splendid job in that area.

    • phantomoftheopera says:

      so you won’t mind being called an ignorant bigot, then.

  3. 13observer says:

    I believe you have missed the point. I am talking about TODAY. I am not comparing administrations, I am talking about importing poverty and the STRAIN illegal aliens are putting on American taxpayers! Low fertility rate? Maybe second only to rabbits! Offshoring their money to Mexico while on the U.S. government welfare system. That is their VISION of the “American Dream”….leeching off someone else, while dramatically lowering our standard of living! Obama just refused to enforce our immigration laws by giving amnesty to so-called illegal “Dreamers” and giving them work permits to compete with LEGAL Americans for jobs while unemployment is at all-time highs. Truely the traits of a “DICTATOR”.

    • phantomoftheopera says:

      oh, my. how bigoted and misguided and misled can you get. by your definition, most US companies are leeches, offshoring their WORK to other countries. and good old romney offshores his money–lots more than any illegal alien will ever have–to places like switzerland and the caymans! is that okay in your world? those illegals you so dislike spend a lot of money here–on rent, food, clothes, etc. yes, they send money home. because they believe in family. our lovely tea party, however, believes you should coddle the rich at the expense of the rest of this, including the sick and poor. they are the dictators. after all, haven’t they said they won’t compromise? have to do it their way? now, that’s a dictator’s mentality.

    • We are struggling seniors who have worked hard all our lives. We own a duplex, live in half and rent the other out. Currently our tenants are Mexican. A husband who is working 18 – 20hrs. a day on a farm, paying taxes to the US, buys food, groceries and pays his utility bills while still trying to send a few dollars home to his elderly mother in Mexico. He is the father of 2 beautiful children with a stay at home wife who cares for them. He would give the shirt off his back if someone needed it. I wonder if you have any idea how much farmers pay Mexicans? I can tell you… about minimum wage. Do you think any of our “LEGAL” Americans would be willing to work like he does and many others like him? You have a very warped mind to think the way you do and I feel a great saddness that you and other people in our country are so predjudice.

      • Ed says:

        Actually I believe that agricultural workers are exemp, like food servers, from the minimum wage. (But they don’t get tips.) Otherwise thank you for a voice of reason.

    • Ed says:

      Obviously you are unaware that the farmers of California, those with vast fields of vegetables fed with taxpayer supplied water, the “Breadbasket of America”; are on record as saying they could not survive without illegals.i.e. “If I pay minimum wage , my profits suffer. And then that damn UNion will be coming in.”

  4. Melvin Chatman says:

    When I was growing up in Texas, there was a term used to describe a Race of certain folks that I always wondered who they were – “Crackers” / “Peckerwoods” / “Red Necks”!!!
    Are they now “Wetbacks”? I never see these terms on Forms or questionnaires (Strange)!!

  5. Ed says:

    The problem is that after 30 years of republican rule there are too many DINO’s(Democrats in name only. And divid e and conquer has been a succesful political tactic since the Roman empire.

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