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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Next Todd Akin? Rep. Virginia Foxx Leads GOP Field In North Carolina Senate Race

The Next Todd Akin? Rep. Virginia Foxx Leads GOP Field In North Carolina Senate Race

According to a new Public Policy Polling survey, U.S. representative Virginia Foxx has a big lead in the race for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s 2014 Senate election.

The poll finds that 23 percent of Republican voters want Foxx to be the GOP nominee, followed by state Senate president pro tempore Phil Berger at 11 percent, state House Speaker Thom Tillis and U.S. representative Renee Elmers at 9 percent, former U.S. ambassador Jim Cain at 8 percent, obstetrician Greg Brannon at 7 percent, pastor Mark Harris at 4 percent, and former Charlotte City councilwoman Lynn Wheeler at 3 percent.

Foxx’s 12-point advantage is built on the strong support among self-described “very conservative voters,” 32 percent of whom back her for the nomination. That puts her well ahead of Elmers, who ranks second among very conservative voters at just 12 percent. These numbers are hardly surprising; Foxx, who won the 2012 American Conservative Union award, is widely considered to be one of the most right-wing members of the House.

Conservatives who support Foxx for the nomination should be careful what they wish for, however. Foxx’s long history of extreme positions and puzzling statements should have Republicans deeply concerned that she is the Tar Heel State’s version of Todd Akin: beloved on the right, but unelectable in a statewide race.

Among many other incidents that would certainly attract a spotlight in the general election, Foxx has:

—Warned that Obamacare would lead to seniors “being put to death by their government”
—Referred to the murder of Matthew Shepard as “a hoax” that liberals use as an excuse to pass hate crimes bills.
—Repeatedly used the racial slur “tar baby” on the House floor
—Baselessly described the man who shot Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others as a “communist” and “the liberal of liberals.
—Said that she has “very little tolerance” for those with student loan debt.

And that isn’t even touching her political positions, which are popular in her home district but skew far to the right of North Carolina — a swing state that Mitt Romney won by just 2 percent in the 2012 presidential election.

In a head-to-head matchup with Foxx, Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan would lead by a 46 to 39 percent margin. This is larger than her lead against all but Cain, Harris, and Wheeler, none of whom have name recognition higher than 30 percent.

Hagan remains a very vulnerable incumbent, with a split 41 to 42 percent approval rating — well below the 50 percent level that is often cited as a “magic number” for those seeking re-election. But if Republicans do indeed nominate the right-wing, gaffe-prone Foxx to challenge her, then Hagan’s re-election prospects will instantly look a lot brighter.

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36 Responses to The Next Todd Akin? Rep. Virginia Foxx Leads GOP Field In North Carolina Senate Race

  1. The woman is a throwback to the dark ages and a nasty liar…She is the kind of woman the Southern baptists give a wide berth to her wide load! Nothing too low for her sanctimonious bigotry! I would recommend that they get out the shovel..their is a skeleton in every closet..Hers should be big!

  2. That woman scare the hell out of me. That fact that she is even in the running speaks volumes to the problem with the voters in her home state. Mean and vicious is no way to go through life.

  3. Golly. Ignorant intolerant hateful state likes ignorant intolerant hateful candidate. Imagine that.

    • Her LIKELY opponent, Democrat Kay Hagan, has been a shining light for those contrarians in North Carolina who call themselves, with pride, Democrats.

  4. There must be something in the water of haters like Foxx- she is certifiably nuts.
    Wouldn’t it be funny if she was related to Red Foxx?

  5. Hopefully Carl Rove will intervene. The last thing the country needs is another Senate seat going to the party of the non-thinking.

    • You are a idiot if you think Karl Rove gives a crap about you. I see you work for another idiot like Rove. Most people that where in your position would look for a better job, so evidently you most be lacking in brains. Republicans like people like you because they can easily fool you.

      • I’m not a Republican. But Rove is on a mission to keep Todd Akin types off the ballot so they can win in the general elections.

  6. We need more people like Mrs. Foxx running in 2014. The more the merrier. Then again, South Carolina sent Sanford, the tango king, to Washington so when it comes to Tea Party values, goals, and logical thinking, anything is possible.

    • Also, North Carolina may not be as much of a swing State as you think.

      With the Extreme Gerrymandering that took place in North Carolina, along with the Voter Suppression and the shortening of early voting, the Statewide elections are no longer true Democratic elections.

      Getting out the voters is the only way she can be defeated. True in all elections, but even more critical now.

  7. Why isn’t the media demanding she supply documents, video of a living Mathew Shepard, detailed explanation of how Obamacare will lead to seniors “being put to death by their government”. proof that the man who shot Gabby Gifford was a communist and the liberal of liberals and why did he shoot Democrats? Why isn’t she being sanctioned by the house for using racial slurs? I suppose she also claims to be a good White Christian Woman.

  8. Living in NC for 16 years has given me ample time to watch this right-wing movement. Foxx is the worst of the worst in this environment. The only common factor I can find in her supporters is abject poverty and fear. Where does that come from? The clergy of that region is my theory.

  9. Hey everyone! She is popular with the base, so what does that tell us? I’ve heard these type of statements coming out of the mouth of Limbaugh and Beck. Michelle Bachmann can be heard with some of this nonsense. The base of the GOP is fed lies on a 24 hr basis coupled with a distortion of reality. Thanks Fox news! They believe all these conspiracy theories that they are fed. Have you ever talked to a tea party person? Most don’t believe that Medicare is government run. All these talking heads reinforce this ignorance. Most of thinking people think this stuff is silly, but the base are fervent believers. The national GOP can say anything it wants to about moderating the message, but as long as Glen Beck, Palin, and Bachmann and the rouges gallery of right wing radio are around, candidates like this will emerge frequently and get base support.

  10. The most significant lunatics roaming about in the rightwing majority (animal) House of Representatives are Foxx and such worthies as Gohmert and Poe of the Loon Star State, Bachmann of Minnesota, and Broun, Gingrey, and Price all from Georgia. There is a huge subset of rightwing crazies that complement these clowns. One day historians will probably name the place because of this infestation as the House the Teabaggers Built.(Apologies to Babe Ruth and the Yankee stadium).

  11. Run Virginia Run. You tea p baggers never fail to amuse sane people with your constant stream of comedy acts. It just makes elections more fun.

  12. The right-wing
    scream machine is in top gear. They are
    frightened to death and will do and say anything to get elected or even
    re-elected. From their point of view,
    they are scared stiff. They are seeing
    their narrow view of America with the white, male, and Protestant worldview
    shrinking. The 19th Century
    Victorian England world has ended, but that is something extremists will not tolerate.

  13. So exactly why are you admonishing GOP’ers? Seems to me, let the teabaggers succeed, then the Democrat will have the potential for inroads.

  14. Her ignorance and incompetence became completely obvious when she was challenged on the floor when discussing the Constitutionality of the recent 10 week abortion bill. She is so much more inept than a box of rocks.

  15. I have watched this woman, Virginia Foxx for several years now and have been constantly made speechless by the incredibly ignorant, and I mean truly stupid comments she has made on the floor of the House and comments made to the press. I assumed she came from a terribly “backwoods” district of another Southern state and all that means……but now she is running for the Senate, my God. I’d like to think maybe the Southern Republicans of North Carolina may not know what they are doing…..but frankly, I think these far right “southern” ideologues know exactly what they are doing and they may know Foxx isn’t the brightest bulb in the package, but she “thinks” just like they do and is just as harsh, bigoted, narrow minded, selfish and intolerant as they all are!!! If North Carolina is trending purple, Kay Hagan’s intellect and abilities will over shadow the pure ignorance and outrageous behavior of Foxx!!! But it will be fun to watch the debate should Foxx really win her primary……

  16. This is one of the most ignorant women in congress.I mean she is really stupid. Another really disgusting Republican woman is Marcia Blackburn. All she knows how to do is follow her fellow repub ignoramuses and say anything they tell her to. She also never shuts up but just keeps droning on making the most assinine statements anyone could imagine.

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