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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Murdochs Divorce

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7 responses to “The Murdochs Split Up”

  1. Sand_Cat says:

    Really don’t think this is appropriate political commentary or news.
    Murdoch may be a jerk in his role as political propagandist posing as a “news” person, but what has this to do with that?

    • RobertCHastings says:

      His life is ENTIRELY about political commentary and news and, as such, he has opened his personal life to the intense scrutiny that he has reserved for his targets, generally his political adversaries. Mr. Murdoch cannot have it both ways. If it is his business mission to obtain “news” by intruding into the private lives of others, he must expect the same treatment for himself. I feel the cartoonist was extremely generous to him, portraying him as a pie-carrying prankster, instead of the fully armed character assassinator he really is.

  2. Allan Richardson says:

    Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if she gets control of his network in the divorce settlement, then takes down the right wing noise machine it has become? To paraphrase Lionel Jefferson’s sarcastic remark to Archie Bunker, “NO FOX? What’re we-all gonna do?”

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