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Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • Good job.

  • Bullseye.

  • Guns and Gays, they would shoot GOD if they saw him. He ain’t from around here, look different, not a real MERICAN.

  • Ed

    This cartoon, although comic, does not add to the discussion of this serious matter 11days after such a nassacare.

    • Sand_Cat

      No, you’re right. It doesn’t “add to the discussion,” mainly because it very accurately captures the attitude of those on one side of the non-discussion and the reason why it is a non-discussion.

      • PhysicsCarlsh

        Have you spoken to those on that side?

  • jstsyn

    Considering past actions of some republicans in Congress, I don’t put it past some to actually think that way.

  • The cartoon would be funny if it wasn’t true. There are Americans who think and speak exactly like the characters in the cartoon!

  • domenica2


  • A wee bit harsh, but sometimes you have to be harsh to make a point.

    • Sand_Cat

      Not harsh at all. Pretty mild, if you’re talking about the cartoon.

  • leedaily

    Who cares what the bible says one way or the other. Untl J.C. is running things on this planet I think I will hang on to something to protect myself and family.

    Ed is correct this stupid article does nothing to find a solution.

    • Sand_Cat

      Article? Well, I guess we all know what kind of “documentation” the gun-nuts have.

  • CPANewYork

    Again, the rich demonstrate their unwillingness to give an inch. Now that they’ve screwed their own leader in the House, it will be interesting to see if Boehner does the honorable thing and resigns as Speaker.

    If he does, the Republicans will have an opportunity to put one of their rich toadies in the position.

  • I haven’t heard one mention in the entire discussion that Jesus was reportedly adamantly nonviolently pacifistic.
    It is said he said to turn the other cheek if struck. Nowhere is it mentioned he suggested ANYTHING about defense of home and family. In Luke there was mention of getting a sword, but whether that was for deterrent effect, or for defense is unclear, as he rebuked Peter for using it.
    I’m sure the words were in the Gospels somewhere, and Obama done stole ’em whilst we was sleepin’, too.

  • Dag nabbit Mushky,Ah told yu ya ole mush mouf thet Ahm a gun totin Amurikin!

  • does the 2nd amends Protect amercian children read Thomas paine Letter to george washington