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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dick Cheney’s advises Mitt Romney to avoid picking another Sarah Palin.

Is Mitt Romney too wimpy for the White House?

Bill Clinton is set to play a central role at the Democratic Convention.

When he was Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney banned the assault rifle that was used in the Aurora shooting.

Is this where Bashar al-Assad will make his last stand?

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  • nomaster

    Cheney’s advise is to avoid picking a Sarah Palain. He is a Sarah Palin no one can kick themselves in the ass more than he does. Open mouth-insert foot.

  • So why would Dick Cheney dump on Sarah Palin? I think Romney should pick Sarah. After all she does have experience in a losing campaign, doesn’t she?

  • Dick Cheney needs to go somewhere and shut up! Let Misfit Romney choose whomever he wants to be his running mate!

  • Good advice, but at the moment his biggest problem is being himself.